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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 67, Number 7 (April 1966)

Alumni news,   pp. 28-[32]

Page 29

   William E. Sieker '33, lawyer and con-
servationist, was featured in the "Know
Your Madisonian" section of the Wiscon-
sin State Journal in February.
   Dr. Robert Stallman '33 is on leave as
professor of English at the University of
Connecticut to teach for a semester at the
University of Louisville.
  Frank E. Stehlik '34, has been named
vice president and corporate controller of
Armour and Company.
   Dr. James M. Sprague '34 has been
named executive director for medicinal
chemistry at the Merck Sharp and Dohme
Research Laboratories in West Point, Pa.
   A. F. Robertson '35, of the National Bu-
reau of Standards Institute for Applied
Technology,- has iust completed a study
to develop basic information on the use of
small-scale models in fire research.
   Zenno Gorder '35, manager of the Madi-
son Municipal Water Utility, recently pub-
lished a paper entitled, "A Workable Pro-
gram of Public Relations," at the annual
meeting of the Illinois section of the Amer-
ican Water Works Association at Chicago.
  Donald C. Wilkinson '36, senior ac-
countant for Wisconsin Power and Light
Co., of Madison, has completed 30 years
of service with the utility.
   Mrs. James Geisler '37, is general
chairman of the sixth annual Women's
Day, scheduled at the University of Wis-
consin, Tuesday, April 26.
   Donald L. Griswold '37, will become
president and   a director of Jefferson
Chemical Company, Inc., of Houston. Mrs.
Griswold is the former Mona James '37.
   Charles 0. Newlin '37, vice president of
Continental Illinois National Bank and
Trust Co., has been elected president of
the Chicago Convention Bureau at the an-
nual meeting.
   Dr. Aileene Lockhardt '37,,professor of
physical education at the University of
Southern California, has revised her book,
Modern Dance, published by the Win. C.
Brown Co.
   Karl H. Beyer, Jr., '37, administrative
vice president for life sciences at Merck
Sharp and Dohme of West Point, Pa., has
been elected senior vice president for
   Harvey 0. Grasse '37, has been ap-
pointed state director of the Rural Com-
munity Development Service.
   Howard M. Teichmann '38 has been
promoted to adjunct professor on the Bar-
nard College English faculty. The title of
"adjunct" is given to an expert in a spe-
cial field, such as writing, whose main post
is outside the college. Teichmann, play-
wright and critic, is the author of The
Solid Gold Cadillac, The Girls in Room
509, Miss Lonelyhearts, and other Broad-
way plays.
   J. L. Buchberger '38, has been promoted
to the post of senior professional repre-
sentative in the Madison area' for Merck
Sharp and Dohme of West Point, Pa.
   Carl W. Danzer '38, has been named
chief chemical engineer of Modine Manu-
facturing Co., Racine.
April 1966
  Alfred 0. Gray '39, is the author of a
recently published book, Not By Might,
a history of Whitworth College of Spo-
kane, Washington, where Professor Gray
has been head of the department of jour-
nalism since 1946.
  Richard E. Streu '39, has been ap-
pointed to the Wisconsin State Board of
Pharmacy by Gov. Knowles.
  David Zenoff '40, former Milwaukee
attorney and now a state supreme court
justice in Nevada, performed the wedding
ceremony for former Green Bay Packer
football star Johnny Blood and Miss Cath-
erine Copp, St. Paul. Both Judge Zenoff
and Miss Copp are natives of Chippewa
  Romain C. Brandt '40, editor of the
Platteville journal is leaving the journal
to become general manager of the Ply-
mouth Review.
  John Bruemmer '41, of the Madison
law firm of Stephens, Bieberstein, Cooper,
Bruemmer, and Gartzke, along with Prof.
Orrin Helstad '48, UW Law School, and
Prof. Amon Allen '52, University Exten-
sion Division law department, have con-
tributed chapters to the Wisconsin Uni-
form Commercial Code Handbook. The
book includes practical methods for solv-
ing commercial law problems encountered
under the Wisconsin Uniform Commercial
Code and is published by the Institute of
Continuing Legal Education.
