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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 61, Number 9 (Jan. 1960)

Rudeen, Kenneth
The history of a champion,   pp. 8-10

Page 8

Flanked by co-captains Bob Zeman and
Jerry Stalcup, "Miss Wisconsin" greets
the Badger team on their return from
Minnesota. After a rest period, the team
resumed its drills for the Rose Bowl.
The History of a Champion
         After three years of growth and development,
the 1959 Badgers pick up all the Big Ten football marbles
               "A   VISITOR arriving at the University of Wisconsin
                    was immediately struck by the solid virtues of the
              school and its team. It was evident that the stately campus
              the south shore of Lake Mendota was permeated not only
              with a sense of the university's stature but also with the
              toric idea at the core of its achievements. Everywhere you
              heard about the Wisconsin Idea-a concept which originated
              before the turn of the century and has come to have a two-
              pronged meaning: first, public service and, second, freedom
              of thought.
                 "To a remarkable degree the Wisconsin football Badgers
               have mirrored, in their own way, the fundamental virtues
               that the Idea bespeaks in academic terms. The university has
               not won its distinction in a flashy way, and neither have
               1959 Badgers."
                                      from "Solid Virtue in Wisconsin"
                                                  by Kenneth Rudeen
               reprinted by special permission of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.
                                                             Wisconsin Alumnus,
January, 1960

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