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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 70, Number 2 (Nov. 1968)

People and projects,   pp. 17-23

Page 23

Morals- Continued from P. 9
racists in this country and
own kids won't have to
a second rate education,"
Mays said.
that their
settle for
the Rev.
  " THINK     WE'RE SEEING far
  -l more here than just the rebelli-
ousness of youth," said the Rev.
Sanks. "Those who say this genera-
tion of students is just like the last
one don't know what they're talking
   Several of the clergymen, however,
were critical of some of the campus
protest leaders- for what they de-
-scribed as extremism and willingness
to resort to violence.
   Disenchantment with organized re-
ligion on the part of students was
also seen by a number of the clergy-
   The Rev. La Rue estimated that
only about 5 per cent of the students
on the Madison campus have any
"significant attachment" to a church.
But he declared that students never-
theless are "raising all the right ques-
tions about faith and theology, even
though they don't use any of the
   The Rev. Jondrow finds the clergy-
men "the last person a student will
go to when he wants to talk over his
problems." And the Rev. Sanks said
students are "bugged by institutions,
and that often includes the church."
B UT Rabbi Winograd finds stu-
    dents expressing "a great deal
of interest in questions of theology as
they seek something firm in a chaotic
world." And the Rev. Mays esti-
mated about one-half of the campus'
5,000 Lutheran students attend
church on an average Sunday-a
percentage he finds "not at all
  Father McMurrough said the new
Roman Catholic liturgy has special
appeal for many students and that at-
tendance at masses has increased
since the newly rebuilt St. Paul's
Chapel was opened in March.
  "When students come in to talk
it's more like one brother to an-
other," he remarked, "rather than a
father to son relationship. But this
can be good. I'm far from pessimistic
about students and their religious
faith." *
November, 1968
  More than 350 alumni club lead-
ers from across the nation came back
to Alumni House this fall to attend
the annual leadership conference for
officers of the 90 local clubs.
  Eight of the group were cited for
their outstanding leadership activi-
ties and presented the WAA Spark-
plug Award.
- -Beginning with-a -reception o -n __Fri -
day- night, -September -27th-, -the alumni
leaders followed a busy schedule.
Saturday morning's program opened
with reports from WAA executive
director Arlie Mucks; Truman Tor-
gerson, Manitowoc, Wis., Association
vice president; Ivan Williamson, UW
director of intercollegiate athletics;
and UW President Fred Harvey Har-
   The remainder of the morning was
devoted to seminars: a series of five,
each repeated to give participants a
choice of two. Subjects ranged from
the secrets of conducting effective
alumni club meetings to the problems
of recruitment and finance which face
the UW athletic program. Among
seminar participants were Bob Renne-
bohm, UW Foundation executive
-director; Prof.- Frank -Remington_ of
the- UW_ athletic-Ioar&;- ~Bob4amml.
secretary of the pharmacy alumni
association; and Wayne Kuckkahn,
club promotion director.
   And then-a concert by the swing-
ing University Singers; a box lunch
hosted by President and Mrs. Har-
rington; the UW-Washington State
football game and cocktails at the
President's house. *
ALUMNI "SPARKPLUGS". Outstanding alumni leaders were honored at
the fall con-
ference when they were presented the WAA Sparkplug Awards at Saturday's session.
Among those honored were, front: Bob Gold, of Boston and Mrs. Ruth Curtis
Darlington, Wis.; and, standing, left to right: Dr. Kennith Schmidt of Denver;
C. Smith of Jefferson, Wis.; Dr. Gilbert Stannard of Manitowoc; Carl Zahn
of Sturgeon
Bay. University President Fred Harvey Harrington (second from right) and
Torgerson of Manitowoc, vice president of the Wisconsin Alumni Association,
sented the awards. Other winners not present were Fred Helgren of Waukegan,
Ben Werner, Seattle.
Local Alumni Club Leaders Confer

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