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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 54, Number 3 (Nov. 1952)

Foss, Robert
A blueprint for cooperation,   pp. 16-[17]

Page 16

The Wisconsin Idea in Action-2
       A Blueprint
For Cooperation
        Industry and education
        make progress together
        on engineering front
              BY ROBERT FOSS, '30
                University News Service
  r TWAS ONE of last summer's hottest days-the kind
that sets you to thinking of a spray-filled motorboat ride
   over a blue Wisconsin lake-and L. D. Watkins mopped
his brow as he walked into the Mechanical Engineering
building at the University of Wisconsin.
  Watkins, as it happened, did have motor boats on his
mind. He often does, being head of the research depart-
ment of the Outboard Marine and Manufacturing Co. But
he didn't plan to talk Profs. Phil Meyers and Otto Uyehara
into an excursion on Lake Mendota-his mission to Mad-
ison was pure business. His company was extremely inter-
ested in basic research aimed at improving the power output
of two-cycle engines.
  The three engineers had a long and pleasant visit that
afternoon. They looked over the University's mechanical
engineering laboratories and cornered some top research per-
sonnel for consultation. The upshot of Watkin's trip from
Milwaukee was a decision which established two fellowships
for the 1952-53 school year under the sponsorship of the
Cle Evinrude Foundation.
  Helped by these industrial fellowships, two young men,
outstanding graduate students who had exhibited definite
promise in their studies and research, have been able to con-
tinue their engineering educations. At the same time, they
are doing the desired research on two-cycle engines in UW
engineering laboratories under the guidance of UW engi-
neering experts.
  That experience is only one among many examples of
COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Dean M. 0. Withey watches as UW re-
searchers prepare to measure stress resistance of a concrete block
in the College-designed 600,000-pound hydraulic testing machine.
                             WISCONSIN ALUMNUS

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