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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 66, Number 1 (Oct. 1964)

Alumni news,   pp. 27-31

Page 29

   Miriam Ottenberg '35, The Washington
 Star's Pulitzer-Prize winning investigative re-
 porter, is currently president of the Women's
 National Press Club. She won journalism's
 highest honor in 1960 for her series exposing
 unscrupulous used car dealers in the Washing-
 ton, D. C. area and for follow-up stories that
 had already won her six other honors, among
 them the 1960 Grand Award of the Washing-
 ton Newspaper Guild. One of the informal
 tributes that pleased Miss Ottenberg most also
 doubles as a summary of the scope of her
 career. It came from fellow Pulitzer Prize win-
 ner Marguerite Higgins who once introduced
 her as "a crime investigator who has come
 to know more hoodlums than Edgar Hoover,
 more dope addicts than Dr. Ben Casey, more
 shysters than Walter Winchell" and a person
 who is "to racketeers and rackets what Hedda
 Hopper is to the unwary movie star, what Dr.
 Kelsey is to thalidomide, and what Rachel
 Carson is to DDT."
   Robert A. Mohr '48 is senior project
engineer with Spencer Chemical Division
of the Gulf Oil Corporation, working in
the research center in Kansas City, Mo.
   Paul R. Doege '48 is marketing director
of Blue Shield of Minnesota at St. Paul.
   William C. Simenson '49 has been with
the American Embassy in Helsinki since
1964. The Simensons (Katherine Gimmler
'53) write that they find Finland beautiful
and hospitable.
  Carl E. Rogahn '49 is city real estate
agent for Milwaukee.
  After spending the past year as associ-
ate professor of biology at Texas Women's
College, Edward A. Pryzina '49 moved
last month to Glenside, Pa., where he is
chairman of the biology department at
Beaver College, just outside Philadelphia.
  Richard Priebe '49, former editor of
the Wisconsin Alumnus and director of
public relations for the Sheaffer Pen Co.,
Ft. Madison, Ia., for the past six years,
is now director of public relations for
Wyandotte Chemicals Corp., Wyandotte,
  Herbert C. Walsh '49 recently assumed
the managing partnership of the Madison
October, 1964
branch of Robert W. Baird and Co. invest-
ment firm.
   Mr. and Mrs. Lee Reichman II '49
 announce the birth of their son Lee III on
 july 3. The Reichmans live in Queens,
 New ,York.
   Mr. and Mrs. Merl J. Ryan '50 an-
 nounce the birth of their fourth child,
 Michael Thomas, in Baltimore, Md.
   Lt. Col. Kenneth L. Stahl '50 is now
 in London for a four year term as a mem-
 ber of a NATO committee. He is a
 chemical representative of the U. S. Army
 and his last three-year tour of duty was
 in the Pentagon.
   The new manager of the Du Pont Com-
 pany's Spruance Film Plant in Richmond,
 Va., is William A. Eckstein '50, who has
 been with Du Pont since 1950.
   W. Lee Hansen '50 is a member of the
 President's Council of Economic Advisors
 and lives with his wife and two daughters
 in Washington, D.C. For the past year
 and a half, until his appointment to the
 Council, he taught at UCLA.
   Gerald J. Richter '50 is a mortgage re-
 search officer with Northwestern Mutual
 Life Insurance Co., Milwaukee.
   Roman A. Schmid '50 is product man-
 ager for merchant papers at Consolidated
 Papers, Inc., Wisconsin Rapids.
   Dr. Richard 0. Schultz '50 is associate
professor and head of the department of
ophthalmology at the Marquette Univer-
sity Medical School.
   Ernst Conrath '50 was recently pro-
moted by the Department of State to the
rank of Consul and Foreign Service Offi-
cer, Grade 5. He is presently serving as
Administrative and Consular Officer at
the American Embassy in Bangui, capital
of the Central African Republic. His wife
and their two daughters are with him
and they expect to remain there until
1965. He has been with the Foreign Serv-
ice since 1950.
  Merlin M. Koenecke is superintendent
of operations for a new plant to be built
at Baton Rouge, La., by the Ethyl Cor-
poration for which he has worked since
  Dr. Guy W. Holmes, his wife, and three
children recently moved from Marinette,
Wis., to Wausau. He is a pathologist.
  Thomas R. Hefty, Jr., has been elected
an American director of the Norwegian-
American Steamship Co., Oslo.
  William E. Branen, publisher of the
Burlington (Wis.) Standard Press, is the
new president of the Wisconsin Press
  The Rev. J. Ellsworth Kalas is senior
minister of First Methodist Church,
  L. C. (Chuck) Webster, a Chartered
Life Underwriter with Webster and Web-
ster Agency, Madison, was honored re-
cently as the leading salesman among
1,754 agents of American Family Insur-
ance Group, Madison.
   Army Major George J. Foegen is on
 duty with the Army element of the U. S.
 Military Assistance Advisory Group in
   The Northern Trust Company, Chicago,
 has appointed Duane K. Ruth a second
 vice president in the trust department.
 The Ruths have two children and live in
 Glenview, Ill.
   Janet Meili is librarian at Farnsworth
 Junior High School, Sheboygan.
   Arthur L. Casebeer is dean of students
 at Drake University. He was formerly
 assistant dean of students for men at
 Drake, where he has been since 1963.
 Before that, he was director of the Union
 at UW-M for two years.
   Donald J. Finnessy is retail advertising
 manager of the Eagle-Star, Marinette,
   The UW Extension recently named C. A.
Brockman to the newly created position
of director of administrative services for
the Milwaukee area. He was formerly
assistant director of the center in Fox
   Clyde A. Jaworski, assistant to the di-
rector of nonacademic personnel at the
UW Madison campus since 1954, has
been appointed director of personnel at
the UW-Milwaukee.
   Karl F. Foss, who recently married
Leona Dohanik, Toronto, Canada, is super-
visor in Illinois Bell Telephone Company's
public relations department. The Fosses
live in Springfield, Ill.
   Rolf T. Killingstad has opened an office
in Madison for practicing engineering in
the fields of structural and industrial plant
design. He was formerly a project engi-
neer at Oscar Mayer. The Killingstads
have three children.
  Wallace G. Weisenborn was recently
promoted from assistant cashier to assist-
ant vice president in the banking depart-
ment at Harris Trust and Savings Bank,
Chicago. He, his wife, and three children
live in Arlington Heights, Ill.
  Louis A. Freizer, who is a writer for
WCBS radio News, New York City,
recently received his Master of Arts de-
gree in political science from Columbia
  Gerald P. Lepp has joined the legal
department of M&T Chemicals, Inc., New
York City, where he and his wife live.
They moved to New York from Kenosha,
where he was in private practice.
  Malcolm D. MacArthur recently joined
the Washington, D.C. law firm of Lee,
Tommey, and Kent as an associate.
  Ted Crabb is the new director of the
union at the University of Wisconsin-
Milwaukee. The Crabbs (Barbara Bran-

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