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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 62, Number 14 (June 1961)

Wisconsin Women's Day a big success,   pp. 9-12

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this affair was Don Anderson, president
of the Wisconsin Alumni Association,
and one of the few men at the gath-
  The featured speaker, Helen C.
White, professor of English, made an
eloquent assessment of the problems the
University must solve if it is to remain
  Noting that "we must have all over
the state an alert and informed public
opinion," Miss White went on to point
out that "modern communications have
made our whole world, however torn
and divided, one physical and social
neighborhood. Now the community we
must think of goes far beyond the
bounds of our state."
  Realizing this challenge, the Univer-
conducted tours of the campus or a
special demonstration of the automated
teaching equipment in the Education
Building (see the May Alumnus).
  From all points of view, the first
Wisconsin Women's Day was an un-
qualified success. Staged as a special
feature of the Wisconsin Alumni Asso-
ciation's Centennial Year, the event
promises to become an annual affair.
The names of all the women who
helped make the day a success are cer-
tainly too numerous to mention, but it
does seem appropriate to signal out for
special credit the two committees re-
sponsible for the overall planning and
  General Committee: Mrs. Robert
Johns, La Crosse (chairman); Mrs.
A look at the speakers' table. From left, the
principals are: Mrs. Conrad A. Elvehjem;
Prof. Helen C. White, main speaker at the
luncheon; Don Anderson, president of the
Wisconsin Alumni Association; UW Pres.
Conrad A. Elvehjem; Anne Adler of Mer-
rill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Inc.;
John Berge, executive director of the Wis-
consin Alumni Association; Gail F. Guth-
rie, UW student; and Prof. Fred Logan.
sity must move ahead to meet its re-
sponsibilities. "The University will fail
in its obligation," Miss White warned,
"if it does not do all it can to train its
students to take the larger view; but for
that the University will need the sup-
port of a public that is genuinely inter-
ested in our doing that.
   "This is a matter of concern if we
listen to the present discussions of the
University budget." It was at this junc-
ture that Miss White concisely summed
up the prospects for the University if it
does not receive the moral and financial
support of the people when she said,
"In the life of institutions, it is very
easy to slip into the second-rate with-
out anybody's noticing."
TO     CAP OFF the day, the women
    were given their choice of student-
Conrad Elvehjem, Dean of Women
Martha Peterson, Mrs. Eldon Russell,
and Mrs. John Walsh, Madison; Mrs.
John Schindler, Monroe; and Mrs.
Richard Tinkham, Wausau.
  Program Committee: Mrs. Grace
Chatterton, Madison (chairman); Mrs.
David Beckwith, Milwaukee; Mrs.
Richard Teschner, Thiensville; Mrs.
Lindley V. Sprague, Madison; Miss
Katherine McCaul, Tomah; and Mrs.
Isabel Craig, Janesville.
  The most important fact of the day
was that when the Wisconsin women
went back to their homes in such cities
as Neenah, Monticello, Racine, Marsh-
field, and Excelsior, Minn., they were
convinced that, as Wisconsin women,
they play an ever increasing part in
shaping the destinies of their Univer-
     Wisconsin Alumnus, June, 1961

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