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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 2 (Oct. 1957)

New law gives building a big boost. Record UW budget approved,   pp. 8-9

Page 9

       make room for the Law-Sociology
       building on Bascom Hill. The Heating
       Station and Extension Building will be
       located south of University Avenue.
         In addition, the Building Commis-
       sion authorized preparation of prelimi-
       nary plans for the following buildings
       which will be "fee-financed":
       Milwaukee Fine Arts ------ $1,058,000
.4     Mathematics Building -----2,155,500
       Engineering Building -----5,088,750
         The mathematics . and engineering
       buildings would also be located south of
       University Avenue, the latter on the
       present engineering campus. The mathe-
matics building will permit conversion
of North Hall into primarily an office
building; it should not be confused with
the Army Mathematics Center, which
will be in an addition to Sterling Hall
that will also house the physics and as-
tronomy departments.
   The State Building Commission also
directly appropriated  $1,265,000  for
minor construction and remodeling on
the campus and at the Marshfield, Ash-
land and Sturgeon Bay agricultural
stations. No borrowing will be required.
   These various state-financed projects
will be joined by a large number of
self-finiancing" projects, which were
also approved by the State Building
Commission in August. They are listed
below. The housing projects are eligible
for federal loans; the Sterling Hall ad-
dition will be Wisconsin Alumni Re-
search Foundation-financed; the Enzyme
Addition will be paid for by gifts and
federal grants; the athletic conistruction
by gate receipts, and the farm buildings
from the sale of the East Hill farm in
Madison. The Service Memorial Insti-
tute research addition will be financed
by federal, WARF and state funds.
2nd Married Student Apts.
   (100) -------- ------ $ 862,000
3rd Married Student Apts.
   (400) --------------- 3,600,000
Chadbourne Hall (678
   women) --------------3,160,500
Men's Hall south of
   Kronshage (516) ------ 2,100,000
Men's Hall west of Elm
   Drive (1,000)            4,850,000
Women's Hall East of Tripp
  (600) ----------------3,000,000
  Sterling Hall Addition  1,200,000
  Enzyme Addition ---------600,000
  Camp Randall Addition -_-   522,715
  Outdoor Track -----------44,000
  Arlington Farm Buildings  168,000
  Swine Barn --------------52,000
  Moving Steel Barns -------30,000
  Curb and Gutters and Streets  98,000
  Service Memorial Institute
  Research ------------ 2,010,000
       Baldwin, $18,250; Dean Mark H. Ingra-
       ham, Letters and Science, $18,000; Dean
       John Z. Bowers, Medical School,
       $18,000. All of them are on a 12-month
       basis. Top salaries on the academic year
       (10 month) basis, will go to Prof.
       Merle Curti, history; Prof. Charles
       Bunn, law; and Prof. Farrington Dan-
       iels, chemistry, all at $15,000, which is
       equivalent to $18,000 on an annual
          Civil service raises were included in
       the budget at the 10 per cent of base
       salary estimated by state officials.
          What are the sources of these addi-
       tional appropriations ?
          The University's share of state tax
       funds totaled $3,065,543 more than the
       current budget. Increases expected from
       other sources included $13,981 from
       federal land-grant appropriations,
       Wisconsin Alumnus, October, 1957
$2,149,464 in operational receipts and
balances, and $202,777 in gifts and
   Fee increases anticipated by the Legis-
lature are $10 per semester for Wiscon-
sin residents and $25 per semester for
non-residents, raising the semester fees
in those categories to $100 and $275.
Hospital rates were also increased from
$23.50 to $25 a day.
   Largest expenditure increases were in
instruction to provide for an increase
from the present 22,104 enrollment to
an estimated 23,420 next year.
   Added staff members authorized by
the Legislature mainly are in Engineer-
ing, Commerce, the University of Wis-
consin-Milwaukee, and in the College of
Letters and Science departments serving
Engineering needs, where the greatest
enrollment expansion is expected.
   A $251,293 expansion in the Uni-
versity's research program will increase
fluid research funds, develop a nuclear
physics program, expand psychiatric re-
search, and provide a start on special
Dutch Elm disease and soils studies. A
sizeable portion of what were to have
been added research funds, however,
had to be allocated to payment of school
taxes which the Legislature authorized
school districts to collect on Agriculture
Experiment Stations and other outlying
  The major change in the University's
extension and adult education programs
budgeted was the addition of WHA-TV,
which the Legislature transferred from
the State Radio Council to the University.
   Regent Pres. Wilbur Renk, Sun
Prairie, calls the budget a "good one".
   "I believe we should thank the Gov-
ernor, the Legislature, the Coordinating
Committee for Higher Education, and
the fine leadership Charles Gelatt gave
this board as president, for working out
a budget which will help maintain our
great faculty and provide a balanced,
high quality program for the Univer-
sity," he said.
   "Wisconsin has one of the greatest
Universities in the land, and, with this
budget, we should be able to keep it at
the top."

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