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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 5 (Nov. 1957)

Berge, John
Keeping in touch with Wisconsin,   pp. 6-7

Page 6

     Three University leaders headlined the annual Alumni Club Officers Con-
ference last month: Regent Carl E. Steiger, Ivan B. Williamson, director
athletics, and LeRoy Luberg, newly appointed dean of students. Attendance
set a new high, in spite of tough competition from the World Series games
between the Milwaukee Braves and New York Yankees.
     Conference speakers pointed out that alumni clubs have the same objective
as the Wisconsin Alumni Association: to promote, by organized effort, the
best interests of the University of Wisconsin. This support is especially
important these days as our University gets ready for the "tidal wave"
students scheduled to arrive in the early sixties.
     Alumni clubs are the University's outposts. It takes organized strength
to get things done these days, so alumni must be effectively organized to
helpful to the University. President Morrill of the University of Minne-
sota says that alumni clubs are "islands of loyalty."
     Regent Steiger outlined the work of the steering committee set up by
Regents to select President E. B. Fred's successor. He retires at the end
of the
current academic year. This five-member committee is doing the spade work
so essential in selecting the right man for this job.
     WAA members have been invited to share in this spade work by recommending
candidat es-another first in Wisconsin history. If you have a candidate
who you believe should be considered by the Regents, send your recommen-
dation to the chairman of this steering committee: Charles D. Gelatt, Northern
Engraving Co., La Crosse, Wisconsin. (See Mr. Gelatt's statement on pages
     Ivy Williamson gave an enlightening talk on football tickets for
alumni, and was hopeful that the addition of 10,000 seats to the Stadium
would make the situation better after this year.
     Plans for this year's Preview Meetings were given special attention
at the club conference. "Successful Previews," said Mr. Luberg,
"are the
result of effective and complete cooperation between the University, the
Wisconsin Alumni Association and the alumni clubs sponsoring this project.
When all do their full share, Previews render a real and valuable service
to the University of Wisconsin." As this issue goes to the printer 42
meetings have been tentatively planned.
     The primary objective of these Previews is to make sure that the Uni-
versity of Wisconsin gets its quota of top-flight students.
     Wisconsin needs these "cream of the crop" students to remain
in the top
ten in the field of higher education. A recent Harvard publication emphasized
the importance of these top-flight students in these words: "Harvard's
strength is rooted in her teachers, her students, and her great physical
plant stretching back from the Charles."

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