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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 66, Number 2 (Nov. 1964)

About the University,   pp. 7-9

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Parents of UW students from all regions of the United States joined their
sons and daughters
for Parents' Weekend festivities held on the Madison campus the weekend of
October 17.
During their visit-to-the campus, the parents had an opportunity to sit in
on lectures and quiz
sections, to sample the fare at an arts and crafts sale held iry the Union
as welt, as view the
film "Wisconsin Is An Idea," and witness a Badger football victory
over Iowa. A special
coffee hour was held in the main lounge of the Memorial Union in honor of
the visiting parents.
New Madison Provost Robben Fleming is shown above as he greets students and
their parents
at the reception. Tom Tinkham, reft, a junior from Wausau who is president
of the Wisconsin
Student Association, looks on. In addition to these events, many sororities,
fraternities, and
dormitories held open houses, and special bus tours of the campus gave the
visiting parents an
opportunity to see first-hand the tremendous growth of the University.
men conducted themselves in a very
friendly fashion, politely suggesting
to the boys that they move on and
making no threats. The atmosphere
was one of congeniality.
  "When . . . a crowd refused to
move, or some of its members be-
came a little rowdy, then the police
toughened their stance and voices.
And there was justifiable reason for
doing this....
  "In sum, the Madison police de-
served to be congratulated for in-
suring that a large crowd of stu-
dents-many of whom      wouldn't
'start' a riot but were present in case
one did begin-did not turn two
evenings of excitement and activity
into something which was ugly and
Campus Chest Drive
tXTJ.ELP Students Help Them-
  I. tselves" is the motto of this
year's Campus Chest drive.
  During the week of November
November 1964
9-16 University students solicited
money to benefit six student-aid or-
  Charities being benefited include
the World University Service, the
University YMCA-and YWCA, the
National Negro Service and Fund
for Negro Students, the American
Friends Service Committee, and the
Madison Friends of International
  The World      University  Service,
which gets the largest percentage of
Campus Chest receipts is a world-
wide organization specifically set up
to bring textbooks, printing shops,
X-Ray and medical facilities to stu-
dents around the world.
  University   students are    well
aware of the varied activities that
are sponsored by the "Y" 's. It is the
job of the National Negro Service
and Fund for Negro Students to in-
crease higher educational opportu-
nities for qualified Negro students in
inter-racial colleges.
  Youth Service Programs, AFS
projects, disaster aid, and child care
are among the worthwhile activi-
ties carried out by the Quaker-
backed American Friends Service
   Madison Friends of International
Students is a local group which helps
foreign students to become ac-
quainted with Madison and the Uni-
versity community.
   Under the Chairmanship of Don
Siegel, the Wisconsin Student As-
sociation Campus Chest Committee
hopes to collect $5000 during this
drive. Gontributions are being
sought from students, faculty, and
other interested members of the
  Alumni are invited to add their
contributions to "Help      Students
Help Themselves." All contributions
should be sent to
       University of Wisconsin
         Campus Chest
       Room 507
       Memorial Union, Madison.
Vocational Research Grant
THE UNIVERSITY has received
a $820,000 grant from the Ford
Foundation to establish the nation's
first university-wide center devoted
to research and development in vo-
cational and technical education.
  The new center will fill a need
underscored by the report of a Presi-
dential panel of consultants last year
which said "research has been con-
spicuous by its absence in vocational
  Initially, the center will collect
information and evaluate such as-
pects of vocational education as the
selection and training of teachers
and the relationship of vocational
studies to on-the-job training.
  Later it will initiate research de-
signed to improve teacher training,
curriculum, counseling, and on-the-
job training. It also plans to co-
operate with    state agencies and
schools for the training of interns
and fellows in vocational and tech-
nical education. Of particular impor-
tance to the program will be the
participation of the entire Wiscon-
sin system of vocational, technical,
and adult schools.

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