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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 66, Number 2 (Nov. 1964)

Alumni news,   pp. 29-35

Page 35

College men in good company
Ask any alumnus who's a Massachusetts Mutual policy-
holder. (And there are lots of them!) He'll tell you Mass
Mutual is outstanding.
   It is a company with 113 years of experience, a
dynamic record of growth and $3 billion in assets.
   Its policies are unsurpassed in breadth and depth
of protection per dollar paid.
   And these Mass Mutual policies are tailored to your
individual needs by agents who are widely recognized
as an elite corps of professionals. (Example: one in
every five Mass Mutual agents is a Chartered Life
Underwriter-one of the industry'stop achievements.
The industry average is one in 21.)
   Some of your fellow alumni who are Mass Mutual
representatives are listed below.
  So, when you deal with Mass Mutual you are in very
good company indeed.
  Springfield, Massachusetts / organized 1851 hA
Some of the University of Wisconsin alumni in Massachusetts Mutual service:
William J. Morgan, '07, Milwaukee          LeRoy H. Jerstad, Jr., C.L.U.,
'47, Racine
Eugene C. Noyes, C.L.U., '13, Akron       John W. Loots, C.L.U., '47, Tulsa
Silas G. Johnson, '23, Madison            Jack G. Jefferds, '50, Madison
Herbert J. Mullen, '30, Stoughton         Robert R. Pivar, '51, Evanston
Arthur R. Sweeney, '38, Longview           Robert B. Slater, '51, Phoenix
Earl C. Jordan, '39, Chicago              David E. Birkhaeuser, '52, Home
\William Q. Murphy, '39, Madison          Silas G. Johnson, Jr., '52, Madison
Alvin H. Babler, C.L.U., '41, Monroe      Wendell A. Lathrop, C.L.U., '52,
Mattoon, Ill.
Norman H. Hyman, C.L.U., '44, Milwaukee    Burton A. Meldman, C.L.U., '55,
November 1964
Earl E. Poorbaugh, '57, Elkhart
Raymond L. Paul, C.L.U., '58, Rockford
James E. Meier, '60, Milwaukee
Ronald R. Miller, '61, Chicago
Louis A. Matagrano, '62, Racine
William R. Smith, '64, Madison
Ernest L. Nilsson, Madison
A. Burr Be Dell, Appleton
William S. Reed, Chicago

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