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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 54, Number 3 (Nov. 1952)

Madison memories,   pp. 31-38

Page 38

  Francis GROVES-Shirley Ann JEFFERY,
'52, Barron.
  Clifton WISHAU-Carol HUEBNER, '54,
Oregon, Ill.
  Ens. Charles H. GOLDEN-Ann Putzki,
New London, Conn.
  Elaine G L O U D E M A N-Gerald   H.
TELETZKE, '52, Madison.
  Robert J. FAIRMAN-Dolores LOCKE,
'52, Milwaukee.
  Helen Ann DREWS-Dr. Lyle Bohlman,
  Verna C. DECKER-John D. Murray,
  Audrey Claire DAUM-Philip de An-
guera, Bronxville, N.Y.
  Celia COOK-James D. GARRITY, '52,
  Judith CHEMEROW-Charles L. PICUS,
  Robert B. BREESE-Joanne Wall, Chi-
  Henry BERNER Jr.-Janice House, Ft.
Bliss, Tex.
  John W. BOLENDER II-Jo Ann
GRANEY, '52, Seattle.
  Jane Ann    B 0 U R S-Loudon  Charles
WEBSTER, Dallas, Tex.
  Frederick W. BREIDSTER-Claudine E.
Eldred, Milwaukee.
  Donald A. FREDERICK-Dorothy Kirsch-
  baum, La Crosse.
  Marjorie SWEENEY-Fred W. Ruble,
  Jr., Denver.
  John W. THOMAS-Margaret Phillips,
  John E. WISE, Jr.-Jane Lewis, Beaver
  Marylin WIKEN-Donald A. STOLZ-
  MAN, '52, Chicago.
  Nancy J. TESKE-Gustafe R. CARLSON,
  '53, Madison.
  R o b e r t TABBERT-Phyllis KETTER,
  Pauline H. STEDMAN-William D. LIE-
  BER, Appleton.
  SON, Madison.
FRANKLIN GRAY PARDEE, '15, has left his
position as state geologist of Michigan to be-
come president of the Lake Superior Iron Ore
Association in Cleveland, Ohio. His previous
experience covers mining engineering not only
in Michigan but in Minnesota, Colorado, and
countries in South America.
DR. VAN L. JOHNSON, '30, has been elected
chairman of the department of classics at
Tufts college in Medford, Mass. He received
B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees from Wisconsin,
and was a Rhodes scholar from 1931 to 1934,
and taught at the UW before joining the Tufts
faculty in 1937. Mrs. Johnson is the former
Marjorie Carr, '31.
  Alfred M. ROGERS, Jr. - Marion    E.
  (Mitzi) Boehm, Kenilworth, Ill.
  Ruthmarie REICH-Raymond J. Albright,
Cambridge, Mass.
  Edward  J. PEZANOSKI-Lorraine M.
Gerrits, Madison.
  Mary Ann KELCH-Elwin J. Zarwell,
  William L. HILSENHOFF-Jane L. SYL-
VAN, '52, Madison.
  Barbara HAMPTON-Delton A.
ROEHM, '52, Madison.
  Joseph F. GINTHER-Virginia JACOB-
  SON, '54, Milwaukee.
  1952 ........      .......... W
  Arthur L. CASEBEER has joined the
  Wauwatosa YMCA staff.
  Richard ADAMANY is working in the
  sales promotion department of the Minne-
  sota Mining and Manufacturing Co. in Cin-
cinnati, 0.
   Nurse Arvone TURNER is now working
 in Seattle.
 Mrs. Nancy ERICKSON Horton is assist-
 ant social director of the Wisconsin Union.
   Priscilla PETERSON, Mildred DOSE, and
 Hetty RICKER recently entered the army as
 lieutenants specializing in occupational ther-
 apay at Milwaukee.
   Lt. Ernie D. MAHLKE is with the Army
 Transportation Corps at Ft. Eustis, Va.
   Mary E. MINTON is office manager of
 the John Hewson Co. in New York.'
   Joyce PEASE is on the Prairie du Sac
 school faculty.
   Pvt. Jack U. SHLIMOVITZ is with the
 28'h Inf. Div. in Germany.
   Kurt H. KRAHN is in the public infor-
 mation office of the Commander of Fleet Air
 on Guam and an editor of the weekly
 Agana Noval Station (Air) newspaper.
   Mr. and   Mrs. Franklin  BRINKMAN
 announce the birth of Marcia Clare July 12
 in Duluth, Minn., where he is associated
 with Sears.
  George KNOLLENBERG has opened a
law office in Princeton, Wis.
  Marjorie KYLE   is teaching music in
Mauston schools.
  Ruth ANDERSON and Joann LeROUX
have joined the Army's clinical training pro-
gram for occupational therapists.
  Mr. and Mrs. Neal MADISEN are living
in Milwaukee, where he has joined a law
  Angeline PARKER is working with Dr.
Florence Mahoney at Kennedy Veterans hos-
pital in Memphis.
  Lawrence REZASH and his brother Robert
have entered the Theological Seminary of
the Evangelical and Reformed Church, Lan-
caster, Pa.
  Lt. Walter F. SCHAR has been appointed
interim custodian of consolidated non-appro-
priated welfare funds at Scott Air Force
Base, Ill.
  Dr. George C. SHONAT is an interne at
Multnomah County hospital, Portland, Ore.
  Herbert C. SIMONSON and Nancy Lee
MASENGARB, '55, married Aug. 31, are in
Royal Oak, Mich., where he is with the
Ethyl Co.
   Einer E. VALDE is home office representa-
 tive in the Indianapolis regional group in-
 surance office of Pacific Mutual Life Insur-
 ance Co.
   Recently wedded members of the newest
 graduated class include:
   Nancy N. L. REYNOLDS-Roger VAN
 NORTON, Madison.
   Joann BROWN--Curtis JACOBS, '51,
   Patrick O'DONAHUE-Geraldine Hobbs,
 Eau Claire.
   George F. HOLT-Wilma STURM, '50,
   Donald M. GRUBB-Dorothy Lou Nicoll,
   Marily WILLIAMSON-LeRoy M. COL-
 LINS, Madison.
   John  B. COATTA-Jean     Ellen REY-
 NOLDS, '54, Madison.
   Bronna GREENE-Dathan D. CHAIM-
 SON, Milwaukee.
   Helen Ml. SCHLUETER-J. Cary BACH-
 MAN, East Lansing, Mich.
   Elizabeth SIME-John R. SUPERNAW,
 '54, Madison.
   Donald  QUATSOE -Carla     J. Carter,
   Deane L. MARKUSCH-Bonnie R. An-
 derson, Milwaukee.
   Elroy J. LUEDER-Margery E. VAUGHN,
   Rosemary A. KALFSBEEK-Lt. Richard
 R. RYAN, Dover, Dela.
   John  B. HUGHES-Mary      C. Garvey,
   Marietta A. GULBRANSON-Lyle G.
   Audrey E. ZILISCH-Rowland J. McClel-
   lan, Atlanta, Ga.
   Richard GALSTAD -Patsy SCHULTZ,
   Jersey City.
   Carl S. FRANCESCHI-Irene R. Reve-
   lant, Whitefish Bay.
   2nd Lt. William H. CARTWRIGHT, Jr.
   -Jean HAGGLUND, '54, Madison.
   Nathan D. CHAIMSON-Bronna
   GREENE, Milwaukee.
   Ronald W. BARTEL-Donna J. ERICK-
   SON, Silver City, N. Mex.

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