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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 54, Number 3 (Nov. 1952)

With the classes,   pp. 28-31

Page 29

   Prof. C. E. TROUT of Oklahoma A. and
 M. was honored for 15 years' service to the
-Society of Associated Industrial Editors.
   Col. Louis B. RUTTE, together with his
 wife and four of his eight children, has just
 returned from three years in the Headquar-
 ters, Far East Command, Tokyo, to join the
 Inspector General Office. Third Army, Fort
 McPherson, Ga. (Of the other four chil-
 dren, two are married, one graduated from
 USMA in June and one is at Georgetown
 1925 ..........           ........ W
   Dorothea OESTRICH is executive secre-
 tary of the Family Service Assn. in Sheboy-
 1927 .....      ...........           W
   Dr. Henry W. BROSIN, professor and
 chairman of the department of psychiatry
 at the U. of Pittsburgh was awarded a dis-
 tinguished service award by the Chicago U.
 Medical School.
   Marshall GLASIER is now artist in resi-
dence at Reed college, Portland, Ore.
1928 .........          ......      .   W
   Olga BENNETT, the only woman attor-
 ney in Wisconsin's Sixth Judicial Circuit,
 was a candidate for District Attorney of
 Vernon county.
   M. Leslie HOLT, UW professor of chem-
 istry, and Mrs. Gretchen M. Blanke were
 married Aug. 29    and are at home in
 1929 .....      ...........           W
   Dr. Wilbur H. GLOVER has left the
 Wisconsin  Historical Society to  become
 director of the Buffalo, N. Y., Historical
 1935   .......      ..........         W
   Major Harrison R. LANGLEY is with the
 European Command Communications Zone
 in France.
 1936 .....      .......... ..w
   Lee W. CRANDALL, UW civil engineer-
 ing professor, was one of 71 professors from
 44 colleges and universities who worked in
 the research laboratories of the Boeing Air-
 tlane Co. in Seattle last summer, and now
 is back on the UW campus.
   The highest recognition given to Army
civilian employes, the Outstanding Rating
Award, was recently    presented Frank J.
KLIER, training officer and chief of the
Instructor Guidance secti6n of the EUCCM
Engineering School.
   Maj. Edwin C. GIBSON has graduated
from the Army Command and General Staff
college and is now in the office of the
Chief of Information in Washington, D. C.
1937 .....       ...........           W
   Lt. Albert S. BOEDER     recently com-
pleted  a  two-week  Army   law  refresher
   William Harris POLK and Jean Cooper,
married July 19, are making their home in
Mt. Lebanon. Pa.
   James TIDEMAN, Philadelphia manager
for the Rome Wire and Cable Co., died
June 25.
   Jack WARFIET.D has b-en named dean
of the theaiter college of th- famed Pasa-
dena   (Calif.) Playhouse, training ground
for movie stars.
JACK WARFIELD, '37, has assumed the new
post of Dean of Pasadena College of Theatre
Arts and is head of all drama training there.
Billed in the Pasadena Playhouse "Curtain
Call" as "triple threat man from Wisconsin,"
Warfield, one-time Wisconsin Player, spent
last summer playing with Vincent Price in
"Cocktail Party" at the Utah Summer Festival.
With his wife and children, he is living in
Pasadena, Calif.
   Margaret WIESENDER has accepted a
position as migration specialist with the
United States Embassy at Athens. Greece.
   Dorothy L. CHANDLER is on the faculty
of the U. of California School of Public
Health after receiving her masters degree
from that institution in June.
   Hugh D. INGERSOLL is finance admin-
istrative assistant to Madison's M a y o r
George Forster.
   Mr. and Mrs. James C. FEMRITE, '43,
 (Elizabeth HUNTER) are the parents of a
 girl, Joan Cecilia, born Sept. 14 in San
 Lorenzo, Calif.
 1938 .....      ...........           W
   Capt. and Mrs. Ralph A. MEHLOS are
the parents of a son, Kim Raoul, born Sept.
19. They are in Delafield, where he is on
