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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 66, Number 2 (Nov. 1964)

Alumni news,   pp. 29-35

Page 34

planning and programming engineer with
Headquarters 13th Air Force.
  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Plunkett
(Nancy Zimny) announce the birth of a
son, Thomas F., Jr. on April 18. Mr.
Plunkett is employed by Douglas Aircraft
Space Systems Division, Santa Monica, as
a research engineer. Mrs. Plunkett com-
pleted course work begun at the UW at
UCLA, receiving a B.A. degree in Eng-
lish in January.
  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Richter
(Deena O'Connell '62), Glen Ellyn, Ill. are
parents of their first child, Steven An-
thony, born August 15.
  Dr. William D. Stiehm was granted his
degree in medicine in June from Colum-
bia-Presbyterian Medical Center, New
York City. He is interning at San Fran-
cisco General Hospital, 22nd & Petrero,
San Francisco, Calif.
  Ronald 0. Sime is principal at the
Tumon Junior-Senior High School, Agana,
Guam, at present teaching two shifts per
day due to school and other property dam-
age caused by typhoon Karen. He expects
to stay in this post for two more years.
  Carl H. Buttke has been awarded one
of six fellowships given for graduate study
in engineering by the Insurance Institute
for Highway Safety. He began his studies
in September in the Yale University Bu-
reau of Highway Traffic, New Haven.
  Mrs. Ernest Olfe (Ruth Reincke) has
joified the St. Vincent Hospital staff at
Green Bay as a physical therapist.
  Edith M. Rittenhouse, Tucson, left for
Mexico in September to assume her new
assignment with the American Friends
Service Committee to help in basic com-
munity development. Her work will be
primarily in the field of nutrition.
  Lt. j.g. and Mrs. Anthony M. Cook
(Kay Abbott) announce the birth of their
first child, Theresa Abbott, born August
  Dwight Baker is teaching in the chem-
istry department of Area High School,
Blackfoot, Idaho.
  Alice Crow has accepted a position in
a  alidinclive  ?/ULCOfl6Lf CA air
In the home
         In the office
    In the studio
    The beautiful lines of this
black chair, with gold trim, will
blend perfectly with either
modern or conventional sur-
   And that added touch-the
University of Wisconsin seal-
makes it a piece of furniture ol
which you'll be especially
STURDY! ATTRACTIVE!                    Price: $33
      PRACTICAL!              P
Shipped from Gardner, Mass., Express Collect
Wisconsin Alumni Association
Memorial Union
Madison 6, Wisconsin
Enclosed is my check for ------------Wisconsin Chairs at $33.50 each.
Name      ----------------------------------------------------
Address  ---------------------------------------------------
City -------------------------- Zone -------State------------
thne occupaLlOlai Lherapy uepa meUtnIL n
the Crotched Mountain Center, Green-
field, N. H.
  2nd Lt. Jerrey- E. Kromrey reported
for a three-year tour of duty with the
U. S. Air Force in England in July.
  James Fischer received a masters de-
gree from St. Thomas College, St. Paul.
He is serving on the Freedom      High
School faculty this year.
  Nancy L. Hildebrand is taking graduate
work in linguistics at the University of
Pennsylvania. She had been living previ-
ously in Georgetown, Washington, D. C.
and working as the social secretary for
the Embassy of Jordan.
  Roger W. Jones is now a certified pub-
lic accountant after passing the Wisconsin
State Board of Accounting written exam-
ination last May.
  William H. Palm, Jr. has been named
district representative for Plains division
of Caterpillar Tractor Co., Peoria, Illinois.
His new assignment will take him to
Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming,
where he will serve dealers and customers.
  Jeremy J. Redfield is working in Cata-
mayo, Loja, Ecuador with the Peace
Corps on a school construction project.
  Mr. and Mrs. Eli Shefter (Arlene Arno-
vitz '61) are presently at Oxford Univer-
sity where Mr. Shefter is a postdoctoral
fellow with the Chemical Crystallography
  Richard A. Hit er has been commis-
sioned a second lieutenant in the US Air
Force upon graduation from Officer Train-
ing School at Lackland AFB, Texas.
  Richard Nelson, UW teaching assistant
in anthropology, is spending ten months
in Arctic regions, living on sea ice with
the Eskimos to study how people adapt to
environment. Nelson plans to study every-
thing the Eskimos know about survival on
the ice as well as many other aspects of
Arctic life as a part of his work toward a
master's degree.
  Joan . Krapfel has joined the staff of
Arthur Towell, Inc., advertising, market-
ing and public relations agency.
  Airman 3rd Class Gordon M. Rozmus
has graduated from the technical training
course for U.S. Air Force inventory
specialists at Amarillo AFB, Texas.
Wisconsin Alumnus

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