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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 5 (Nov. 1957)

Berge, John
Keeping in touch with Wisconsin,   pp. 6-7

Page 7

    Snark Guided Missile
    Becomes Operational
HAWTHORNE, CALIF.-The United States
Air Force has announced that its first
Northrop Snark SM-62 intercontinental
guided missile squadron will be acti-
vated late this year. The Snark will be
the first such missile to come into
operational use.
  The squadron, to be assigned to the
Strategic Air Command, will be
equipped with the high-altitude, jet-
propelled Snark missile capable of
delivering a nuclear warhead.
  The exact site for the new missile
unit was not disclosed but SAC officials
emphasized that missile units will be so
positioned as to reduce problems of
noise and to insure that missiles, if ever
fired, will not pass over heavily popu-
lated regions.
  No missiles will be launched from
operational sites except in case of
attack. For training purposes missile
crews will practice actual firing at an
established range such as Patrick Air
Force Base, Florida.
  The Snark missile squadron will be
manned by some 500 officers and men.
Personnel are now undergoing training
in the operation and maintenance of
the Snark at Northrop.
  The engineering division at Northrop
continues in its development work on
the Snark while they are in production.
Other advanced projects in manned
and pilotless flight are also in various
stages of development at Northrop's
new multi-million dollar engineering
and science center in Hawthorne... all
of them vital to the defense of America
and other countries of the free world.
missile engineers
As space becomes the missile engineer's prov-
ince the demand for highly competent talent is
ever present. Each development uncovers other
areas for advanced study.
   Beneath the imposing skyline at Northrop,
engineers in the new multi-million dollar Engi-
neering and Science Center are tackling today
the problems of tomorrow's flights into space.
   Scientists and engineers at Northrop have
many accomplishments to their credit, including
the USAF-Northrop SM-62 Snark interconti-
nental guided missile, first such weapon system
to become operational with the Strategic Air
Command. Research continues on preliminary
and advanced projects involving missile guid-
ance and controls, propulsion, flight test engineer-
ing, and similar areas of prime importance.
   Northrop's 18 years of experience in pilotless
flight is seldom matched by other manufacturers
in the aircraft or missile fields. This reputation
is a principal reason why experienced engineers
and scientists have joined the Northrop Engi-
neering Division. As work progresses on the
USAF Snark and other vital missile projects
career opportunities become available for quali-
fied missile engineers.
Northrop Division of Northrop Aircraft, Inc.
     Engineering Industrial Relations, Dept. 4600-A-7
     1041 East Broadway, Hawthorne, California
Wiscons~n Alumnus, November, 1957                                       
W~isconsin Alumnus, November, 1957

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