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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 61, Number 8 (Dec. 1959)

Alumni news,   pp. 35-38

Page 36

  J. Curtis BURKHOLDER '37 has been
appointed manager of the resin division of
Archer-Daniels-Midland Co.
  Leo W. ROETHE '37, president of the Na-
tional Agricultural Supply Co., Ft. Atkinson,
has been named Wisconsin chairman of the
national Agricultural Hall of Fame commit-
  Army Lt. Col. Henry J. OLK Jr. '38 was
recently assigned as judge advocate of the
4th Infantry Division at Fort Lewis, Wash.
  Reuben 0. SCHLEGELMILCH '38 is tech-
nical director, defense products, Westing-
house Electric Corp.
  Charles D. GELATT '39, member of the
Board of Regents, has been elected to North-
western Mutual Life Insurance Co.'s 1959-60
examining committee of policy owners.
  Ilah M. OSTRUM '39 recently returned
from a National Education Assn. tour which
included stops in many points throughout the
  Christ T. SERAPHIM '39 has announced
that he will step down as Milwaukee County
Democratic chairman at the end of his cur-
rent term.
  Dr. Ben M. PECKHAM '39 was honored
as one of Northwestern University Medical
School's distinguished alumni.
  Donald A. JACOBSON '40 is president of
the Louisville, Ky. chapter of the National
Office Management Association.
  Dr. Raymond C. BICE Jr. '40, assistant
dean of the college of arts and sciences at the
University of Virginia, represented the Uni-
versity of Wisconsin at the inauguration of
Edgar Finley Shannon, new president of the
University of Virginia.
  George ROBBINS '40 was elected pres-
ident of the Wisconsin Chamber of Com-
merce Executives. He has completed seven
years of service as manager of the Marinette,
Wis. Chamber of Commerce.
1941-1 945
   Mrs. Robert Hemlock (Carolyn MEARS
'41) has moved with her husband and six
children to McAllen, Texas.
   Karl R. JOHANSSON '42 has taken a
position as an executive secretary of a study
section in the division of research grants at
the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda,
   Mr. and Mrs. Gale A. FROEMMING '46
 (Elisabeth WILSON '43) are in Turkey
 where he is in charge of construction of the
 Atomic Research Reactor for the Government
 of Turkey.
   Clifford QUANDT '43 is president of the
 Beaver Dam Alumni Club.
   Priscilla DAMRON     Hargraves '44 re-
 ceived the National Distinguished Service
 award for 11 years work as Walworth county
 home agent.
   Carlisle P. RUNGE '46, assistant dean of
 the University Law School, has been pro-
 moted to the rank of full colonel in the Wis-
 consin National Guard.
  Dr. Thomas J. BENO '46 has been pro-
moted to consultant in general surgery at the
Veterans Administration Hospital in Iron
Mountain, Mich.
  Irving LEVY '47 was recently promoted to
general plant manager of the Elco Corp. in
Philadelphia, Pa.
  Robert T. HOLTZ '47 is with the B. F.
Goodrich Co. in Cleveland, Ohio where he
handles sales development for new products.
  Marshall ERDMAN '48 owns a Madison
firm which specializes in the production of
prefabricated doctor's office buildings.
  Earl W. UECKE '48 has been elected vice
president of the First American State Bank
in Wausau.
  Wayne I. THISELL '50 is teaching at the
University of Cincinnati Evening College. He
is a specialist engineer at Allstates Design
and Development Co.
  Robert FUCHIECK '50, one of Link Avia-
tion's top experts in stimulation of radar and
fire control procedures, recently was named
manager of advanced engineering for the
  Mr. and Mrs. William A. SELIGMAN '50
  (Joyce CARMICHAEL '50) live in Signal
Mountain, Tennessee. He is vice president
of the Purse Advertising Co., Chattanooga,
Tenn. They have a son, William Robert,
aged 3.
  Irwin R. ZEMON '50 has formed a com-
prehensive insurance service-I. R. Zemon
& Associates in Detroit, Mich.
  Howard FLEMMING has accepted a posi-
tion as pharmacist with the Dow Pharmacy
in Rice Lake.
   Lorraine J. MARQUARDT has been ap-
pointed to head the home economics depart-
ment of Morningside College in Sioux City,
   Donald W. SCHNEIDER has been ap-
pointed a chemistry instructor in Marquette
University's department of dental hygiene.
   Mr. and Mrs. Joe SILVERBERG have a
new addition to their family-Cindy Min;
she joins the team of David, Steven and
Taffy Silverberg.
   Mr. and Mrs. William A. Feess (Mary
 CUNNIEN) annouce the birth of their first
 child, Therese Louise, in Denver, Colo.
   Mr. and Mrs. Delmar D. DESENS and
 Denise recently returned to Madison. He is
 central office foreman with the Wisconsin
 Telephone Co.
   Jack F. RHODE is on an "educational
 leave of absence" from the General Electric
 Co. to complete work for his Ph.D. in indus-
 trial relations at the University of Minnesota
 where he is currently teaching courses in
 manpower management and labor marketing
 in the School of Business Administration.
   Dr. Benney L. BECK is the author of
 "Automatic Scanning Instrument for X-ray
Low Angle Scatter" which appeared in a cur-
rent issue of Review of Scientific Instrument.
  Mildred B. MUNDAY is associate profes-
sor of English at Evansville College in In-
  Mr. and    Mrs. Carl STAPEL      (Leona
LINDOW '57) are the pround parents of a
baby boy, James Arthur.
  Bob WEBER now owns the Weber Bakery
in Lodi. He and his wife have a son, David,
aged 2.
  Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. SCHWARTZ-
BECK (Virginia PILE) live with their two
sons in Minneapolis. He was recently granted
his Ph.D. degree from the University of
  Everett R. MOORE is the new guidance
director and English teacher at Watertown
High School.
  Mr. and Mrs. Edmund A. "Ned" KURTZ
  (Susan LARSEN) live in Milwaukee where
he is associated with Kurtz Reality. They
have a second son, David William.
  Mrs. C. Gordon Bell (Gwendolyn DRU'-
YOR) recently took over the assistant-editor-
ship of EKISTICS. She is also connected
with the Boston City Planning Board and is
teaching at Harvard University.
   E. Lester LEVINE is an instructor in
political science at Occidental College in Los
Angeles, Calif.                        --
   Beverly R. SINNIGER is editor of The
Minnesotan, a University of Minnesota staff
   Franklin R. KUHLMAN is student pastor
at the Paris Corners, Wis. Methodist Church.
He is also attending Garret Bible Institute
and Northwestern University.
   Kenneth LERDAHL is a doctor with the
US Air Force.
   1/Lt. and Mrs. George B. COLLEHON
 (Mary COLVIN) and their two children are
 in Rome where he will spend a three year
 tour of duty with the US Air Force.
   Mr. and Mrs. William H. McNAMARA
 (Sue MELLENCAMP '57) are living in
 Rockford, Ill. with their two children,
 Robert and John. He is Northern Illinois and
 Wisconsin sales manager for the Blue Star
 Foods Inc.
   Richard E. DOWNING has joined the cor-
porate finance division of Percy Wilson
Mortgage & Finance Corp. in Chicago.
   Lyle SAMPSON is the new pharmacist at
 the Kalk Drug Store in Columbus, Wis.
   Mr. and Mrs. John HOBBINS (Florence
 FORSBERG) have bought a home in Mad-
 ison. He is associated with the Forsberg
 Paper Box Co.
   Ronald R. BUKOWSKI has been assigned
 to Allis-Chalmers' nuclear power department
 as an assistant engineer.
 Wisconsin Alumnus, December, 1959

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