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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 5 (Nov. 1957)

Montgomery, Fran
Campus chronicle,   pp. 12-13

Page 12

UNIVERSITY freshman as well as other students on
the campus are expected to be in the national spot-
light next spring when Life magazine publishes a three part
series "Crisis in the Colleges." For several weeks, William
Trombley and Yale Joel, Life correspondent and photo-
grapher, followed freshman co-ed Peggy Growth as she
joined the pattern of college activities. What the men from
Life are aiming for is a picture of how Wisconsin is handling
the problem of crowded conditions and increased enrollments.
  The answers these two come up with will be tied in with
the University of the future. This will be compared with
a representative junior college and a liberal arts college.
  Peggy was selected for her modeling when the Life
staffers saw her going through registration. Then they fol-
lowed her through dorm and classroom life as well as her
social activities. Asked what she thought of her modeling,
Peggy said: "It's a wonderful feeling and quite an honor."
The Russian Line
   An international spotlight has been focused upon another
University student, Byron Mogul, a senior majoring in
Russian. Byron was one of four UW students who went
to Russia this summer to attend the Moscow Youth Festival.
His reaction: "Anyone who would accept this Soviet non-
sense would really have to be a jackass."
   Mogul found the regime anxious to give a poor impres-
sion of the American delegates to the Russian people. "We
were presented in a poor light," Mogul explained," and
heard of bad comments made about us.'"
   But the UW student found the people whom he met on
the street friendly and very anxious to meet an American.
And all of them seemed to have the same question: "How
does the working man in America live?'
   Mogul found the Russian standard of living very low.
For example, television is Ishown to the people but not
available to them, he explained. They are shown these
things only so that they will "work for the future."'
  Memo for the future department: University of Wiscon-
sin classes will start and close one week earlier beginning
with the 1958-59 school year.
   A story going around involved a sociology student
assigned to phone a dozen homes around 9 p.m. and ask
parents if they knew where their children were. He reported:
"My first five calls were answered by children who had no
idea where their parents were."
Eases Freshmen
   Onto Campus
Brand new freshmen and upperclassmen counselors gathered at the University
YMCA to begin a weekend of fellowship and information exchange at the
annual freshman camp. These pictures were taken during last year's camp.

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