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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 62, Number 15 (July 1961)

Mott, Jim
Athletics,   pp. 50-53

Page 53

Consul at the 'U. S. Consulate General, Tor-
onto, Ontario, Can. Previously he was a For-
eign Service Officer with the Department of
State in 'Washington.
   Mr. and Mrs. 'Charles A. GORSKE, Fond
 du Lac, announce 'the birth of twin sons,
 John Charles and James Alan.
   Mr. and Mrs. James B. GOLLEY (Judy
 HARRISON '56) and family have moved to
 Cologne, Germany where Mr. Golley is on
 assignment with Armco International Corp.
   WAC '1st Lt. Janet A. FRENCH was re-
 cently assigned to the U. S. Army 'Garrison's-
 Company D at the Presidio of San 'Fran-
 cisco, -Calif.
   Charles F. NASH of Milwaukee has been
 appointed a professional service representa-
 tive for 'Pfizer Laboratories, division of Chas.
 Pfizer & 'Co., Inc.
   James E. GARNER has been promoted to
 captain in Italy where he is assigned to the
 110th Aviation Co. of the Southern 'Euro-
 pean Task Force.
   Lt. Ronald D. SCOTT, USN, is now en-
gineering officer on the submarine, "Spot",
which is being overhauled in the Pearl Har-
bor naval shipyard and which will be recom-
missioned in the fall and turned over to
the navy of Chile. Lt. and 'Mrs. Scott( Polly
BROST '5'6) have been in Hawaii since his
graduation from submarine school in June
1959. The Scotts have three daughters-
Kathleen, 31/2; Sandra, 2; and 'Diane, .7
  Army 'PFC William E. EUSTANCE par-
ticipated in Exercise Lava Plains, a joint
Army-Air Force field training exercise held
recently at the Yakima, (Wash.) Firing
  (Peter J. 'SCHILS has been elected presi-
dent of the Wisconsin Alumni Club of
  - Mr. and  rs. Burt K4abunde--(-Rarba j.
NICHOL), 'Bloomfield, N. J., are the par-
ents of a girl, Carrie Nichol.
  Joseph 'G. MURRAY has joined the engi-
neering staff of Borg Wa-ner, York, 'Pa.
  'Mr. and Mrs. W. Jerome FRAUTSCHI
  (Ellen KAYSER '60) announce the birth of
a son, Paul Kayser.
  John 0. SCHINDLER has been appointed
agency supervisor in the Milwaukee office of
the Equitable Life Insurance Co. of Iowa. He
is associated with Harvey E. LEISER '36,
CLU, general agent for the firm.
  Joan GREENWOOD has received a United
States educational exchange award under the
Fulbright act to study economics at Newn-
ham College, Cambridge University, in Eng-
land. She was also offered a year's scholar-
ship at London by the American Association
of University Women.
  Dr. and 'Mrs. Evan 'PIZER (Jane SAM-
PLINER '58) announce the birth of their
daughter, Laura Janet. Dr. Pizer is presently
on active duty at Valley Forge Army Hospi-
tal in the Department of Psychiatry.
  Darle L. BLADE has been promoted to
general accounting supervisor, Northwest di-
vision, Fairmont Foods Co. He is assigned
Wisconsin Alumnus, July, 1961
to the division headquarters in Minneapolis,
   Norman COOMBS of Milwaukee recently
 received a doctor of philosophy degree in his-
 tory from the University of Wisconsin. This
 fall he will teach a western civilization sur-
 vey course as an instructor at the Rochester
 (N.Y.) Institute of Technology.
   David S. RUDER, a practicing attorney in
 Milwaukee, and honor graduate of the Uni-
 versity of Wisconsin Law School, joins the
 Northwestern University School of Law fac-
 ulty in the fall as an assistant professor.
   James D. STONER is presently working
 in the Radio-TV advertising division of the
 J. Walter Thompson 'Co., New York City.
   Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. ZURKOWSKI an-
 nounce the birth of a son, 'Paul 'Coleman. Mr.
 Zurkowski, who   recently returned  from
 Washington, D. C. where he served on Con-
 gressman R. W. Kastenmeier's staff, prac-
 tices law in Madison.
   Lt. and Mrs. Lynn P. BLASCH (Carol
EVENSON), Newport, R. I., announce the
birth of a daughter, Allison Anne.
   George SCHALLER recently returned to
Madison after conducting an 18-month study
of gorillas in Africa.
   Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. McDonald (Pam-
ela LYNCH) of Chicago are the parents of
a son, Robert James, Jr.
  Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert L. HOM'STAD
announce the 'birth of a daughter, Heather.
  Kenneth F. NEUSEN has been assigned
assistant engineer in the nuclear power de-
partment of Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing
Co., Milwaukee.
  Mr. and Mrs. James RIEMENSCHNEIDER
  (June TUCKER), Arlington Heights, Ill.,
announce the birth of a daughter, Pamela
  Nancy M. SAVAT recently received a mas-
ter's degree in social work from the Uni-
versity of Pennsylvania.
  Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. KUEHN (Pris-
cilla MERRIAM) are the parents of a son,
   1st Lt. Fred 'C. BRAND participated in
Exercise Mayflower, a Seventh U. S. Army
medical field training exercise recently held
in the Stuttgart-Munich area of 'Germany.
  Mrs. William Diedrich (Molly RICE) has
been named secretary-treasurer of the Wis-
consin Alumni Club of Stevens 'Point.
  Army 1st Lt. Kenneth J. WITTENB'ERG
recently completed  the jungle  operations
course at the Jungle Warfare Training Cen-
ter, Fort Sherman, Canal Zone.
  Donald W. ZIELESCH has been appointed
to the position of management assistant in
the office of the district agent, U. S. Depart-
ment of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife 'Serv-
ice, Denver, Colo.
  Mr. and Mrs. Jamie E. Godfrey (Robin
SMITH) announce the birth of their first
child, a girl, Victoria Leigh.
  'Pennsalt 'Chemicals Corp. has announced
the appointment of Charles 0. MULHOL-
LAND -as technical sales and service repre-
sentative for B-K sanitation products in east-
ern Missouri and southern Illinois.
  Astrid K. FROLICH    has been appointed
group leader to Norway for the 1961 sum-
mer program of the Experiment in Interna-
tional Living. Miss Frolich has held the post
of teacher of physical education at Wellesley
College for the past two years.
  Daystrom, Inc., Potentiometer Division, an-
nounces the appointment of Frank J. BUT-
TERI to the position of assistant manager
of marketing.
  Mr. and    Mrs. Peter Taussig   (Nancy
CASTLE) are the parents of a daughter,
Sandra Denise.
  Army 2nd Lt. Gerald D. SEINWILL re-
cently completed the officer orientation course
at the Engineer 'School, Fort Belvoir, Va.
  Bar ry-N%---GOL .NSOHIN-wil-become x
member of the staff of Kent State University
this fall as an instructor in English.
  Merlyn  GRAY    is the   new  secretary-
treasurer of the Wisconsin Alumni Club of
Grant County.
  Lt. and Mrs. George H. CHRYST, Frank-
furt, Germany, announce the birth of a son,
Richard 'William.
  Marlene Mc KIM is presently a market
analyst in the Commercial Research Depart-
   Thomas F. Canny
        Class of '60
Box 13-73-UAA, SEATTLE 24, WASH.
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  with growth determination
  Division John W. Shaw Advertising, Inc.I
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