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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 49, Number 9 (June 1948)

Nineteen recruits join staff,   pp. 10-11

Page 10

AARON H. BOHROD, prominent young Chicago artist, who hazs been appointed
artist-in-residence at the
University of Wisconsin, has a critical audience in his daughter, Geoigi,
21/2 years old, in the artist's studio
in Chicago. Mr. Bohrod, who will assume his duties next fall, succeeds the
late John Steuart Curry.
                       I~ue/e~i~f~c~aS ,i# S&4j
   NINETEEN NEW faculty members have been added to the Wis-
consin staff by recent action of the Board of Regents. They include
four major appointments to the School of Education, an artist-in-
residence to succeed the late John Steuart Curry, a football coach,
two practicing newspapermen who will bring a touch of realism to
School of Journalism instruction, and a former university vice-
president as professor of political science.
   The recruits are:
   AARON BOHROD, artist-in-residence. A Chicagoan, he is one of
the nation's outstanding artists. The Regents made the appointment
on the recommendation of Pres.
E. B. Fred, Dean Ira Baldwin of sin art history and art education de-
                                    partments as one of the four top-rank-
the College of Agriculture, and a   ing younger- artists in the United
special faculty committee chosen    States. He is 41 years old.
to pick at successor to Mr. Curry.    John Kienitz, '32, chairman of the
   The new artist-in-residence has history department, calls attention to
                                    Bohrod's sympathies for the folk of
been credited with having more small towns and for the landscape of
honors and awards and more rep- the Middle West. Kienitz is certain that
resentation in art galleries than any  Bohrod is exactly the young man to
other painter of his age in the country. continue the good work begun by
His gallery representation includes the late John Steuart Curry.
Metropolitan Museum, Whitney Mu-      James Watrous, '31, well known in
seum of American Art, Corcoran Gal- Wisconsin art circles, has found Boh-
lery, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine rod's painting "skillful and vigorous
Arts, and Sheldon Swope Art Gallery. character."
  Mr. Bohrod is listed by prominent   Bohrod is a native Chicagoan. He
members of the University of Wiscon- worked his way through Chicago's Art
Institute, and later studied under John
Sloan at the Art Students' League in
New York. He has twice had a Gug-
genheim Fellowship.
  Formerly a painter of street scenes
and  other urban  art, Bohrod  has
steadily moved towards rural land-
scapes and subjects.
  Before the war he was artist in resi-
dence at the Illinois State Normal
School at Carbondale. He left this posi-
tion to become war artist for a na-
tional magazine, a post he held for
three and a half years. It has been
generally agreed among artists that his
work is among the best emerging from
the recent conflict.
  Bohrod's appointment is effective
beginning with the fall semester this
year. Salary for the position of artist
in residence is supported by the Brit-
tingham and other gift funds.
  He is married and has three children.
  HEINRICH E. K. HENEL, professor
of German. Dr. Henel was born in Sai-
gon, holds a doctor's degree from the
University of Frankfurt, and has been
head of the German department at
Queen's University, Ontario.
  JONATHAN W. CURVIN, associate
professor of speech. Mr. Curvin has

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