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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 55, Number 15 (July 28, 1954)

With the classes,   pp. 30-35

Page 32

now paying for life insur-
ance will be returned in full
. . . plus dividends!"
Under the new family security
"insurance or money-back" plan
offered by one of North America's
leading life companies, the SUN
CANADA, you can buy a policy
which provides life insurance pro-
tection for your family until you
are 65 and guarantees that, if you
live to 65, all the money you paid
will be returned to you in full ...
plus accumulated dividends.
OR.. . these proceeds at age 65 can be
      (a) used to provide an annuity;
      (b) left on deposit with a guaranteed
          rate of interest;
      (c) used to purchase a paid-up policy
         for the original sum assured, with
         a balance which ean be taken in
         cash or as a guaranteed income.
 Call the Sun Life representative in your
 district for more information about the
 Sun Life "money-back" plan, or mail the
 coupon below.
To the
Ilk 8th Floor, 607 Shelby St., Detroit 26, Mich.
  Without obligation, I would like
  more details of the new Sun Life
  "money-back" plan.
  Name ...........................
  Address .........................
  ......................... ....
  Employed as a management consultant in
Boston is Stanley L. BALMER.
  The Vermont Green Pastures Award was
presented to Seargent P. WILD, associate
farm editor of the Rutland (Vt.) Herald
for his efforts in promoting the green pas-
tures program during 1953.
1919 .....        ..........           W
  Charles C. BOETTGE is president of the
Berlin Tanning and Manufacturing Co., in
Berlin, Wis.
1920 ......         ..........        W
  The resignation of Leonard F. ERIKSON
as director of the Voice of America has been
announced. He has returned to the McCann-
Erikson ad agency in New York as a vice-
president and general executive.
  The publication of a book, "The Early
Philatelic Forgeries of All Countries: A
Stamp Collector's Omnibus," by Lowell J.
RAGATZ has been announced.
  Pearl CLAUS Whitehead of the UW
zoology department has retired from teaching
and will live in Madison when she and her
husband are not traveling.
  The newly named president of the Ed
Schuster Department Store in Milwaukee
  Walter F. KRUSCHKE has resigned as
Rhinelander superintendent of schools after
26 years of service because of ill health.
  Now in Lima, Peru, as director of the
Institute of Genetics where he will conduct
cotton breeding research is Dr. G. N. STRO-
MAN, formerly of New Mexico A & M.
1921 .....        ..........           W
   The new Walworth County director of
public welfare is Clarence SODERBERG.
  The American College of Trial Lawyers
has voted membership to Madison attorney
1922 .......         .........         W
  Elsie JOLLIFFE Cooley is now living in
Hamilton, Mont.
  Like father, like son. Both were Hares-
foot girls. Now Madison attorney Vernon
HAMEL in 1928-29-30; his son, John, this
  Two UW grads are on the campus of
Footbonne College in St. Louis. Mary Isabel
WINSLOW is now associate professor of
spanish while Frances TROEMEL is asso-
ciate profesor of art.
  A new Spanish text, an edition of the
play "En la Ardiente Oscuridad," has been
put out by Dr. Samuel A. WOFSY of Santa
Barbara College.
   Fort Atkinson  City Manager Elmore
KLEMENT has celebrated the anniversary
of his 30 years of service to the city in
countless civic, communal, and     official
   T. Delbert JONES has been promoted to
chief lead   refinery metallurgist for the
American Smelting and Refining Co.
   Jessie H. HUME Yates is a librarian in
La Jolla, Calif.
1923 .....        ..........           W
   For his "outstanding contributions in the
 past year to the betterment of British-
 American  relations" Charles J. LEWIN,
 editor and general manager of the New Bed-
 ford, Mass., Standard-Times, was honored
 by the English-Speaking Union.
   Ethel HUMPHREY Case, lost to us since
 1928, has been "discovered" teaching biology
 at Wenatchee   High   School, Wenatchee,
   In the insurance business in Los Angeles,
Calif.. is Tames L. DOPP_
  University of Chicago law Prof. Wilbur
G. KATZ will teach at Wisconsin second
semester this year.
  The main speaker at the UW Engineer's
day dinner was Under Secretary of the Army
  Ethel RONZONI Bishop has been pro-
moted to associate professor of biochemistry
in neuropsychiatry at Washington Univer-
sity, St. Louis.
1924 .......        ..........        W
  Army Colonel Ralph J. SCHUETZ is now
with the Korean Military Advisory Group.
  Now associated with the New York law
firm (f Wood, Werner, France, and Tully
is Victor D. WERNER.
  Harlan ZODTNER has recently retired
from the Janesville Board of Education.
  Pesident Lee A. DuBRIDGE of California
Institute of Technology has returned to the
States after a trip to Paris to take part in a
strategy and tactics exercise at Allied Head-
          A Juicy Story
  Want to know how to pick out a ripe,
juicy watermelon every time? Dr. S. S.
IVANOFF, plant pathologist at Mississippi
State college's agricultural experiment station,
possibly the world's champion melon thum-
per, has a "sure fire system." Here: 1.
Squeeze melon with both hands-if it's ripe
it'll crackle a bit. 2. The small piece of stem
left if dried up indicates the melon's ripe. 3.
The spot on the melon where it's been resting
on the ground should be slightly yellowed.
4. A ripe melon has a shiny-not a dull,
grayish-finish. And most reliable of all:
Listen to that "good, solid" tone when you
thump the melon.
1925 .....       ..........           W
  For the last two years M. Bernard MON-
FRIED has been in Philadelphia as a district
representatives for the Wlall Street Journal.
  Irma SCHROEDER Andrews is teaching
at the Washington (Ill.) Community High
  Esther GEORGI Barden       was recently
elected state president of the Maine Medical
Assn. Women's Auxiliary. Her husband, Dr.
Frank W. BARDEN, is medical director of
Saco-Lowell Shops in Biddeford, Me.
1926 .....        ..........           W
  After 36 years of teaching in the Wabeno
school system, Mary ROGERS has announced
her retirement.
  Now living in Menlo Park, Calif., since
his retirement as vice-president of W. C.
McBride, St. Louis, is Dr. Noel H. STEARN.
  Milwaukee Journal reporter Lloyd     D.
GLADFELTER has been elected president
of the UW Journalism School Alumni Assn.
  Waldemar NAUJOKS has been named
vice-president and general manager of Globe
Forge, Inc., in Syracuse.
  Larry A. HUME, assistant to the     res-
ident of Peerless Cement Co., has been
elected president of the Builders and Traders
Exchange of Detroit.
  The new home economics teacher at Alli-
son-James School in Santa Fe, N. Mex., is
Mona Louise THOMAS.
  Radio station  WEKZ     in Monroe has
named   Dorothy K U ND E R T     Steensrud
women's program director.
Cai., is T es.........

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