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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 66, Number 2 (Nov. 1964)

Alumni news,   pp. 29-35

Page 33

news programs. He was anchorman
for several "JFK Reports." Except
for occasional special assignments
abroad-as a key member of NBC
News' team   covering President
Kennedy's trip to Europe, and film-
ing specials in Japan and Europe-
Newman has been based in New
York since his return in 1961.
   Bob Teague '49, who deftly
 picked his way through the conven-
 tion crowds, is familiar to many Wis-
 consin football fans as an All-Big
 Ten halfback who used to pick his
 way through opposing lines at Camp
   When his football days were over,
 Bob returned to his hometown, Mil-
 waukee, where he began a journal-
ism career. As a reporter for the
Milwaukee Journal, he covered
sports, wrote book reviews, and re-
ported city news. He was a polished
craftsman when he joined the sports
staff of the New York Times in 1956.
There he covered every major sport
including college and pro football,
major league and championship box-
ing events. During one period, he
shared reporting duties of the New
York Yankees with John Drebinger,
an ace Times sportswriter.
  NBC News brought Teague into
the fold in January, 1963. The 1964
political conventions were the first
he had ever covered and, as ex-
pected, he did a job that won praise.
As a reporter of local events for an
evening New York news report, his
assignments have ranged from a se-
ries on the New York Giants and
Jets, to interviews with statesmen
and politicians.
  In 1957, Bob married a talented
young dancer, Matt Turney '47, also
from Milwaukee. The Teagues were
undergraduates together at the Uni-
versity, but had never met while
they were on campus. Mrs. Teague
was with Martha Graham's com-
pany until two years ago, then had
a role in the Broadway show, "Milk
and Honey," as a solo dancer. The
Teagues live in Manhattan and, ac-
cording to Bob, they do a lot of
reading and have become bridge
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  The Rev. E. E. Beers '51, pastor for the
past six years of the Edgerton Congrega-
tional Church, will be minister to UW
students in the United Church of Christ.
  William Branen '51 was .elected presi-
dent of the Wisconsin Press Association
in June. The centennial edition of the
Burlington Standard-Press co-publisher
won the first-place award from the Na-
tional Editorial Association at the World's
Fair in New York.
  Dr. Norbert E. Koopman '51 is director
of the newly established UW Marshfield-
Wood County Center.
  Melvin G. Nelson '51, Racine, has been
selected to appear in the 1965 edition of
Outstanding Young Men of America, spon-
sored by the U. S. Junior Chamber of
Commerce, in recognition of his outstand-
ing ability, accomplishments and service
to his community, county and profession.
  June Billings '52 is resigning from her
post as Brown County home economics
agent. She is to be married soon.
  Daniel P. Kedzie '52 has been ap-
pointed officer in charge of the new Con-
tinental National American Group (in-
surance) education and training depart-
  Roger T. Johnson '53 has joined Chem-
strand Research Center, Inc., Durham,
N. C. as a research chemical engineer.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and their four chil-
dren live in Cary.
  Roy W. Thiel '54 married Karen Kil-
bourne Hooker in September. The attor-
ney is associated with Thiel and Thiel,
Plymouth, Wis.
  Richard 0. Jacobs '54, St. Petersburg,
Fla., a representative of the William C.
Kendrick/Tampa general agency of Na-
November 1964
tional Life Insurance Company of Ver-
mont, has earned membership in the firm's
1964 President's Club in recognition for
outstanding achievement in client service
and sales as a career life underwriter for
the company.
  Robert M. Rennick '54 was married on
June 27 to Elizabeth McComb '56. Mr.
Rennick is assistant professor of sociology
at State University of New York, College
at Cortland. In addition to teaching, he is
doing research in folklore and onomastics.
  Atty. Gerald P. Lepp '54 has left his
private practice in Kenosha to join the
legal department of M & T Chemicals
Inc. at the New York office.
  Roger Gribble '55 has been named
suburban reporter on the Wisconsin State
Journal staff.
  Dr. Eugene D. Koplitz '55, associate
professor of the psychology and guidance
department, Colorado State College, Gree-
ley, did post-doctoral study in the gradu-
ate division of arts and sciences at Har-
vard University while on sabbatical leave
during the fall term of 1963-64. His wife,
the former Betty J. Theiler '58, and two
daughters accompanied him.
  Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Wagner (Kath-
leen Weitzel), Cypress, Calif., announce
the birth of a son, Kurt Alexander, on
August 2. Kurt has a sister, Heather
Marka, aged two.
  Mr. and   Mrs. Robert J. McDonald
(Pamela Lynch) announce the birth of
their third child, Kathryn Morrison, born
June 9. The McDonalds have been resid-
ing in Woodland Hills, Calif. for the past
two years.
  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Galminas (Mary
Lou Schauder) announce the birth of a
son, Tim Alan. Tim has a sister, Lisa Rae,
three years.
  Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Orenstein an-
nounce the birth of a daughter, Carmel
Sue, on July 25.
  Charles F. Gilbert completed the Air
Force Squadron Officer School at Maxwell
AFB, Alabama and is now assigned as a
supply officer in the materiel branch, Test
Wing, at Vanderberg AFB, Calif. Capt.
and Mrs. Gilbert's first child, Margaret
Ellen, was born May 12.
  Mr. and Mrs. Carl Seidel became par-
ents of a baby girl, Lisa Marie last June.
Mr. Seidel is a chemist for Nuclear
Science and   Engineering Corp., Pitts-
burgh, Pa.
  Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Straka (Karen
Kingeter) will be spending the coming
year in Europe. Mr. Straka will work
with observatories in Athens, Greece and
Kirma, Sweden.
  Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Stebbins an-
nounce the birth of a son, Peter William,
Jr., on August 19.
  Arden Trine has accepted a position as
assistant professor of accounting at the
University of Hawaii at Honolulu.
  Mr. and Mrs. Lester A. Wanninger, Jr.
(Mary Hays Callaghan) announce the birth
of their first child, John Terrill, on March
  B. William Nelson has accepted a new
position with Control Data Corp. as asso-
ciate mechanical engineer in Minneapolis.
  1st Lt. and Mrs. Harvey J. Angrick an-
nounce the birth  of their first child,
Christine Elizabeth, July 18, at Clark Air
Base, Philippines, where Lt. Angrick is a

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