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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 66, Number 2 (Nov. 1964)

Alumni news,   pp. 29-35

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Dr. Robin C. Buerki '15 has been given a
Gold Medal Award for Excellence in Hospital
Administration, a recognition newly established
by the American College of Hospital Adminis-
trators, professional society, for extraordinary
achievement in three major areas of patient
care, education, and research. The executive
director of the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit,
Mich. was affiliated with the University of
Wisconsin from 1923 to 1941, serving as
professor of hospital administration, superin-
tendent of Wisconsin General Hospital, and
as executive secretary of the Medical School.
Waterloo, Ia. The Fort Atkinson dairyman
is head of Hoard's Dairyman magazine,
family-owned for 43 years and founded
by the late Wisconsin Gov. W. D. Hoard.
  W. S. Jacka, '21, a professor in the
agriculture department at Platteville State
University for 23 years, has announced his
  Frank W. Kuehl '21 has retired from
his position as assistant to the director of
the Office of Labor-Management and
Welfare-Pension Reports, U. S. Depart-
ment of Labor, Washington, D. C.
  Former Gov. Oscar Rennebohm '21 was
cited at the 84th annual convention of the
Wisconsin Pharmaceutical Association held
in August for his contributions to phar-
macy and to society.
  Prof. Karl Paul Link '22, whose inven-
tion of Warfarin has enabled the Wiscon-
sin Alumni Research Foundation to sup-
port countless University research proj-
ects, has come up with a new invention.
While Warfarin is a poison for rodents,
Prof. Link's new invention is an attractant
which will summon rats and mice to War-
farin. No more opportune time could be
chosen for this culmination of ten years
of work in perfecting the attractant, since
the patent for Warfarin, and its income
which Dr. Link had assigned to WARF,
expired the day before announcement was
made in September of his new invention.
Dr. Link purposely accepted no federal
grants so that the patents could be assigned
to WARF instead of being placed in the
public domain if he had done so. Having
kept his work secret and preferring to
work early mornings, nights, and week-
ends on his new discovery, Prof. Link
dramatically proved he is not one to rest
on past laurels.
  Herb Bonin '23 has retired from his
12-year post as executive president of the
Detroit Convention Bureau. He and his
wife left Detroit to become permanent
residents of Tucson, Ariz.
  The Capital Times referred to Cora
Hoiby '23, as "the financial godmother
to thousands of college students" when it
reported on   her recent retirement as
supervisor of the state student loan pro-
gram. Miss Hoiby started her job in 1933,
the Times stated, "with a sheet of paper
and an initial appropriation of $170 from
the Legislature. When she left her job,
she had six employees working with her,
reams of paper, computing machines, and
had seen over $6 million go to needy stul
dents in loans."
  A. J. Luther '23, president of Carl
Luther Associates, Minneapolis, spent July
in Europe on a series of conferences with
American embassies and consulates in
Paris, Rome, Zurich, West Berlin and
London on management and sales prob-
lems, business curricula of universities and
colleges, including the Sorbonne. He also
checked markets for American manufac-
turers, studied the impact of the Common
Market, and consulted with sales execu-
tive clubs.
  Prof. May S. Reynolds '24 is teaching
courses in nutrition at Pennsylvania State
University until mid-December. Retired
from the UW faculty for three years after
a 39-year association as both a graduate
student and faculty member, Mrs. Rey-
nolds has spent two recent years in Pak-
  R. Glenn Weiss '24 retired recently
after 30 years of service with Eli Lilly &
Company. He had served as a salesman
for the firm in several Wisconsin areas
and now resides at 3215 Topping Rd. in
  Kurt F. Wendt '27, dean of the UW
college of engineering, is one of nine
nationally known men who served on the
jury of "Design in Steel Award Program
-1964-65," sponsored by the American
Iron and Steel Institute.
  Merrill A. Scheil '27, director of Metal-
lurgical Research at the A. 0. Smith
Corp., Milwaukee, has been installed as
the 44th president of the American So-
ciety for Metals.
  H. I. Romnes '28, vice chairman of the
board of American Telephone & Tele-
graph Company, has been elected a direc-
tor of The Goodyear Tire &       Rubber
Company. He was elected president of
Western Electric Company in 1959.
  Angus Rothwell '28, Wisconsin state
superintendent of public instruction, has
been named state chairman for the 1964
Christmas Seal campaign.
  Dr. Asger F. Langlykke '31 has been
appointed vice president and director of
The Squibb Institute for Medical Re-
  Marguerite Hubert Debell '32 was mar-
ried to Harold L. Sherwin of Foxboro,
Mass. on August 26.
  Lester C. Lee '32 was featured in the
"Know Your Madisonian' column of The
Wisconsin State Journal. Next year will be
the culmination of 22 years of Shrine
work for the Madison lawyer when he
will become potentate of Zor Shrine Tem-
ple and titular head of some 5,400 Wis-
consin Shriners.
  Herman H. Waggershauser '33, an
Eastman Kodak vice president and gen-
eral manager of the apparatus and optical
division, has been elected to the firm's
board of directors.
  Merl E. Sceales '33 of Milwaukee was
re-elected for a second consecutive term
as secretary of the American Bar Associa-
tion Section  of Patent, Trademark &
Copyright Law at its annual meeting in
New York City. Sceales is patent counsel
for A. 0. Smith Corp.
  George J. Callos '34, president of the
Klau-Van Pietersom-Dunlop, Inc., Mil-
waukee advertising and public relations
firm, has been chosen one of five vice
presidents elected to head new operating
divisions of the Polaris Corporation. Cal-
los, who will continue as president of the
Polaris subsidiary, will also be adminis-
trative assistant to Polaris President F. S.
  Theodore G. Gerlat '36 marked 25
years of service with Western Electric
Company in October.
  Atty. Rudolph 0. Schwartz '36 was ap-
pointed chairman of a committee and sub-
committee of the American Bar Associa-
tion during the group's national conven-
tion in New York in August. The Manito-
woc lawyer also was named a member of
the editorial and research committee of
the American College of Probate Council,
a college of ABA.
  Glenn J. Darst '37, Superior, was named
chairman for Douglas County area gifts
in the Boy Scout finance campaign.
  Theodore Saloutos '38 is chairman of
the history department of the University
of California in Los Angeles. His latest
book, The Greeks in the United States, is
the result of ten years of research involv-
ing trips to Greece and to numerous
Greek communities in American cities.
The book is dedicated to the Greek com-
munity of his hometown Milwaukee.
  UW Regent Maurice Pasch '39, a Madi-
son attorney, has been appointed state
commander of the Military Order of
World Wars, a national group of commis-
sioned officers who have served in the
armed forces during a war.
  Robert M. Gill '39, president of the
national division of Polly Prim Laundry
& Drycleaners, has been elected a direc-
                  Wisconsin Alumnus

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