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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 56, Number 12 (April 15, 1955)


Mrs. Mary Kirsch
  Periodical Rm., Historical Libr..
   Madison 6, Wis.
      "The day
my son's fut
    "Ken knocked around quite a bit after col-
  lege. Tried several jobs and did well. But he
  was never really satisfied. He'd either get
  bored with the work or frustrated with rou-
  tine advancement. I didn't worry though.
  He's bright, sensible, and I knew he'd estab-
  lish himself soon enough.
    "Then, about a month ago Ken breezed
  into my study and somewhat breathlessly
  announced that he'd decided to go into the
  life insurance business. Before I could even
  look surprised, he explained that he had al-
  ways been interested in people and that this
  would give him an opportunity to work more
  closely with them. And his eyes brightened
                .,JAL Co4,,
The New York Life Agent in Your Community
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when he pointed out how, as an agent, he'd be
his own boss-running a business all his own.
  "He went on at a mile-a-minute explaining
how he'd be thoroughly trained by New York
Life experts-with a good salary while learn-
ing. How he figured that once he was on his
own he'd be able to give his future family the
same kind of comfort and security he had
always known at home. And he wound up
telling me how, someday, he hoped to retire
with a good income-just as I will soon myself.
   "Then, quick as he came, Ken up and left
 without even asking what I thought. But of
 course he already knew. How could another
 New York Life agent possibly disagree?"
   New York Life Insurance Company, Dept. A-2
   51 Madison Avenue, New York 10, N. Y.
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      information about career opportunities with New York Life.
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   I A _.J.....
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