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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 66, Number 2 (Nov. 1964)

About the University,   pp. 7-9

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Frankfurt and terminates in Munich
Aug. 9. Second tour begins in
Munich Aug. 5 and ends in Edin-
burgh, Aug. 26. University credit in
drama can be arranged for properly
qualified persons.
  Professor Manahem     Mansoor,
chairman of the department of He-
brew and Semitic Studies will direct
his fourth traveling seminar on the
specifically for clergymen, scholars,
and other professional people. Ap-
proximate dates are June 17-July 25.
  Dates for the sixth ART STUDY
TOUR TO EUROPE will be June
21 to Aug. 15. Under the direction
of Professors Helmut Summ and
Laurence Rathsack, the group will
sketch and paint its way through
ten countries. This tour is an inte-
gral part of the off-campus credit
class program of the Extension Di-
vision and offers either graduate or
undegraduate credit according to
pre-arranged study programs.
  For further information and com-
plete itineraries contact Dr. Schacht,
421 Extension Building, Madison.
Peace Corps Project
W ISCONSIN and the Univer-
     sity of Hawaii have "joined the
Peace Corps" in what Peace Corps
Director Sargent Shriver called "a
new approach to education for in-
ternational service."
  Shriver announced the program in
Washington, indicating that he
spoke for UW Pres. Fred Harvey
Harrington and Hawaii's president,
Thomas Hale Hamilton, who have
"'agreed that the full range of Uni-
versity resources should be applied
to educate young men and women
for the Peace Corps and for partici-
pation in other international activ-
  President Harrington, speaking to
the Regents in Madison as Shriver
made the Washington announce-
ment in September, said the pro-
gram "opens broad new opportu-
nities for the University to apply the
'Wisconsin Idea' on an international
scope." He said that the entire Uni-
versity would be involved in the
new efforts, but that they would
center on the Milwaukee campus.
  Provost J. Martin Klotsche of the
Milwaukee campus said the new
Peace Corps agreement will enable
UWM to "expand its already sub-
stantial international commitment."
  UWM, he added, "is proud of the
fact that we are one of the three
permanent Peace Corp s training
centers in the United States. We
intend now to make this partnership
with the Peace Corps even more
mutually beneficial in the areas of
research and instruction, as well as
in service."
  Shriver announced that the uni-
versities of Hawaii and Wisconsin
will cooperate on developing new
courses, at both the undergraduate
and graduate level, designed to pre-
pare Americans to serve as effective
overseas representatives of this
country. Special faculty qualified in
the areas of international service
will be recruited to strengthen the
program, and a graduate degree will
be given when the course program
has advanced to a sufficient level.
The program is also designed to en-
courage research in the problem
areas of international service and
will provide special educational op-
portunities and academic credit for
Peace Corps volunteers who have
successfully completed their service.
  "The Peace Corps is particularly
pleased with these proposals and in-
tends to develop an expanded and
continuing relationship with the Uni-
versities of Hawaii and Wisconsin in
several areas which relate directly
to the Peace     Corps program,"
Shriver said. "Training programs to
prepare volunteers for effective
overseas service will be planned at
regular intervals to take advantage
of the new University resources and
also to contribute valuable Peace
Corps experience in the interna-
tional field. The opportunities for
professional and administrative sup-
port for Peace Corps activities here
and overseas will be significantly en-
hanced by this focusing of faculty
and student efforts in areas related
to international service. Joint re-
search activities will gain appreci-
ably from the regular joint partici-
pation in field and training activities
and will also provide reliable in-
sights for improving these activities.
The Peace Corps will also seek the
assistance of these two Universities
in its recruiting and career counsel-
ling efforts."
  Shriver reported that the two Uni-
versity presidents agreed that this
type of full involvement and co-
operation will result in a student
body more interested in and better
prepared for the Peace Corps pro-
gram and other international activ-
Biennial Fun and Games
1weekend produced a replay of
an event that occurred two years
ago when the invading Irish came
to town. In 1962, an early morning
gathering of "football fans" in the
State Street area produced a major
disturbance and resulted in 47 ar-
rests of students and interested by-
  This year, following the closing of
the bars on Friday night, a similar
convocation  took place. Madison
police were properly prepared for
the situation  and  headed   off  a
serious demonstration. Nevertheless,
twenty-three arrests were made on
various counts of unlawful assembly,
obstructing an officer, and disorderly
  The Madison police handled the
affair in a systematic manner. A
paddy wagon was stationed at the
corner of State and Frances Streets
when the crowd began to gather.
Through the use of bull horns, the
police instructed the students to dis-
perse. When they failed to do so,
the officers moved in. This show of
force was sufficient to convince most
of the crowd that prolonged demon-
stration would be inadvisable. All
who were arrested were released on
$105 bail following the incident and
there was no reoccurrence of similar
proportion on Saturday night.
  The Daily Cardinal praised the
police for the way they handled the
outbreak: "As opposed to some hap-
penings two years ago, the patrol-
                Wisconsin Alumnus

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