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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 66, Number 1 (Oct. 1964)

Newly married,   pp. 31-36

Page 32

  Judith Edgerton Amos and Alfred
Wentworth HUBBELL, Cincinnati Ohio.
  Marianne KENNY and Joseph R. Olson,
Oak Park, Ill.
  Mary  Ann   Christensen and Birdell
Harry SNUDDEN, Madison.
  Donna Jean Trainor and William John
  Gail Juliette WELTZIEN and Roger
A. Koenke, Milwaukee.
  Mary June Lehrer and David Arthur
WORTHMAN, Madison.
  Kathleen Jean  MURRAY     '61 and
William B. ECCLES, Sheboygan Falls.
  Anita Marie FLINT '58 and Richard
Lee LENZ, Madison.
  Gloria Gehl Selsing and John Owen
HAMEL, Berlin,
  Mary E. Jennings and Roger Royal
KLETT, Madison.
  Irma Elizabeth Maki and   Richard
Eugene SIMONSON, Negaunee, Mich.
  Helen Grace Hansen and Gilbert Owen
BENNETT, Sparta.
  Jeanine Lou  BOGART    and  Lowell
Wayne Bliss, Lake Geneva.
  Marjorie Marie Brummel and Richard
E. BLANEY Aurora, Ill.
  Sally Jean Enyeart and Dr. Richard
Theodore CHIROFF, Butler, Pa.
  Linda Louise HANSON     and  James
Gordon Stolhanske, Richland Center.
  Judy Marlene Kyle and Jon Richard
HOBBS, Dayton, Ohio.
  Virginia HOLZ and Michael J. Price,
Eau Claire.
  Ester Marie Zanzinger and James Roger
HUNTOON, Janesville.
  Audene Marilyn Thoreson and William
Joseph IMMERMAN, North Hollywood,
  Carole Wesenberg    and  David  C.
JANISCH, Verona.
  Sharon LONG '63 and David Edward
VINSON, Buffalo, N. Y.
  Ann Below CHALLONER and George
Kenneth Whyte, Jr., Green Bay.
  Karen Jean Anderson and Peter Harlan
  Sally McDANIEL '60 and Thomas E.
  HAMILTON, Jr., Darlington.
  Karen Mae HEASSLER and Boyd F.
  Berlind, New York City.
  Merna Merrill McEuen and David E.
  JARFIS, Madison.
  Joan Lee Foster and Curtis Monroe
  KIRKHUFF, Madison.
  Mary Margaret KOZLOVSKY and Mil-
  stead Zahn, Anchorage, Ala,
  Karen Dawn Solovey and George Jacob
  MAGDECH, Kenosha.
  Joan Elizabeth BEYER '63 and Richard
  Stratton MORRIS, Scarsborough, N. Y.
  Gail Ann MOSELY '61 and Carl Her-
  man MUCH, Madison.
  Gwen   Colescot_ and John  Edward
MULLEN, Austin, Minn.
  Marian Arline Schlutz and James A.
NORDGREN, Muscatine, Iowa.
  Penelope Pawl and   Richard Bruce
PETERS, Chicago.
  Sandra Jean Kolvig and Noel Bernard
PLUTCHAK, Green Bay.
  Marilyn Dee Lorentz and John Lewis
RASMUSSEN, Shelbina, Mo.
  Catharine Elizabeth RIKKERS and
Richard Louis Beverly, Madison.
  Doris Ann Rogers '61 and David W.
  Virginia E. Riser and David William
SCOTT, Park Ridge, Ill,
  Mary Weix and    Richard SHIMEK,
  Mary Ellen BIRKS '63 and Thomas
John SOBOTA, Chicago.
Blazer Buttons
. . . with authentic University of Wis-
consin emblem hand detailed in jewel-
ers enamel and finished in 18kt. gold
plate-adds distinctive Wisconsin
touch to blazer or similar garment.
     Set of Seven: $7
Wisconsin Alumni Association
770 Langdon Street
Madison 6, Wisconsin
Please send me ---- sets of Wisconsin blazer
buttons at $7 per set (check or money order
City --------------- Zone __ State -----
  Janet Findley and Peter Jacob BRET-
HAUER, Oconomowoc.
  Janice E. Klemp and Thomas Thornton
BROWN, Milwaukee.
  Betty Lou BURKHART and Walter J.
Weber, Madison.
  Millicent Marvel CALVERT and Henry
A. Rotea, Benton.
  Jane Marie DUFFEK '64 and George
Francis SHINNERS, Antigo.
  Conalee Calhoon and Larry HERBST,
  Judy Ann Grams and Harlan David
HIRT, Madison.
  Donna Lagene DAENTL       '56 and
Robert Edwin HOPKINS, Pomfret, Conn.
  Elizabeth C. JOHNSON and Kenneth
R. Ingle Jr., Madison.
  Marilyn Kay Eskritt and Wayne Jon
JOHNSON, Stevens Point.
  Margaret Hoffman and Alan Rogers
KELSEY, Madison.
  Barbara Ann Edens and Gary George
MAYHEW, Wauwatosa.
  Barbara Gayer MERKEL and Ashby
Morefield Woolf, Nashotah.
  Telia L. SETON '61 and Samuel Hamil-
ton MURPHY, Dodgeville.
  Eileen June Tagge and Neil F. PAYNE,
Sheboygan Falls.
  Roxanne Louise Lackey and Donovan
Lee QUAM, Denver, Colo.
  Margaret Jean Flister and James Lloyd
RADLOFF, Minocqua.
  'Susan Mary RAGSDALE    and Allan
Frederick Puariea, Madison.
  Katherine Covert SOLES '61 and Jarl
Hamilton JONES, New Canaan, Conn.
  Kathleen Ellen Kissel and Fredrick
Chester STREY, Hartford.
  Helen M. Dregne and William John
URBAN, Viroqua.
  Judith Lee Barton and David R. WIL-
LIAMSON, Springfield, Ill.
  Judy Lee Walker and Robert Forest
ATKINSON, Stockton, Ill.
  Judy Ann SREDL '63 and Thomas F.
BERG, Berwyn, Ill.
  Donna Seifert and David E. HAHM,
  Lynn Louise Jungkans and James Lee
HALDERSON, Milwaukee.
  Jean Marie Ludwig and Thomas
HAMILL, Madison.
  Mary Ethel HAMMES and Roger R.
Vilwock, Wausau.
  Marilyn Salisbury and Tom   Garrett
HEEBINK, Syracuse, N. Y.
  Marcia A. Herbster and Robert W.
  HEGGESTAD, Syracuse, N. Y.
  Mrs. Patricia Griffiths THIEL '64 and
John Gilmore HILL, Madison.
  Darla Kay HOMAN and Dennis Karl
Bethke, Milwaukee.
  Joy L. HOOK and Peter R. Dohr Grays-
lake, Ill.
  Jane Elenore HUENINK     and  Gary
  Orin Loo, Sheboygan.
                Wisconsin Alumnus

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