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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 56, Number 10 (Feb. 15, 1955)

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Official Publication of the Wisconsin Alumni Association
FEBRUARY 15, 1955
VOL. 56, NO. 10
Articles in This Issue
What Do Parents Think? ------------------------4
High Enrollments-Asset or Liability? --------------8
University's Place in State Spending (graph) ---------10
Looking Through the Iron Curtain ----------------14
Journalism and Wisconsin ----------------------20
J-School Honors Six Alumni ---------------  23
Can U.S. Efforts Help the Reds?---------------- 24
How Foreign Educators React to US--------------- 26
Dear Editor -----------------------------
Keeping in Touch with Wisconsin---------
News Report-------------------------
Cam pus Chronicle  .... -------------------
Wisconsin Women -----------------------
On Wisconsin in Sports -------------------
  COVER. Beauty runs rampant, so to speak, these days
on the campus. To illustrate, we refer you to Campus Chron-
icle, page 19 this issue, for a report on 1955 Prom Queen
elections. You have already seen, on our cover, the six finalists
in the competition. They are, on the left reading up, Cynthia
Northrop, Watertown; Joyce Krogen, Jefferson, and Sarah
Miley, Sheboygan Falls. On the right, reading up, are Jan
Hoffman, Black River Falls; Lee Clark, Joliet, Ill.; and Trudy
Webber, New Brunswick, N. J. (Photo by Duane Hopp.)
                    DOWN ON THE FARM. It's harder to keep the girls on
                  the farm than the men, says a rural sociologist at the
 --    -  6       A. F. Wileden. In big cities generally there are more women
                  than men-in the country vice-versa. But he holds forth
                  that the same forces which persuaded girls to leave the
-11               ---economic opportunity-may make it possible for boys to
------- 19        persuade them to come back, establish a home and raise
                  family of their own. (And when she does come back, he
.....- 25         notes, she'll bring back city experiences and points of
...----   28      . . . a pleasant outlook for dishwasher dealers!)
With the Classes --------------------------------- 31
Necrology   ---------------------------------- 37
Badger Bookshelf ---------------------- 40
John Berge, '22 --------------------Managing Editor
George Richard, '47 ---------------------------- Editor
Edward H. Gibson, '23 ----------------Field Secretary
Grace Chatterton, '25 ------------------Alumnae Secretary
Art Lentz, Athletic Publicity Director -------- Sports Editor
  RADIUM HUNTERS. When a Richland Center clinic
recently lost three valuable and potentially dangerous needles
of radium, it was the detective work of two UW professors
that led to their discovery in the city dump. Teaming up for
the search were Dr. Charles Heidelberger, cancer research, and
economics Prof. Edwin Young.
   BADGERS ALL. As of October, 1954, a recent check
reveals, there have been a total of 158,817 students at the
University of Wisconsin. That's according to the Alumni
Records Office, and there's no one around to dispute those
figures. There've been 57,331 men graduates and 30,182
women graduates. Non-graduate men total 47,539 and non-
graduate women 23,765.
THE WISCONSIN ALUMNUS, published once monthly in December, January, February,
April, May, June, Jul and September, and three times monthly in October and
November. (These
extra issues are Footba'l Bulletins.) Entered as second class matter at the
post office at Madison, Wis.,
under the act of March 3, 1879. Subscripion price (included in membership
dues of the Wisconsin
Alumni Association) $2.50 a year; subscription to non-members, $5.00 a year.
Editorial and business
o/ces at 770 Langdon St., Madison 6, Wis. If any subscriber wishes his magazine
"iscontinued at the
expiration of his subscription, notice to that effect should be sent with
the subscription, or at its
expiration. Otherwise it is understood that a continuance is desired.

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