the staff of St. John's Military Academy.
  Mr. and Mrs. Willard G. HANSON are
  in El Segundo, Calif., where he is associated
with Standard Oil. They have three chil-
  Steven S. PARKS, woodworking plant
executive, died June 27 in Watertown.
  WAVE Lt. Ruth SCHMIDT and naval
Capt. Henry Algernon Renken, after their
marriage July 26, are living in Washington,
D. C.
  James S. VAUGHAN has been promoted
to factory manager of the Square-D     in
Detroit, Mich.
  James G. FULLER was commencement
speaker for Indiana Technical college in
May. He is industrial products manager for
Shell Oil at Indianapolis.
  Dr. Warren GAUERKE is a professor of
education at Emorv U. in Atlanta, Ga.
  Ralph J. SIMEONE is now vice-president
in charge of sales of the J. J. Fitzpatrick
Lumber Co., Inc., with headquarters in
Madison and outlets and subsidiaries in five
1939 .........          .......... W
   Mr. and   Mrs. E. Bowden      CURTISS
 (Ruth THOMPSON) have a new daughter,
 Sarah Jane, born in Darlington, where he is
 editor of the Darlington Republican Journal.
   Dr. Tully A. MAYER is now practicing
 in "the magic valley of the Rio Grande
 River in Texas (in Pharr, Tex.)" he reports,
 adding the information that his golf game
 is up to par-a hole in one during a recent
 local golf tournament won him the cham-
   Ray WAHLER of Kansas City died re-
cently at Rochester.
   John B. LOHMAN of Arlington, Va.,
recently received his Ph.D. in chemistry at
Brown U.
   Dr. Carol TOMLINSON        and  Thelma
 GARVIN, '34, direct the radiology and lab-
 oratory and x-ray departments at the Edger-
 ton Memorial hospital.
 Herman E. RISIC, Wausau High school
 teacher, died June 16.
 Mr. and Mrs. Bertill W. JOHNSON
 (Dorothy Stauffacher, '40) announce the
 birth of their fifth child, Cynthia Mary. He
 is Boulder, Colo., city manager.
 Doris" ESSELSTYN, we learn, has been
 Mrs. Walter McBride    since  Feb. 1951.
 They're living in Napa, Calif.
 Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. MORTENSON,
 (Doris ARNOLD, '41) and their two-year
 old daughter recently moved back to Mad-
 ison from California.
 Dr. and Mrs. Harry P. SCHULTZ, '42,
 (Pearle HENRIKSEN) are first time par-
 ents in Coral Gables, where he was recently
 promoted to professor of organic chemis-
 try at the University of Miami.
 Capt. Eugene E. WELCH         is teaching
 law at the U.S. Military academy.
 1940 .........         .......... W
 Richard    B. CHRISTOPHERSON        h a s
 accepted a position as assistant chief of the
 classification division with the Philadelphia
 city government.
 Charles Chee    Kong   CHANG     recently
 abandoned his Shanghai drug dispensary in
 the face of Communist encroachment, and
 reached Honk Kong safely.
 Jeffrey Claflin is a new arrival at the
 New York City residence of Mr. and Mrs.
 Frederick A. BAXTER     (Jane CLAFLIN,
 Pharmacist Amos B. COLBY         recently
 opened his own drug store in Middleton.
 E. H. KANZENBACH is now treasurer
 as well as secretary of the Yoder Engineer-
 ing and Manufacturing Co. of Cleveland.
   Lt. Col. Lloyd L. RALL and Mary Martha
Moller were married July 12 and he has
been assigned to duty in the Pacific north-
  Clarence GETTELMAN, research scientist
at the Lewis Flight Propulsion Laboratory
of the National Advisory Committee for
Aeronautics in Cleveland recently presented
a paper at the National Conference and Ex-
hibit of the Instrument Society of America.
  Clariece Sorum and Eldor L. BERNIEN
were married Aug. 23 at Reedsburg, where
he is in the implement business.
  William   LOVELL    is Wisconsin   state
manager for United Press Associations, with
headquarters in Madison.
  Joseph M. MERGEN, chief design engi-
neer at the prcpeller division of Curtiss-
Wright Corm.. Caldwell, N. J.. has been
named   co-recipient of the  1952  Manly

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