  Bruce K. Thomas '41, formerly senioi
patent attorney for the Pure Oil Com-
pany, announces the foundation of a part-
nership under the firm name of Har-
baugh and Thomas. Offices are in Evans-
ton, Illinois.
  Mrs. Robert J. Hemlock (Carolyn
Mears '41) is public information officer at
Whitewater State University.
  Lloyd Hein '41, will be the new head
of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foun-
dation vitamin D department.
  Spencer E. Olson '42 has joined Auto-
matic Electric Company of Northlake, Il-
linois as chief patent counsel. Olson for-
merly was senior patent counsel for the
electronic systems division of Sylvania
Electric Products Inc., in Waltham, Mass.
  Roger W. Gerling '42, vice president of
general commodities, Spector Freight Sys-
tem, Inc., Chicago, has been promoted to
executive vice president of sales and opera-
tions and will be responsible for all aspects
of the company's general and special com-
modities divisions.
  James P. Green '42, of the State High-
way Commission, has been named to serve
on the National Speakers Bureau for the
Keep America Green program.
  E. C. Carlson '42, has been named a
staff engineer in the engineering depart-
ment of the technical division of Enjay
Chemical   Company's    Baytown, Texas
plant. In this position he is engaged in
detailed process design and contract proc-
ess design coordination for major capital
  Frederick H. Thoke '42, has been ap-
pointed Midwest regional sales manager
of Crucible Steel Company.
  Lloyd E. Kronsnoble '43, has been ap-
pointed to the new position of director
of advertising and planning for the Ar-
mour grocery products group. He was for-
merly manager of advertising and mer-
chandising for the grocery products divi-
sion. Kronsnoble is married to the former
Beverly Ward '42.
  Robert R. Spitzer '44, president and
general manager of Murphy Products Co.,
Burlington, and chairman of the board of
the Wisconsin Alumni Association, spoke
at the Republican party's 112th anniver-
sary dinner at Ripon, Wis., March 19th.
  Jane Mott '44, has assumed her duties as
president of the Eastern Association for
Physical Education of College Women for
a one-year term.
  Prof. Gilbert Stork '45, of Columbia
University, was awarded the Edward Cur-
tis Franklin Memorial Award for outstand-
ing contributions to chemistry. The award
was presented by the Stanford University
Iota Chapter of the national chemistry
honorary fraternity, Phi Lambda Upsilon.
  Jerome Onheiber '46, assistant profes-
sor of Spanish and director of student af-
fairs at the University of Wisconsin 'Mara-
thon County Center, has been appointedg
director of the University's Articulated
Instructional Media (AIM) in northern
  C. W. Bowers '47, who has been with
National Cash Register for 18 years, has
been named as one of seven directors in
the nation of NCR's 100 Per Cent Club.
  Samuel Glazer '47, has been promoted
to safety director of the company safety
department of the    General Telephone
Company of Wisconsin, effective April 16.
  John W. Cowee '47, dean of the Gradu-
ate School of Business Administration and
the School of Business Administration at
the University of California at Berkeley,
has been elected a director of California
Western States Life Insurance Cormpany.'
  Lee Hoiby '47, has written incidental
music for Tennessee Williams' recent play,
"Slapstick Tragedy."
  Norbert F. Mullaney '47, has* been
named general manager of the new rail-
road products division of the A. 0. Smith
Corp. in Milwaukee.
  James E. Scott '48, will become Illinois
district engineer for the Portland Cement
  Peter Bieri '48, has returned to the UW
School of Agriculture to get his master's
degree in agricultural extension.
  Robert R. Washatka '49, has been
named sales manager of the Rockford Pa-
pei Mills, Chicago Packaging Division.
  Prof. and Mrs. Robert C. Davis (Lois
Dutton) '49, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, an-
nounce the birth of a daughter, Leigh
Campbell on Feb. 24.
  Thomas J. McJoynt '49, will take over
marketing services and planning depart-

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