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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 66, Number 1 (Oct. 1964)

[Contents] Wisconsin alumnus,   pp. 3-[4]

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  The domino-shaped box in the
drawing above represents a com-
munications satellite orbiting the
  The various angles and positions
of the box show the relative posi-
tions of the satellite during one orbit.
  The drawing was made, not by a
man, but by a computer at Bell Tele-
phone Laboratories to help scientists
visualize how the satellite would
  What the computer did is called
simulation. Working from data given
it, the computer calculated, or
simulated, the satellite's position at
various instants and produced the
picture on microfilm. The picture
told us what we needed to know.
  We use such simulation a great
deal to save time and hold down
costs in developing and testing new
products and services.
  Computers help us plan coast-to-
coast transmission systems, new
switching logic, and data systems.
They also help us study problems
relating to telephone usage at given
times of the day or year.
  Not all of our simulation is done
on computers. Often we can simu-
late by other means.
  We test new kinds of undersea
telephone cables in buried, brine-
filled steel pipes that duplicate the
pressures and temperatures of the
ocean's bottom at various depths.
  Ingenious equipment in one of
our laboratories sends test telephone
pulses racing around an electronic
ring that simulates a 6000-mile cir-
cuit containing 5300 repeaters to
boost voice volume.
  Many additional examples of simu-
lation could be cited. Often they help
us spend our time and money more
efficiently in developing new services
and improving present ones--in mak-
ing sure that America continues to
enjoy the world's finest telephone
service at the fairest possible prices.
Bell Telephone System
                         Serving you
Pi                                                          a computer

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