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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 63, Number 8 (Dec. 1961)

The Daily cardinal,   p. 14

Page 14

T   HE DAILY      CARDINAL is the
oldest surviving training ground for
student writers on the University of
Wisconsin campus. On April 4 of next
year, the Cardinal will celebrate its 70th
birthday. In its long and colorful his-
tory, the Cardinal has been plagued with
many ups and downs-it has weathered
financial crises, and editorial and policy
storms which have threatened to force
it to discontinue publication. Through
the years, the Cardinal has also outlived
all rival campus newspapers and is now
a traditional and firmly entrenched part
of the campus scene.
  The Daily Cardinal is a student-
owned and student-operated newspaper.
Its primary function is to serve as an
instructional tool for student journal-
ists, and as an unofficial voice of student
opinion. Students working on the Cardi-
nal have an opportunity to observe and
to participate in the publication of a
newspaper. In this respect, they can fol-
low the making of a newspaper from
the gathering of raw news, through the
writing of a story, setting that story on
a linotype machine, integrating the story
into a page layout, and finally, the print-
ing of the paper.
  The Cardinal offers all the depart-
ments available on a full-size metropoli-
tan newspaper. There are opportunities
on the Cardinal for such varied newspa-
per activities as advertising sales,
photography, news reporting, society
and feature writing, sports reporting,
movie, theater, and book criticism, po-
litical and editorial columns, and every
student can find a place to make his
opinions heard in the letters to the edi-
tor column.
  The tone of the Cardinal, whether it
is bland or controversial, depends largely
on the efforts of its editor in chief. This
year's editor, John Kellogg, a senior
from Appleton, has seen to it that the
Cardinal speaks with candor on the is-
sues which affect the University and the
students. Some recent targets of sharply
pointed Cardinal editorials have been:
student government leadership, the
Medical School controversy, the Na-
tional Student Association, University
housing, the care and feeding of a dis-
tinguished faculty, and student riots.
  taitor John Kellogg (center) with staff.
  (The Cardinal scoop of the fall was the
  identification of an attractive young
  German girl who was purported to have
  set nearly 2,000 students to rioting early
  in the semester.)
  Even though the Cardinal does wel-
  come an occasional story such as the
  riot to liven up its pages, it continually
  strives to take a responsible stand on is-
  sues which will affect the future of the
  University. Sometimes the opinion. ap-
  pearing in the pages of the Cardinal is
  muddled, but on other occasions, it has
  the ability to evoke a fresh point of
  view and helps to put an issue into a
  clear perspective.
  Direction for the student newspaper
  comes primarily from the students who
  are responsible for its publication. But
  the Cardinal also has an advisory board
  composed of students and faculty which
  helps to steer the paper in the directions
  of ethical journalism.
  The Cardinal provides an invaluable
  service to the University and the stu-
  dents. Within its pages, students learn
to express themselves, they learn to
practice the techniques of good journal-
ism, and what is most important, they
can make mistakes, mistakes which are
part of the learning process and which
will, hopefully, lead to mature judg-
ment, and sound journalistic enterprise.
Wisconsin Alumnus, December, 1961

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