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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 58, Number 9 (Jan. 15, 1957)

Necrology,   pp. 30-35

Page 30

In Next Month's Alumnus:
The University of Wisconsin
              in an Atomic Age
       0 . . a special founders day issue . .
  Mary E. RUSK, '82, Los Angeles.
  Charles E. PEET, '92, Los Angeles, one
year ago.
  John T. JONES, '96, Arcadia, Calif.
  Guy Forrest MINNICK, '96, Great Neck,
  Anna MUSHEK Tillotson, '99, Hender-
sonville, N.C.
  Eugene S. TRADEWELL, '01, Santa Ana,
  Zadoc E. MERRILL, '04, chairman of the
board of Pacific Power and Light Co.,
Albany, Ore.
  Kathryn  STEWART     Kirkpatrick, '04,
Aberdeen, S. D.
  The Rev. Lyle HATFIELD, '04, Alpena,
  Dr. Arthur C. BOGGESS, '06, Lotty,
Ohio, one year ago.
  Rollin C. LEWIS, '06.
  Adolph R. JANECKY, '07, Racine attor-
ney for the past 47 years.
  Lydon F. WILSON, '07, Chicago.
  Robert W. LEA, '07, past president of
Johns-Manville Corp. and consultant to the
Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp., New York
  Prof. Emeritus Kirk L. HATCH, '09, foun-
der of the agricultural extension division,
  Anna V. WELCH, '10, Santa Barbara,
  Josephine M. GATH, '11, Duluth, Minn.,
teacher for more than 30 years.
  Paul F. KELLY, '11, Indianapolis, Ind.
  Dr. Paul H. DIKE, '11, Huntingdon
Valley, Pa.
  John C. MEINERS, '11, president of
North American Industries, Inc., Evanston,
  James M. SHERMAN, '12, professor of
bacteriology at Cornell University, Ithaca,
  Nelson B. BERGUM, '12,
  George W. CHRISTIE, '13, editor and
publisher of Red Lake Falls (Minn.) Gaz-
  Minnie J. LANGWILL, '13, St. Peters-
burg, Fla.
  Slyvanna ELLIOT West, '13, San Luis
Obispo, Calif.
  Ralph W. HAMMERSLEY, '13, Madison.
  Roy L. DODD, '13, Wauwatosa.
  Brewster B. HOORNBECK. '13, Good-
land, Ind.
  Prof. Orville SHETNEY, '41, is teaching
theory and applied music at the University.
  The general manager of the American
Dairy Association is Martin J. FRAM-
BERGER, '41, Madison.
  Attorney Robert YEOMANS, '41, is as-
sistant secretary of the Trane Co., La Crosse,
and secretary of the board of directors.
  Arthur 0. MOCKRUD, '42, is practicing
law in Westby, Wis.
  Daniel V. DODGE, '42, Duluth, Minn., is
manager of personnel in the industrial rela-
tions department of Oliver Iron Mining
division, United States Steel Corp.
  Crucible Steel Company of America, Pitts-
burgh, Pa., has named Frederick H. THOKE,
'42, supervisor of stainless bar wire and
billet product sales.
  Morris A. ARNESON, '43, is a farm loan
appraiser for Northwestern Mutual Life In-
surance Co., in Visalia, Calif.
  Mort KOPLIN, '43, is associate producer
of television shows, "The $64,000 Question"
and "The Big Surprise".
  Thomas L. JOHNSON, '44, and Miriam
L. Thompson are married and living in
Rensselaer, N. Y., where he is with the
Sterling-Winthrop Research Institute.
  Mrs. Mildred MATTHEWS, '45, is a lec-
turer in the department of fine arts and
archeology; Columbia University.
  Rotary Foundation fellow Clarence Dale
VINYARD, '45, Wauwatosa, is studying
political science at the University of Edin-
burgh, Scotland.
  Roger E. SCHWENN, librarian for the
University of Wisconsin Extension division,
has been named chairman of the Extension
department of library methods.
  Frank N. CAMPBELL, former Rock and
Sauk county agricultural agent, has been
named state 4-H club leader. He will head a
staff supervising the activities of some 35,000
4-H club members in Wisconsin.
  A man who has almost become an insti-
tution in Peshtigo is L. E. LOVEDALE,
superintendent of schools. He has taught in
the city for 32 years and has served as
superintendent for the past 28 years.
Wisconsin Alumnus, January, 1957
   George S. EVERHART, '13, Macatawa.
   Dr. R. I. BARICKMAN, '14, Streator, Ill.
   Barton S. SNOW, '15, Batavia, Ill., one
year ago.
  Charles C. KOELSCH, '16, Boise, Idaho.
  Arthur DUCAT, '16, Pitman, N.J., eight
years ago.
  William H. KIECKHEFER, '17, chairman
of the board of the Kieckhefer Box and
Lumber Co., Milwaukee.
  Romona REICHART Higson, '17, White
Plains, N.Y.
  The Rev. Frank WAGG, '19, Stratford,
  Vesta JONES Fuller, '20, Madison.
  J. Barton McCARTHY, '20, Shorewood,
  Angela RYAN Gloudeman, '21, Milwau-
kee, some years ago.
  Alvah M. HILL, '22, Los Angeles, one
year ago.
  Dean J. JUDAY, '22, Rhinelander.
  Arthur C. MARVIN, '23, Le Sueur,
  Gordon MacQUARRIE, '24, veteran out-
door and conservation writer for the Mil-
waukee Journal.
  Clayton M. BOND, '26, business manager
of the Sheboygan clinic.
  John Ernest ROE, '28, Madison attorney.
  Maxwell W. FISHER, '26, Madison.
  Jessie HEDGES Rutledge, '29, Milwaukee,
some years ago.
  Bertha E. SCHOONOVER, '30, Green
  Elizabeth LINSCOTT, '31, Winchester,
  Ardelle ALDRICH Thibaut, '32, Gobles,
  Harry A. MILLER, '32, Black River Falls.
  Alan I. STERN, '33, former Milwaukee
attorney, Los Angeles.
  William J. DORRANS, '34, Minneapolis.
  Robert D. WINN, '35, Two Rivers, Wis.
  H. Charles HALLFRISCH, '36, Gary,
  Katherine JANOS Dysland, '37, Montrose,
  Judith Maree PATEY McCormick, '40,
head of the continuity department of station
KPHO, Phoenix, Ariz.
  Aldin E. NELSON, '45, North Platte,
  Jerome M. SALM, '47, Milwaukee.
  David A. FLETCHER, '48, Iona, Mich.
  Thomas E. BRAIN, '48, Rochester, N.Y.
  Marjorie GASSER Page, '48, Prairie du
  Ronald K. LAUSE, '48, Dayton, Ohio,
some years ago.
  John H. ALLEN, '55, Bloomington, Il1.
Dear Mr. Berge:
  I wish to thank you for your
letter, the tear sheet . . . and the
pictures of Mr. and Mrs. Gaston
and myself...
  It is difficult to find words to ex-
press my gratitude to you and Mr.
James Armstrong for making my
visit with Mr. and Mrs. Gaston pos-
sible, and to receive the information
that has brought such a relief to our
minds. Thank you again.
    Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hengel
    Pierre, South Dakota
  (December's Alumnus, you will re-
call, told how the identity of the
Hengels' son, lost in action in the
Philippines during World War II,
was traced through alumni associa-
tion cooperation between Wiconsin
and Notre Dame.)

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