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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 63, Number 8 (Dec. 1961)

Athletics,   pp. 30-31

Page 31

Boilermakers being met at home. North-
western is also met once, and, with In-
diana, will be faced on the road.
   Wisconsin meets Iowa, Michigan
State, Michigan, Illinois, and Minnesota
in home series. Last year, Iowa, Purdue,
Ohio State, and Indiana, each met twice,
handed the Badgers eight of their ten
conference defeats.
   The Badgers, with a thirteen-game
home schedule, meet Marquette at Mil-
waukee Arena on Wednesday, Decem-
ber 20 and play in the Holiday Festival
at Madison Square Garden, New York,
December 26, 28, and 30.
        Swimming Pool
        Plans Approved
    ming pool for University of Wis-
consin students has received a green
light from the Board of Regents. Final
plans and specifications for Gymnasium
Unit 1A, to be constructed on Observa-
tory Drive near the intramural playing
fields, were approved at the October
meeting of the Regents.
  Estimated cost of construction of the
new building was announced at $1,250,-
000. Plans call for a swimming pool, 60
by 75 feet, and a diving pool, 40 by 50
feet. Other facilities outlined include
lockers and shower rooms, a gymnasium
for physical education classes, and an
exercise area. Intramural groups, physi-
cal education classes, and Badger fresh-
men and varsity teams will use the
pools. Seats for 500 people will be pro-
vided for spectators at intercollegiate
swimming meets.
  University building authorities said
they expect construction to begin next
spring. The unit will require 16 months
to complete.
          Harriers Best
            Since 1953
W     ISCONSIN'S Cross Country team
    compiled a 4-1 dual meet record
and captured the Wisconsin State AAU
title leading up to the Big Ten and
NCAA championship meets late in No-
vember. The Badger runners defeated
Platteville, 16-47, Minnesota, 19-40,
Michigan State, 23-32, and Mankato
(Minn.) State, 15-50, while losing only
to Iowa, 27-31, in posting the school's
first winning record in the sport since
  Top runner for the Badgers was Rolf
Nielsen, a senior exchange student from
Eidsvoll, Norway who captured first
place in the four winning efforts, with
a best time of 20:09.2, in defeating the
Big Ten defending champion, Jerry
Young, Michigan State in their meeting
over Wisconsin's four mile course.
Badger Captain Don Dooley, Wauke-
sha, Wis., ran consistently in the top
four in each race, and tied with Nielsen
in the winning effort against Mankato
  Other runners have been Don Loker,
fine junior from Appleton; Jerry Smith,
an improved senior from Hartford;
Brian Marcks, Black Creek, Wis.; Dick
Miller, Oregon, Ill.; and two good
sophomores in Joe Pruski, Chicago,
Ill., and Mike Manley, Milwaukee
Complete Winter Sports Slate
          Basketball Schedule
Dec   2-South Dakota
Dec   4-Florida State
Dec   9-Cincinnati
Dec 11-Washington (St. Louis)
Dec 16-University of Pacific
Dec 20-At Marquette
Dec 26-Providence College (Holiday Festi-
Dec 28--
Dec 30-Holiday Festival at New   York
Jan  6-Iowa (TV)
Jan  8-At Michigan State
Jan 23-North Dakota State
Jan 27-Purdue
Jan 29-At Illinois
Feb   3-At Minnesota (TV)
Feb   5-Michigan
Feb 10-Michigan State
Feb 12-At Indiana
Feb 17-At Michigan
Feb 19-Illinois
Feb 24-At Northwestern
Feb 26-Minnesota
Mar   3--Ohio State
Mar 10-At Iowa
  Note: Saturday afternoon games start at
1:30 p.m.
          Swimming Schedule
Jan  6-At Iowa
Jan 25-At Northwestern
Jan 27-At Notre Dame
Feb   3--Ohio State
Wisconsin Alumnus, December, 1961
Feb   6-Illinois
Feb 10-Minnesota and Purdue
Feb 17-At Michigan
Feb 24-At Michigan State
Mar 1-Big Ten Championships (Also
        March 2 and 3)
Mar 29-NCAA     Championships (Also
        March 30 and 31), Columbus,
        Indoor Track
 3-Ohio State
 17-At Minnesota
2-Big Ten Championships at East
    Lansing (Also March 3)
           Fencing Schedule
Dec  9-At Shorewood Fencing Club
Jan  6--:Shorewood F.C. and Wayne St.
Jan 27-Air Force Academy and US Mod-
        ern Pentathlon Team at Air Force
Feb   3-Ohio State and Detroit at Colum-
        bus, 0.
Feb 10-Iowa and Michigan State at Iowa
Feb 17-Chicago and Indiana at Blooming-
        ton, Ind.
Feb 24-Notre Dame and Illinois
Mar 3-Big Ten Championships at Cham-
        paign, Ill.
Mar 30-NCAA Championships at Colum-
        bus, 0. (Also Mar 31)
          Gymnastics Schedule
Dec   9-At La Crosse State
Dec 15-Navy Pier and Chicago
Jan  6-Indiana and Luther College
Jan 22-At Minnesota
Jan 27 --At Michigan State
Feb   3-Iowa
Feb 10-Marquette
Feb 17-At Ohio State
Feb 24-Illinois
Mar   1-Big Ten Championships at Colum-
         bus, 0. (Also March 2 and 3)
Mar 29-NCAA     Championships at Albu-
        querque, New Mexico (Also March
          Wrestling Schedule
Dec   2-Notre Dame and Indiana St. at
        Terre Haute, Ind.
Dec  9-State Collegiate Championships at
Dec 16-At Indiana
Jan  6--Ohio State, West Virginia, and
        Bowling Green at Columbus
Jan 27-At Illinois
Feb   1-At Michigan
Feb   3-At Iowa
Feb 10-Purdue, Minnesota and Wheaton at
Feb 17-Northwestern
Mar 2-Big Ten Championships at Minne-
        apolis, Minn. (Also Mar 3)
Mar 22-NCAA Championships at Stillwa-
        ter, Okla. (Also Mar 23 and 24)

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