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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 5 (Nov. 1957)

Sidelines,   pp. 3-5

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at Western
A     THE world's largest manufacturer of com-
      munications equipment our continued
 progress depends greatly on our engineers.
 They have a key role in the production of some
 50,000 types of apparatus and component parts
 that Western Electric makes in a given year.
 * To our engineers falls the monumental task
 of developing manufacturing operations and of
 planning the installation of telephone central
 office equipment across the nation. They devise
 the new machines, tools and methods needed
 to do our job. They also shoulder the major
 responsibilities in carrying out the defense con-
 tracts the government has asked us to take over
 - major projects like the Nike guided missile
 system and SAGE, the continental defense
 0 In the course of their technical work, engi-
 neers participate in such broad managerial
 functions as production, merchandising, instal-
 lation, and many others. What's more, we have
 a record of promotions from within. It's not
 surprising, therefore, that fifty-five percent of
 the college graduates in our upper levels of
 management have engineering degrees.
 * Naturally we do everything possible to en-
 courage and speed the professional develop-
 ment of our engineers. Just recently, for
 example, we inaugurated a full-time off-the-job
 Graduate Engineering Training Program at
 special training centers, a program with few
 parallels in American industry.
 0 The new engineer moves into the first phase
 of this program, Introduction to Western Elec-
 tric Engineering, four to six months after he
 joins us and devotes nine weeks of study to
 such technical subjects as communications sys-
 tems, military electronic systems, product de-
 sign principles. He takes part in the second
 phase, General Development, after the first
 year on the job. In this phase he devotes nine
 weeks to courses in human relations, semantics,
 engineering statistics, electronics, measure-
ments and instrumentation, systems circuit anal-
ysis. The third phase, Advanced Development
(4 weeks per year), is available to selected
engineers and is geared to the individual to
help develop his creative engineering abilities;
goes deeply into such subjects as magnetics,
computer applications, electronic switching,
radar fundamentals, feedback control systems
and technical paper writing.
* Besides this company-wide program, a
number of our divisions offer individual engi-
neering courses in their own specialties. We
also sponsor a Tuition Refund Plan fQr out-of-
hours study at nearby colleges. Open to all
employees, this plan helps our engineers study
for advanced degrees at Company expense.
* Truly there's an engineer's world here at
Western Electric... one in which engineers in
every field of specialization can expect to grow.
Wisconsin Alumnus, November, 1957
    (Supervisory and administrative
    opportunities exist in each field)
Analysis for manufacturing operations:
Machine and tool requirements-M.E., E.E.;
Space requirements-M.E., I.E.; Test facility
requirements-E.E.; Personnel requirements-
I.E.; Electric power, light and heat require-
ments-E.E.; Raw   material riequirements-.
Chem. E., Met. E., Phy. Sc.; Procedures and
processes-M.E., I.E.; Time and  Motion
Studies-I.E.; Investigation of manufacturing
difficulties-M.E.; Quality control-M.E., E.E.
Planning telephone central offices:
Equipment requirements - E.E.; Power and
cable requirements-E.E.
Development and design:
New machines and tools-M.E., E.E.; Material
handling methods-M.E., I.E.; New equip-
ment and processes-M.E., E.E.; Repair shop
methods-M.E.; Testing facilities-E.E.; Test-
ing methods-E.E.; Job evaluation studies-
I.E.; Wage incentive studies-I.E.; Production
control studies-I.E.; Improved chemical proc-
esses-Chem. E., Met. E., Phy. Sc.; New appli-
cation for metals and alloys-Chem. E., Met. E.,
Phy. Sc.; Raw material test proZedures-Chem.
E,, Met. E., Phy. Sc.; Service to military on
electronic devices-E.E.
For further information write: Engineering
Personnel, Room 1034, 195 Broadway,
New York 7, N. Y.

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