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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 63, Number 8 (Dec. 1961)

Guide to the benefactors of the University of Wisconsin,   pp. 28-29

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UWF is a fund raising organization of the University.
Organized in 1945 by a group of alumni and friends of the
University, UWF actively solicits, encourages, and accepts
from a wide variety of sources gifts of value to the
   As a private, tax-exempt corporation, the Foundation
most often supports those programs at the University which
are not taken care of by legislative appropriations. The
main gifts of UWF to Wisconsin have been used for special
purpose buildings, scholarships, and professorships on the
various campuses of the University. Donors may restrict
gifts for specific purposes or permit UWF to apply funds
where they are needed most. UWF is prepared to offer
guidance and assistance to individuals and their attorneys
in estate planning and preparing wills.
  UWF seeks aid from individual friends and alumni,
businesses and industrial firms, charitable foundations, and
public-spirited groups. Each year it compiles an Honor
Roll of contributors to the Alumni Fund-a growing list
of thousands who regularly express their appreciation for
the start they got at the University.
  Bequests, gifts of property, cash or securities
  may be made to:
  Box 2025, Madison 5, Wisconsin
For further information:
  Robert B. Rennebohm, Executive Director
  702 Langdon Street, Madison 5, Wisconsin
As the "living room" of the campus community, the Union
provides a multitude of services to students, faculty, alumni
members and guests of the University. Non-tax supported
programs are financed by student fees, membership dues,
and gifts from alumni and interested friends. Such gifts are
tax exempt.
Make contributions to: MEMORIAL UNION
  770 Langdon Street, Madison
For further information: Porter Butts, Executive Secretary
The basic objective of WARF is to produce funds for re-
rearch at the University. Its major activity is developing and
licensing patents-particularly those involving scientific dis-
coveries by research workers at the University.
  WARF also secures income from investments, from the
manufacture of vitamin concentrates, and from the opera-
tion of a commercial laboratory.
  The University has received millions of dollars in "no-
strings-attached" gifts from WARF. The grants are admin-
istered solely by the Research Committee of the Graduate
  Of primary interest to donors is WARF's Investment-
Philanthropy Program. Two beneficiaries, one of whom
may be the donor, will receive income from the WARF-
manager investment portfolio during their lifetimes. Then
the gift and income is used by WARF to promote research
at the University. WARF can accept gifts or bequests for
any University purposes.
  Make contributions to:
  506 North Walnut Street, Madison, Wisconsin
For further information: Ward Ross, Managing Director
This 100-year-old independent organization of former stu-
dents provides many valuable services to the University.
Tax exempt contributions are accepted: (1) to promote the
general and specific purposes of the Association, and (2)
for transfer to the Regents. Funds are used for scholarship
awards, informational programs, Alumni House, and pub-
lic relations for the University.
  Make contributions to:
  770 Langdon Street, Madison
For further information: John Berge, Executive Director
                               UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN
In addition to the gifts forwarded by UWF and WARF, the University has long
accepted donations and bequests directly. Each
year the Regents acknowledge the receipt of millions of dollars in research
grants, property, and cash contributions from gov-
ernmental agencies, friends, and alumni. When used for endowment purposes,
funds are carefully invested.
    Gifts and bequests to the University are important for current expenses
and have provided books for various departments,
research on cancer and other diseases, scholarships and loans for needy and
worthy students, travel funds for professors, scien-
tific buildings and research equipment, and have aided every phase of University
                 Make contributions to: THE REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF
                                              Madison 6, Wisconsin
            For further information: A. W. Peterson, Vice President, Business
and Finance, 171 Bascom Hall
Wisconsin Alumnus, December, 1961

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