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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 64, Number 6 (March 1963)

Television in the classroom and points beyond,   pp. 19-21

Page 21

program at the University is to
obtain professional quality studio
facilities which will allow for a more
ambitious development of locally
produced programs. "The resources
are here," he explains. "We have an
outstanding faculty. We have one of
the finest historical societies in the
country in our front yard; and we
have a creative and talented staff.
If we can get the necessary finances,
we should be able to add consider-
able stature to the Wisconsin's ex-
isting reputation in the field of ed-
ucational broadcasting."
   Because television is such a costly
 medium, students will have to play
 an increasing role in the local pro-
 gram production. "We feel that this
 is a good thing because it will pro-
,.vide a training ground for students
who want to make a career in tele-
vision. And more students will be
encouraged to come to the Univer-
sity if they know they can get a
first-class background in television
here." Recalling his experiences at
Wayne     State, Dreyfus said   that
when they first started out, they had
only a handful of students, but when
he left last summer, the program
had grown to the point where they
had more than 135 undergraduates
and 53 candidates for advanced de-
   Lee Dreyfus has quite literally
 orrnwn 11n in fbhp field of televiion
his undergraduate work in 21/2 years,
picking up a Phi Beta Kappa key
along the way. All of this while he
and his wife (the former Joyce Unke)
were living in Badger Village near
Baraboo, and beginning a family
which now includes Susan Lynn, 15,
and Lee Jr., 11.
  Dreyfus later earned his MA and
Ph. D. from the University of Wis-
consin. He welcomes the chance to
return to Wisconsin and to play a
key part in the development of the
University's educational climate.
                   Europe, 1963 with the
Wisconsin Alumni Association
     Plan to join us this summer-from July 29 to August 20-
   in an exciting tour of eight European countries
and radio. His father was a Hearst
station manager in Milwaukee, and
Lee made his first appearance be-
fore a microphone at the age of 7.
Later, he began playing child parts
in  Chicago   and   Milwaukee. "I
wanted a bicycle," he said, "and
the price of a bicycle was just what
I got for one appearance on a net-
work program so I thought it was a
pretty good way to make enough
money to get that bicycle."
  While he was in Milwaukee, Lee
attended school with another man
who has gone on to make a name in
television-Newton S. Minow, chair-
man of the Federal Communications
Commission, and an outspoken critic
of the intellectual level of television
  After the war, Dreyfus came to
the University of Wisconsin, took an
accelerated program and finished
Wisconsin Alumni Association
Memorial Union
Madison, Wisconsin
[]  Please send more information and a detailed itinerary on the Wisconsin
    Tour of Europe departing July 29, 1963.
LI  Please reserve accommodations for ------ persons on the Alumni Tour of
    Enclosed please find a deposit in the amount of $100 per person (checks
    be made payable to the Wisconsin Alumni Association). This amount will
be applied
    to the total cost of $1085 per person from Chicago or $1012 per person
    New York, and I will pay the balance due not later than June 15, 1963.
    I understand that this deposit is refundable in full, providing written
notice of
    cancellation is sent to you at least six weeks before departure, and
that refunds
    made thereafter will be subject to a cancellation fee in accordance with
    incurred in the handling of my tour reservations.
City                    State                    Phone _
March, 1963

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