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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 49, Number 9 (June 1948)

How big should the University be?,   pp. 3-4

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   * O die ?ee'z
   NO COVER SERIES of representative Badgers would be complete
without a portrait of the man who has come to be known as "Wis-
consin's No. 1 Alumnus ;" particularly on an issue featuring the Wis-
consin Alumni Research Foundation.
   The record of George Ives Haight, '99, speaks for itself:
   Born Mar. 26, 1878, on a farm near Rockdale, Dane County, Wis. Gained
reputation as a "boy orator" at picnics, celebrations, and farmers'
On the 4th of July, 1894, earned $10 for making an oration and spent the
for a complete set of Shakespeare. Attended Cambridge and Ft. Atkinson High
  Worked his way through the University of Wisconsin. Treasurer of Hes-
peria, debater, member of Badger Board and Banjo Club. Thesis: "Relations
of Germany and Samoan Islands."
  Earned an LIB at Northwestern University in 1902 while arguing small
cases in Chicago justice courts. After trying an average of 75.personai injury
cases a year for four years in his uncle's law firm, set up for himself in
in 1906, with "no cash nor clients, but with unlimited gall and a volume
experience." In over 40 years of active practice, has, declined to specialize.
alike as patent attorney, corporation expert, and criminal lawyer.
  In 1919, became charter member of Memorial Union Committee, which sub-
sequently raised $1,174,224 in contributions for the erection for the building
the University campus. In 1923, represented Illinois Commerce Commission
case which won refund of $20,000,000 for the Bell Telephone Co. to be paid
back to the telephone subscribers in Chicago.
  In 1925-26, was president of the Wisconsin Alumni Association. Wrote and
personally financed a campaign booklet aimed at increasing Legislative appro-
priations to the University. Organized special alumni committee to oppose
Regent policy of refusing gifts from incorporated educational endowments.
Helped form Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation and has been it presi-
dent since 1926. Awarded honorary MA by UW in 1928.
  Trustee of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Pacific Railway since
Named "honorary colonel" by Julius Heil, governor of Wisconsin,
in 1939.
Granted LID by Northwestern in 1940. Elected president of the board of
trustees of Northland (Wis.) College in 1944. Organized and became chairman
of the board of the University of Wisconsin Foundation in 1945. Granted LiD
by his Alma Mater in 1947.
  Delta Chi, Republican, Episcopalian, Mason. Clubs: Chicago Union League,
Chicago Press, Chicago Arts, Chicago Yacht, Chicago Law, Chicago Executives,
Cliff Dwellers, City, University of Wisconsin Alumni of Chicago, Wisconsin
Society, Indiana Society, Lake Shore Athletc, Glen View Golf, University
(Evanston, Ill.), University (Washington, D. C.). Hobbies: American history,
hunting, fishing, firearms, book-collecting.
   For those who like adjectives, here is the official tribute paid Mr. Haight
by the University upon conferring his LiD:
    "Born within the shadow of the University and educated within its
  Always a son in whom the University could take great pride, and always,
  too, a devoted son in his intelligent loyalty to his Alma Mater.
    "In his chosen profession, his counsel and active participation
have been
  widely sought not only by individuals and by corporate boards of directors,
  but also by public boards of trustees or regents. The trusteeship of a
  railway system in receivership, for example, was entrusted to him because
  men had confidence in his ability, integrity, and mature judgment. Expe-
  rienced in guidance, and wise in counsel, he has acquitted himself with
  credit to the legal profession and great distinction to himself. Men in
  knowledge and judgment we have confidence have told us that he easily
  ranks among the first ten lawyers of the United States.
    "Heavy as have been his responsibilities in the practice of the
law in a
  great metropolis, he has never been too preoccupied to give to the Uni-
  versity of Wisconsin his well-balanced judgment and inspiring support.
  As president of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation for over a
  score of years, and now as chairman of the board of the newly created
  University of Wisconsin Foundation, both of which seek to enlarge and
  enrich the research and cultural activities of the University, he has fur-
  nished indispensable leadership at critical times in the University's history.
    "Distinguished son of Wisconsin and alumnus of this University,
  we are glad to welcome back to scenes long since built into many happy
  memories; illustrious member of the legal profession, who has brought the
  wealth of his abilities and experience to the service of his clients, both
  private and public; loyal alumnus whose helpful counsel is always welcome
  and whose generous cooperation is most inspiring; the University of Wis-
  consin has both pride and pleasure in conferring upon you the degree of
  Doctor of Laws."
  The cover picture is taken from a Paul Trebilcock painting which hangs
the Council Room of the Memorial Union.

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