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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 54, Number 10 (May 1953)

Chatterton, Grace
Wisconsin Pre-view,   pp. [20]-21

The clubs,   pp. 21-23

Page 21

'on on UW
from Pre-View sponsors reveal the en-
)roused. "We literally pushed the young
it the door at 11 o'clock. The meeting
c, sensational," wrote one alumna.
quiring high-school students asked lots
ns, covering the entire campus. The UW
roved equal to them all, answering such
uch will it cost me at Wisconsin? Can
or a scholarship? What is the ratio of
irls? Where are the churches located?
per to room at a private room or in a
nd dozens of others. ...
e sessions had at least one after effect.
ie answers to more questions, many of
.ctive UW students planned special trips
,n. And, as one alumnus said, "I think
in the spring could convince any doubt-
school senior."
FOND DU LAC turned out full force to hear Dr. E. B. Fred and to honor John
Berge, Alumni
Association executive secretary, on April 16. Pictured here, left to right,
are C. F. Van Pelt,
former WAA president; Dr. Norman 0. Becker, chapter president; Pres. Fred';
State Senator
Warren P. Knowles, WAA president; Berge; and Kenneth M. McLeod, the master
of 'ceremonies.
Berge Honored
M{ORE THAN 170 members of the             Edwa
     Fond du Lac chapter heard Dr.      tary, lai
E. B. Fred, University president, and   Fond di
presented John Berge, Association exec- untiring
utive secretary, with a leather traveling  and nat
bag at the Founders Day banquet April     The b
16.                                     tail part
  The gift presentation was made on       In th
behalf of the chapter by State Senator the Gid,
Warren P. Knowles, WAA president,       company
who praised the secretary as "the life- alumni.
blood of the Alumi Association."
  Dr. Fred said "The University is
faced with two challenges: That of the
budget reduction and that of academic  OUIS(
freedom. These are serious days for     Louisi
your University. We will solve our cur-
rent financial problems some day. If de-  Wher
termination can take the place of funds, guest of
and I believe it can to a certain extent,  April 1
we will pull through the present depres- women
sion without long-range harm.           Walter
  "We must, however, use this re-       the Alu,
trenchment as an occasion for consoli-  "To
dation and strengthening our position   more at
if we ultimately are to meet future     UW   fa
challenges. To do this we need your     dean to
support and advice. We must rely heav-  ville gr
ily upon those who know us best-our  Wiscons
alumni. In times of trial men look to   gic hou
their friends for help."                timer re
  Berge reported that 1952-53 will be     "We
the biggest year in the history of the  us again
A I u m n i Association. He especially  o'clock
praised the work of Clayton F. Van too sooi
Pelt, Fond du Lac, a former W.A.A.      ports of
president.                              Univers
rd Gibson, WAA field secre-
uded Dr. Norman 0. Becker,
Lac chapter president, "for his
efforts in behalf of both local
ional associations."
anquet was preceded by a cock-
y. A dance followed.
e afternoon the visitors toured
dings and Lewis Machine Tool
  plant and    conferred with
  Troxell Charms
,ille Area Alumni
1 Louise Troxell appeared as the
the Louisville Alumni Club on
7, the gracious UW dean of
provoked these words from
Distelhorst, '06, who reported to
Dean Troxell: 'Are there any
home like you?' Meaning the
culty home, whence came the
visit with some 50 of the Louis-
)up. Mrs. Troxell revived their
in spirits in a pleasantly nostal-
.r-especially that of the old-
hope her like may come among
t, and that before long. The five
reception for her was over all
n. She brought us in person re-
* what has been going on at the
ity. Invitations to meet her were

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