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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 62, Number 14 (June 1961)

Berge, John
Keeping in touch with Wisconsin,   pp. 7-[8]

Page [8]

on the w
Remember when it was you stand-
ing there? How you squirmed when
your father saw that one bad report
card. You're glad now that he made
you buckle down - grateful that you
were able to go on to one of the coun-
try's finest universities.
  Naturally, you want to be just as
farsighted about your own son's
future. So now that he's one year
closer to college - wouldn't it be
wise to call your Massachusetts
Mutual man and discuss the best in-
surance plan for his education?
  And since this is the time for report
cards and review, perhaps you should re-
evaluate your own career. Are you as far
along as a man of your ability should
be? For example, are you earning as
much as $13,500 a year? That was the
1960 average income of 630 represen-
tatives who have been with the
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insur-
ance Company five years or longer.
  They are men like you - men
chosen for their fine education and
background. All received thorough
training and earned while they
learned. Now they are established in
a career that uniquely combines inde-
pendence with stable income - plus
the security of group insurance and
retirement benefits.
  If you would like to know more
about this opportunity, write for a
free copy of "A Selling Career".
           MASSACHUSETTS MUTUAL LifeInsurance Company
                             SPRINGFIELD. MASSACHUSETTS- ORGANIZED 1851
Some of the University of Wisconsin alumni in Massachusetts Mutual service:
William J. Morgan, '07, Milwaukee
Eugene C. Noyes, C.L.U., '13, Akron
Silas G. Johnson, '23, Madison
Herbert J. Mullen, '30, Stoughton
Fred A. Keeler, C.L.U., '35, Santa Ana
Arthur R. Sweeney, '38, Dallas
Earl C. Jordan, '39, Chicago
William 0. Murphy, '39, Madison
Alvin H. Babler, C.L.U., '41, Monroe
Norman H. Hyman, '44, Milwaukee
LeRoy H. Jerstad, Jr., '47, Racine
John W. Loots, '47, Tulsa
Jack G. Jefferds, '50, Madison
David E. Birkhaeuser, '52, Home Office
Silas G. Johnson, Jr., '52, Madison
Clement D. Ketchum, '52, Milwaukee
Wendell A. Lathrop, '52, Mattoon, Ill.
Anthony J. Stracka, '54, Madison
Burton A. Meldman, '55, Milwaukee
Raymond L. Paul, C.L.U., '58, Rockford
Ja'mes E. Meier, '60, Milwaukee
Peter S. Zouvas, '61, Chicago
Ernest L. Nilsson, Madison
A. Burr Be Dell, Appleton
Rasmus B. A. Kalnes, Madison
William S. Reed, Chicago

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