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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 66, Number 1 (Oct. 1964)

A program for the disadvantaged,   pp. 16-[18]

Page [18]

Howard, a political scientist who was
formerly with the New York Depart-
ment of Education's office of innova-
tion and integration, the Institute
will have University-wide responsi-
  The Institute will also be national
in scope, coordinating research, ac-
tion, experimental, and demonstra-
tion programs in the State and then
transmitting the findings of these
programs in the country, for stimu-
lating new projects and encouraging
research. The Institute will give the
University a strong coordinated arm
to undertake the many equal oppor-
tunities activities of the University
in the years ahead.
   These are the main projects, but
there are several others being car-
ried on within the structure of the
University. Although the primary
concern seems, at the moment, to be
concentrated on the problems of the
Negro, Dr. Donald R. McNeil, spe-
cial assistant to President Harring-
ton has stated, "We are concerned
with all the disadvantaged, what-
ever their ethnic origin. We, believe
that we cannot write off whole gen-
erations. We hope to have pro-
grams in the years ahead which will
have As targets all members at all
age levels of the disadvantaged seg-
ments of our society."
   In a special report on the pro-
 grams for the disadvantaged, Dr.
 McNeil noted, "While the University
 of Wisconsin follows a great liberal
 tradition in accepting any person,
 regardless of race, color, creed, or
 national origin, the problem still is
 one of locating and training qual-
 ified students from our disadvan-
 taged population who can enter the
 educational mainstream ...
   "We believe that the University,
 through its diversified attack on the
 problem of the disadvantaged, has
 committed more resources, has
 enjoyed more genuine support
 throughout the faculty and the ad-
 ministration, and has a total pro-
 gram larger, more varied, and with
 more depth than that of any other
 institution of higher education in the
George H. Hibner (left), new WAA associate director of alumni relations,
is shown here with
Edward H. Gibson, Arlie M. Mucks, Jr., and Dr. Robert R. Spitzer as they
recently discussed
Association activities for the coming year.
George Hibner Joins WAA Staff
VIDENCE of the Association's
   growth and increase in program-
ming activity is apparent in the re-
cent appointment of George H.
Hibner as associate director of
alumni relations.
  Hibner, a 1940 graduate of the
Universiy, will be working with Ed
Gibson, director of alumni relations,
on coordinating Wisconsin Alumni
Club activities throughout the state
as well as assisting in the organiza-
tion and promotion of other alumni
events sponsored' by the Associa-
  George Hibner comes to the As-
sociation with a strong background
in association work. He has been
active as an executive in many lead-
The Association was honored this
past summer as the Wisconsin
Alumnus received a national award.
The award, presented by the Amer-
ican Alumni Council, was a special
recognition citation for the "series
of articles investigating various as-
pects of the student and his rela-
tion to the University and the world"
which appeared in the Alumnus last
winter. Arthur Hove, editor of the
Alumnus, is shown here with the
  Further recognition came when Alice
Weck, associate editor for the past
two years, was appointed to the
staff of Stephens College, Columbia,
Mo., as director of information.
ing health agencies in the Madison
area, including the Wisconsin Divi-
sion of the American Cancer Society,
the Dane County Chapter of the
American National Red Cross, the
Wisconsin Association for Mental
Health, and the Veterans Adminis-
  He has also served as an assistant
to the general agent of the Mas-
sachusetts Mutual Life Insurance
Co. in San, Antonio, Tex.., and was
executive director of the Illinois
Chapter of the Arthritis and Rheu-
matism Foundation in Chicago.
  Hibner is married to the former
Marjory Pollock, also a 1940 grad-
uate of Wisconsin. They have two
daughters and live in Madison.

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