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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 56, Number 12 (April 15, 1955)

Necrology,   pp. 36-37

Page 37

      A plan to match employees' gifts to
their colleges, up to $1,000 in one year
Since the General Electric Educational and Charitable
Fund announced the Corporate Alumnus Program on
Nov. 23, 1954, many questions have been received about
it. The answers to questions most often asked by G-E
employees are reprinted below as a matter of general
Q. Does the Program make any distinction between privately
     endowed and tax-supported colleges?
A. No. All colleges, which are otherwise eligible, are treated
     alike, irrespective of their source of support or type of
 Q. May I also make contributions to any institution from
     which I earned an advanced degree?
 A. Certainly, but the total of all your gifts will be matched
      only up to $1,000 in 1955.
 Q. Supposing an employee completed part of the require-
      ments for his degree at one college, and then transferred
      to another from which he received his degree - are they
      both eligible for "dollar-matching" gifts?
 A. No - only the one from which he finally received his
 Q. Are there any restrictions on the use which the college can
      make of the contributions it receives from the Fund under
      this Program?
 A. Practically, no. The payments will be made to the col-
      lege to foster the over-all purposes of higher education-
      which admits of a pretty broad interpretation.
  Q. To be eligible for the Program, do I have to have worked
      with General Electric for any specified period?
  A. Yes, the rules require you to have had at least one year
      of continuous service in General Electric or one of its
      wholly-owned subsidiaries.
What exactly is meant by "earned degree"?
You must have at least a bachelor's degree or equivalent.
Associate or other short-program "degrees" and certif-
icates do NOT count for eligibility. Nor, for that mat-
ter, do honorary degrees.
Q. Are men and women graduate employees equally eli-
A. Yes.
Q. Is the Program limited to people in special job classifica-
A. Not at all.
0. When contributing to my alma mater, to whom should I
     make out my check?
 A. It will be helpful if you will make your check payable to
     the college or university itself, rather than to an alumni
     association, foundation, or other fund-raising agency. It
     is the responsibility of the chief financial officer of the
     institution to certify that the college actually received
     your contribution. When this is done, the requirements
     of the plan have been satisfied in this respect. However,
     making your check payable to the institution is a quicker
     and surer way of qualifying - but it is not obligatory.
 Q. Now, about the eligibility of my college - what speci-
      fications is it required to meet?
 A. Your college will qualify provided:
      1. It is located within the U.S. or its possessions.
      2. It is at least a four-year, degree-granting institution.
      3. It is accredited by the appropriate regional or pro-
          fessional accrediting association.
The Fund will match any contribution, made in 1955
before Dec. 15, by a General Electric employee to
a college or university from which he earned a
degree, under these conditions:
1. The employee's contribution, in order to qualify
under this Program, must be the personal gift of the
employee actually paid to the college or university
during the calendar year 1955 and prior to December
15 of that year in cash or in secufities having a
quoted market value and not merely a pledge.
2. The college or university to qualify must be a
four-year course, degree-granting institution, ac-
credited by the appropriate regional or professional
accrediting association and located within the United
States or its possessions.
3. Contributions under the Program shall be em-
ployed by the college or university to realize or
foster the primary needs and objectives of an insti-
tution of higher education, namely, of augmenting
the required capital and general operating funds, of
providing for expanded student enrollment, of
strengthening  educational  facilities  and  curricula,
and of improving incentives for the highest quality
of teaching.
4. The employee at the time of his or her contri-
bution shall be in the active regular employment of
the General Electric Company or one of its wholly-
owned subsidiaries and shall have had at least one
year of continuous service in such employment.
5. The total contribution under this Program with
respect to the contribution or contributions of any
individual employee shall be limited to the sum of
$1,000 and the total contributions to be made by
the Fund under the Program shall not exceed the
amount appropriated by the Trustees of the Fund
for this purpose. In the event that total employee
contributions otherwise coming within the terms of
this Program exceed the amount so appropriated by
the Trustees, the contributions to be made by the
Fund under this Program may be apportioned by the
Trustees in such a manner as they may consider
equitable and proper.
6. The Trustees shall be entitled, if they deem it
desirable to do so, to suspend, revoke, or terminate
this Program at any time with respect to employee
contributions thereafter made.
7. Any question, whether as to the interpretation,
application or administration of the provisions of
this Program or otherwise, shall be determined by
the Trustees and their decision shall be final.
For more information write: General Electric
Edtcational and Charitable Fund, Corporate
Alumnus Program, Schenectady, N. Y.
         7RogresS /s Our /Moo Impoa  rodud
GENERAL *                                    ELECTRIC
APRIL, 1955

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