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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 58, Number 9 (Jan. 15, 1957)

Saladino, Luciano A.
Farmers' favorite in the Far East,   pp. 27-28

Alumni,   pp. 28-[29]

Page 28

first-hand knowledge of all the ramified process of farming,
marketing, financing and cooperative promotion and develop-
ment. The practice of law served him in good stead when
the SCAP and, later on, the ICA entrusted to him the job
of drafting laws and preparing incisive reports on tenancy
and other rural problems in the Far East.
   Of gentle mien and voice and of pleasing presence,
Cooper is held in the highest esteem by both his American
and Filipino associates, as well as those with whom he
worked in Japan.
   John M. KELLEY, '01, former attorney
 for the Ringling Circus, is establishing the
 World Circus Museum in Baraboo, birth-
 place of the Ringling Bros. Circus and sev-
 eral lesser shows, in cooperation with the
 State Historical Society. He expects the mu-
 seum will be open to the public sometime
 in 1958.
   New president of the Iowa Bankers Ass'n.
is H. C. HOUGHTON, '06, Red Oak. He's
chairman of the board of the' Houghton
State Bank, founded by his father in 1879.
  A pharmacy scholarship fund in the mem-
ory of the late Nellie WAKEMAN, '08, was
established at the University when the Re-
gents accepted a bequest from the estate
of the late M. Lydia WAKEMAN, '19.
Nellie Wakeman, sister of Lydia, spent 35
years teaching pharmacy at the University.
  Herman W. SACHTJEN, '09, Madison,
retired after 13 years as circuit court judge.
  William H. BURHOP, '13, Wausau, presi-
dent of the Employers Mutual Liability In-
surance Co. of Wisconsin, and the former
Mrs. Bernadine C. Holman were married
in November.
  Dr. Arnold S. JACKSON, '16, head of the
Jackson clinic in Madison, was awarded
honorary membership in the University of
Vienna's Golden Key Society at a College
of Surgeons Congress in Chicago.
  Madison attorney Glenn STEPHENS, '16,
is actively serving the interests of the com-
munity, the state and the nation. He is presi-
dent of the Midwest Shrine Association,
national vice-president of the American Auto-
mobile Association  and chairman  of the
AAA's state advisory group, chairman of the
school board, director of the Commercial
State bank, and a member of the Elks club.
He is a past director of the Madison Asso-
ciation of Commerce and has served as presi-
dent of the Madison club, the Motor Car-
rier Lawyers Association, the UW     Law
School Association, and the Dane County
Bar Association. He has been honored by
the AAA and the Madison Education Asso-
ciation for 25 years service with the respec-
tive organizations.
  Jerome J. FEENEY, '18, Shell Oil Com-
pany representative, and his wife have moved
to Honolulu, Hawaii.
  The Associated Optimists Clubs of Madison
named Melvin C. REPPEN, '18, the 1956
recipient of the "Friend of the Boy" award.
  John CHISHOLM, '21, is general super-
intendent, Virginia-Eveleth district of United
States Steel's Oliver Iron Mining division.
He lives in Hibbing Minn.
  Fred E. STEELE, '22, La Crosse city
attorney for the past 21 years, has resigned
his office but plans to continue his interest
in public affairs.
  Mrs. M. Mildred GUMM Johnson, '25,
and Fred C. Kongsmark were married in
November. Mrs. Kongsmark is an instructor
in the UW bacteriology department, Mr.
Kongsmark, an engineer with the Mead and
Hunt Company, Madison.
  Memphis, Tenn. is the new     home of
Arthur B. SOLON, '26, who is with the
United States Public Health Service hospital
  James H. LARKIN, '26, Brodhead, has
received the nomination as Green County's
"Teacher of the Year". He has been teaching
in Brodhead for 35 years and has served .as
assistant superintendent of schools since
World War II.
     These University of Wisconsin professors, most of them       retired
from  the
College of Agriculture, represent 801 years service to the state. They gathered
Madison recently to honor Clarence Hean, who retired as agricultural librarian
in 1952.
     In the foreground is B. D. Leith, 46 years. Seated clockwise around
the table
are L. F. Graber, 46 years; Emil Truog, 45 years; F. B. Hadley, 45 years;
Mucks, 31 years; George Briggs, 38 years; A. C. Oosterhuis, 9 years; and
A. 0.
Collentine, 36 years.
     Standing from left are Gus Bohstedt, 34 years; 0. R. Zeasman, 42 years.
Wakelin MacNeel, 28 years; J. G. Fuller, 47 years; John Tormey, 7 years;
Tillotson, 4 years; Hean, 44 years; Fred Volk, 43 years; B. A. Beach, 43
J.G. Moore, 47 years; Emory Pittenger, 5 years and current librarian; Warren
Clark, 32 years; J. G. Milward, 51 years; Al Bailey, 6 years; A. W. Hopkins,
37 years; and T. L. Bewick, 35 years.
Wisconsin Alumnus, January, 1957

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