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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 70, Number 3 (Dec. 1968)

Weber, Jeanne Rudolf
Prof. Kamarck's quarterly look at the arts,   pp. [4]-[7]

Page [7]

  an overview of the film world to-
  day it featured interviews and
  articles by Alfred Hitchcock, and
  Michael Cacoyannis, director of
  Zorba the Greek. Larry Edmonds,
  whose bqokstore in Hollywood
  has the world's largest collection
  of books on the cinema, called it
  "the most important work that I
  have seen in the past ten years"
  on the subject.
    Government subsidy of the
  arts, the subject of an early jour-
  nal, had comments from actor
  Ralph Bellamy; Sen. Jacob Javits
  (R-NY) ; and Russell Lynes, then
  managing editor of Harper's
    Circulation is increasing stead-
  ily as the quarterly gains recog-
  nition. The subscription list, now
  around 3,500, includes such nota-
  ble private citizens as historian
  Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.; Harold
  Taylor, former president of
  Sarah Lawrence college; Stanley
  Kauffmann and Roy Moyers, of
the AmericanFderationofArts
  and such distinguished institu-
  tions as the Rockefeller and Ford
  foundations, the Carnegy corpo-
  ration, the Whitney Museum of
  American Art and the Museum
  of Modern Art, and numerous
  arts councils throughout the
    The appeal which Arts in So-
  ciety holds for leaders in the arts
  has been well expressed by Nor-
  man Rice, dean of the school of
  fine arts at Carnegie-Mellon In-
  stitute of Technology. "The pro-
  jection of the arts in all their
  complexity against the patterns
  of our variegated society is an
  exercise in 'op' to dazzle the
  mind's eye," said Rice. "In mak-
  ing its projection, Arts in Society
  manages to avoid predictability,
  to sidestep complacency, to
  achieve clarity and to refresh the
  scene by knowing where to look
  for the action." S
December-January, 1969

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