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Johnson, Dwight A. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 51, Number 1 (Oct. 1949)

Stiles, Peg Gunderson
A letter,   pp. 36-37

Page 37

"The one field that offered
actly what we wanted"
Charles I. Lytle and family, Buffalo, N. Y.
These Wisconsin men are New England Mutual representatives:
Henry E. Shiels, '04, Chicago
George F. Mayer, '12, Milwaukee
Hilding F. Nelson, '19, Rockford
Paul K. Ayres, '20, Chicago
Alfred C. Goessling, '23, Milwaukee
Hugo C. Bachuber, '24, Milwaukee
Dave Noble, C.L.U., '24, Omaha
Godfrey L. Morton, '30, Milwaukee
Thayer C. Snavely, '32, Manitowoc
Martin B. Lehman, '35, Kansas City
They can give you expert counsel on "Living Insurance" - a
uniquely liberal and flexible life insurance program tailored to
fit your family's needs.
     DURINC the years I was in the Army, I often
thought of having a business of my own, and this
was in the back of my mind when I returned to
civilian life.
  Before the war I had worked for a large paint
company, and upon my discharge, I returned to
them, serving as manager of one of their stores. But
within a year I resigned, mainly because what I really
wanted was a position where my income would be
measured by my ability- not by what someone
thought I was worth. And where I could exchange
my energy and talents for good living conditions for
my family, and for- an unlimited opportunity for
me to earn.
  Some serious, long-range thinking brought me to
the conclusion that the one field that offered exactly
what I was after was life insurance. So I contacted
a number of companies here in Buffalo, and spent
several days studying their respective merits and
histories. I was impressed with the caliber of New
England Mutual men I met, and by the fact that
this company had always led the field in providing
liberal policyholder benefits.
after my Home Office training course, and with the
valuable help of my General Agent and the many
aids offered to New England representatives, I'm
making steady progress. I've got that business of
my own, and it's providing the opportunity for me
and the good living conditions for my family that
we've always wanted.
Recent graduates of our Home Office training course,
although new to the life insurance business, earn average
first-year commissions of $36oo-which, with renewal com-
missions added, brings the total yearly income average to
$5700. From here, incomes rise in direct proportion to each
individual's ability and industry.
  If you'd like information about a career that gives you a
business of your own, with no slow climb up a seniority
ladder and no ceiling on earnings, write Mr. H. C. Chaney,
Director of Agencies, 5oL Boylston Street, Boston 17, Mass.
C9 4 652ý7

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