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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 65, Number 10 (July 1964)

About the University,   pp. [6]-9

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Announce Changes in
1964-65 Operating Budget
A   N UNEXPECTED enrollment
    rise on both Madison and Mil-
waukee campuses, plus salary in-
creases and other improvements in-
cluding a major jump in federally-
supported research, brought the
1964-65 University of Wisconsin
budget approved by the Regents in
June to $112,359,023 for all opera-
tions. This is an increase of $13,863,-
472 over the current year's budget.
   The new budget went into effect
July 1 and includes promotions for
196 faculty members and appoint-
ment of 156 new faculty to replace
losses and teach the additional stu-
   The University now estimates fall
enrollments at 41,950 students, the
largest teaching load in its history,
4,400 over last fall's enrollment and
3,100 over the enrollment estimated
for next year when the Legislative
budget was requested for the bien-
   The Legislature in April supple-
mented its original appropriations to
help the UW meet the added load.
Of the total budget increase over
last year, half will be met from State
tax appropriations, half from Other
   Receipts budgeted include $40,-
886,605 from State tax appropria-
tions, $30,041,926 from the Federal
government, $21,060,642 in receipts
-mostly student fees, $8,100,000 in
gifts and grants from sources other
than the Federal government, and
$12,269,850 in earnings of such aux-
iliaries as the Union, Residence
Halls, and Intercollegiate Athletics.
   On the expenditure side, the great-
 est increase is budgeted for student
 instruction, services, and aid. Fac-
 tors in the expenditure hikes in-
 cluded $3,184,208 for enrollment in-
 creases, $2,529,503 for faculty and
 civil service salary increases, $2,008,-
 554 for program improvements in-
 cluding research expansion, a $2,-
 009,734 increase in fixed costs in-
 cluding the opening of new build-
 ings and the operation for the first
 time of Downer College and Univer-
 sity School additions to the Milwau-
 kee campus and the new University
 July, 1964
The famous "Sifting and Winnowing" quotation of the University,
recognized in the history of
American public education as one of the great statements of academic freedom,
is at the New
York World's Fair as part of the University's exhibit in the Wisconsin building.
in an 1894 report of the University's Board of Regents and issued in vindication
of Professor
Richard T. Ely, Wisconsin economist and champion of social progress, the
quotation was cast
in bronze by the Class of 1910 and later mounted at the entrance to Bascom
Hall on the
Madison campus. A duplicate plaque was located on the Milwaukee campus, when
it became
part of the University.
Here, UW Dean for Public Services LeRoy E. Luberg (left) inspects a copy
of the plaque before
,shipment to the Fair. At right is Elmer Schwenn, of the Madison Brass Works
Inc., where the
World's Fair plaque was cast from the same mold from which Schwenn's uncle,
Henry Vogts Sr.,
cast the original plaque.
Center at Marshfield, federal con-
tract and private gift and grant sup-
ported increases of $2,250,000, and
$1,801,477 in increases in auxiliaries
and other areas covered by receipts.
  Salary increases in the UW budget
went to about 80 per cent of the fac-
ulty and staff. Faculty increases av-
eraged approximately six per cent
over the present year's base; civil
service increases were in accordance
with the State-wide formula.
  Thirteen faculty members re-
ceived increases of $3,000 or more,
95 received from $2,000 to $2,999,
832 received from $1,000 to $1,999,
1,007 received from $500 to $999,
588 received raises under $1500 for
the year, and 618 received no in-
  The impact of the raises on the
average academic year's salaries
brought professors to a $14,380 aver-
age, associate professors to $10,603,
assistant professors to $8,622, and in-
structors to $6,788. The half-time
academic year rate for new teaching
assistants was set at $2,790, for ex-
perienced teaching assistants at $2,-
880, and for research assistants at
Dormitory Halls Named
for 18 Wisconsin Greats
E IGHTEEN names were added to
   the list of persons whose memo-
ries are honored in the titles of
University of Wisconsin Residence
Halls units as the result of June Re-
gent action.
  The names-all linked with the
University through outstanding con-
tributions-approved by the Regents
will be given to the 18 houses within
Witte Hall in the new Southeast
Dormitory and Recreational Area in

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