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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 54, Number 3 (Nov. 1952)

Richard, George
I worked my way through fire college,   pp. 20-22

Page [21]

about the operations of the UW's campus institutes. While
in school I paid them scant heed. And news stories about
the institutes generally emphasize the choicest bits of wis-
dom imparted by more or less distinguished speakers. Un-
answered for the most part were questions on how the insti-
tutes come into being, how they are arranged, precisely
how they are conducted, and-most important-just what
those in attendance get out of them.
   To find out, I decided to attend one institute in its
entirety. There was a wide range from which to choose,
extending from a Latin workshop to a Motor Development,
Dance and Relaxation Institute. In the end, the Fire Col-
lege seemed to be an ideal scene of operations. It was a
short course, and, as events proved, few institutes could
be more interesting or spectacular. Probably none draws
together a group with a more varied background. There
were newspapermen, mechanics, grocers, and       salesmen.
There were florists, plumbers, appliance repairmen, and
representatives of just about every occupation you'll find
in a small town. Their one common bond was an intense
interest in the service of fire fighting.
  Although the institute officially began on August 11, my
fire fighting education actually got underway the day before
when I drove a couple of hundred miles with two firemen
from the Barron (pop. 2,531) volunteer department, B. J.
TOP RIGHT, a demonstration on burning woods in a darkened lecture
room. Center right, a hose-laying evolution demonstrated near the
fieldhouse. Lower right, a smoke and some trade-talk during a mid-
morning break. Below, the artist's conception of a volunteer fire
department chief-not drawn from real life.

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