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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 66, Number 2 (Nov. 1964)

Alumni news,   pp. 29-35

Page 32

Ed Newman                   Bob Teague
T  HE HUNTLEY-Brinkley televi-
   sion coverage of the national po-
litical conventions this past summer
was augmented by the diligent
spade work of three UW graduates
who are members of the NBC News
team-Nancy Dickerson, Edwin
Newman, and Robert Teague.
  The most appealing of this trio,
as far as the television viewers were
concerned, was Nancy Dickerson
'48, who was Nancy Hanschman
when she was studying languages
on the Wisconsin campus.
  When she isn't covering such ex-
travaganzas as the conventions,
Nancy patrols a news beat that ex-
tends from the White House to Cap-
itol Hill and includes the various
government departments and for-
eign embassies.
  Since joining NBC News in May,
1963, Nancy has covered the Civil
Rights March on Washington and
President Kennedy's funeral, two of
that year's major news stories. In
January, 1964, she was granted the
first extensive television interview
with Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson after
she became the nation's First Lady.
Nancy was also the first to break the
story that the pilot of a San Fran-
cisco-bound airliner that crashed last
May 7 had been shot. Last January,
she was voted "Woman of the Year"
for her news reporting on the Ken-
nedy assassination in the annual All-
American Awards poll by Radio-TV
  Nancy, who has the distinction of
being the only full-time woman
news correspondent assigned by a
radio-television network to cover the
capitol, began her news career in
1954 when she joined CBS News in
Washington. Before that she had
worked three years as a staff as-
sistant to the Senate Foreign Rela-
tions Committee. On CBS, she pro-
duced "The Leading Question" and
"Capitol Cloakroom," and was as-
sociate producer for "Face the Na-
  In 1960 she became a correspond-
ent and was given the initial as-
signment of covering the Presiden-
tial campaign and election. In No-
vember, 1960, she started a radio
network program, "One Woman's
Washington." The next spring she
was a member of the press con-
tingent that accompanied President
Johnson, then Vice President, on an
around-the-world tour. She made
the acquaintance of Bashir, the
camel driver, and when he paid a
return visit to this country, he saw
Nancy and told her, "When you
smile, it is like petals falling from a
  In February, 1962, Nancy married
Washington Businessman C. Wyatt
Dickerson, a widower with three
teenage daughters. The Dickersons
have an infant son.
  Ed Newman '40 did a great deal
of walking throughout the, conven-
tion arenas this past summer. Al-
though the mode of transportation
was different, traveling is not a new
experience for him. Since his first
assignment with NBC News in Lon-
don 14 years ago, Newman has log-
ged one of the most impressive
travel records in the broadcasting
business. As an NBC News cor-
respondent, he has covered impor-
tant stories in 25 countries, and won
an Overseas Press Club Award in
1961 for his reporting from abroad.
  Newman has covered London,
Paris, and Rome for NBC News.
His many assignments have also
taken him to other European cap-
itals, as well as to Africa, the Middle
East, the Far East, Iceland, and
Bermuda. He estimates that he has
flown well over 150,000 miles and
has crossed the Atlantic a score of
times in carrying out his NBC as-
  Newman is seen as special fea-
tures editor on "Sunday," the NBC
News magazine-format television
program, and is a regular contributor
to the NBC Radio "Emphasis" pro-
gram, in addition to his many as-
signments on NBC News specials.
  Most recently, he was commenta-
tor on the NBC News special, "Ori-
ent Express," which followed the his-
toric train on its many travels. Other
programs on which Newman has ap-
peared include "California: the
Most," "Japan: East Is West," and
"Viet Nam: Last Chance." He also
was moderator of "The Nation's
Future," the widely acclaimed series
of debate programs.
  Newman's assignments to the 1960
political conventions brought him
back to the United States from his
European posts. In addition to his
convention assignments, he was also
host of "Edwin Newman Reporting"
on Sunday afternoons.
  In the Fall of 1960, Ed Newman
was again assigned to Europe as
head of NBC News' Paris bureau,
returning in 1961 to work on special
               Wisconsin Alumnus
Nancy Dickerson

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