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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 49, Number 8 (May 1948)

Badgers you should know,   pp. 26-27

Page 26

   RICH, -'11, Head of the Engi-
   neering Staff, US State Depart-
   ment attached to the US Em-
   bassy, London.
   W. R. WOOLRICH has just
 climaxed a brilliant career in the
 field of engineering with his ap-
 pointment to the US Embassy
 staff in London.
 A     native of Mineral P o i n t,
 Wis., the job he left was a triple-
 h e a d e r at the University of
 Texas: Dean of the College of
 Engineering, professor of mechanical
 engineering, and director of the Bureau
 of Engineering Research.
   Woolrich's early years were spent on
 his father's dairy farm. By the time
 he was 16 (he is now 59, though he
 doesn't look it) young Ray was assist-
 ant operating engineer of the Mineraf
 Point electric plant. A year later he
 took full charge of a power plant in a
 metal mining enterprise.
   After graduation from the Univer-
 sity's electrical engineering course in
 1911, he took an advanced degree in
 .mechanical engineering and then
 taught for a year at De Paul Univer-
 sity in Chicago. Shortly thereafter, he
 became assistant methods engineer for
 Western Electric there.
   From 1913 to 1916 he worked for
 the International Harvester Co., direct-
 ing their Deering Division Education
 Dept. In 1916 he joined the University
 of Tennessee faculty, served till 1933,
 becoming head of the department. At
 the inception of TVA, Dean Woolrich
 became director of the Agricultural
 Industries Division of the authority.
He developed new processes for utiliz-
ing Southern crops and fruits, did his
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1927 .....      ...........          W
  King George VI of Great Britain recently
conferred on C. Guy SUITS, vice-president
of General Electric Co. and director of
research, His Majesty's Medal for Service
in the Cause of Freedom. Presentation was
made by F. E. Evans, British Consul-General
in New York, at a ceremony aboard the
Queen Elizabeth. It was bestowed "in rec-
ognition of the valuable services he ren-
dered to the allied war efforts in the vari-
ous fields of scientific research and de-
1928 .........        .......... W
  Under the direction of Clyde K. M.
KLUCKHOLM, Harvard University is un-
dertaking a survey of research needed for
further knowledge of Russia, A grant of
$100,000 from  the Carnegie Corporation
lends major aid to the study . . . George
R. STEPHENSON, former city editor of
the (Madison) Capital Times was recently
promoted to executive editor of that news-
paper. He was also elected vice-president
of the Capital Times Publishing Co ....
Millard BUMP died in his sleep of a heart
attack last March 14 at his home in Wau-
1929 .......       ........... W
  C. Lee EGGERT is now completing his
doctorate at Indiana University and is
associated with Evansville College there
      W. R. WOOLRICH, '11
best work in the field of commercial
quick freezing and storage.
  Woolrich joined the staff of the Uni-
versity of Texas in 1936. During the
last war he was regional adviser for
the US Office of Education and the War
Manpower Commission.
  He has served as president of the
Texas Academy of Science, director of
the American Society of Refrigeration
Engineers, vice-president of the Ameri-
can Society of Mechanical Engineers,
vice-president of the American Associa-
tion for the Advancement of Science,
and president of the Engineering Col-
lege Research Association.
  His wife, also a Wisconsin graduate,
is the former Neena Myhre, '14.
. . . Prof. Stanley ERIKSON recently ac-
cepted a position as professor of history
at Augustana College, Rock Island, Ill.
His duties will begin in September. He is
now chairman of the social science division
at Rockford College. Professor Erikson was
for five years a member of the Illinois
Legislative Council, for two years the his-
torian of the Illinois War Council . . .
Wilhelmina FREY died last Feb. 29 in a
Madison hospital after an illness of only a
few hours. She had served as court reporter
at the Nuernberg, Germany, trials for six
months and most recently was stenographic
reporter for the Public Service Commission
* . . Gordon R. CONNOR was recently
appointed member of a committee on wood
technology at Michigan State College . . .
Helen Margery WATERS is now teaching
journalism and foreign languages at the
Junior College in Emmetsburg, Ia.
1930 .........        .......... W
  Dr. H. L. BLOOD, plant pathologist at the
Utah Experimental Station, Logan, Utah,
died last March 9 . . . Fred W. JANDREY,
foreign service officer for the US State
Department spoke on the UW campus last
March 15. He has served at Southhampton,
Naples, Calcutta, Melbourne, Brisbane, and
1931 .........        .......... W
  Featured recently in Newsweek magazine
was William Henry METCALFE, manag-
ing editor of the Winnipeg Citizen, one of
Canada's leading daily newspapers . . . Mr.
*12a64eu cam 94oala'
and Mrs. Gordon R. CONNOR, '29, (Mary
RODDIS) have just returned     from  a
month's cruise to South America aboard
the New Amsterdam . . . The Milwaukee
Art Institute recently held a special ex-
hibition of the paintings and drawings of
James WATROUS . . . Cedric PARKER, for
19 years a reporter on the (Madison)
Capital Times, was recently promoted to
city editor of that newspaper . . . Glen
DALLMAN recently opened the Dallman
Hardware store in Beloit. During the war
he was a radio technician aboard the USS
Rhind, a destroyer that saw action in both
the European and Pacific theaters.
1932 .....      ...........          W
  The late Ransom A. MOORE, father of
the ag short course at the UW and of the
nationwide 4H Club movement, was again
honored recently w h e n the Kewaunee
County board voted $1000 for a memorial
fund ... As general manager of the Beloit
Works of F. M. & Co., Henry M. HAASE
numbers among his many duties the pre-
sentation of gift watches marking 50 years
of service by employees. He was recently
privileged to make such a presentation to
his father who had been with the firm
since 1898 . . . Leo GURKO, professor of
English at Hunter College, recently won
the Dodd, Mead faculty book fellowship of
$2000 for his book The Angry Decade ...
Dayton F. PAULS recently became presi-
dent of the Citizens State Bank of Ply-
mouth. He was formerly executive vice-
1933   .......... W
  Walther E. WYSS and his partner,
Richard D. Mason, recently consolidated
their law firm of Mason & Wyss with two
other lawyers to form the partnership of
Mason, Kolehmainen, Rathburn & Wyss.
Offices are in the Opera Building, 20 N.
Wacker Drive, Chicago ... Jane PIERCE
and Mackey Wells, Jr. were married last
Feb. 21 in Milwaukee, where they are now
living at 2550 N. Lake Drive . . . George
W. TRIMBERGER was recently awarded
the degree of doctor of philosophy in zoo-
logy by the University of Nebraska. He is
now associate professor of dairy husbandry
at Cornell University's New York State
College of Agriculture . . . Gertrude GAU-
DERN and Col. Frederick W. Ott of the
US Army Air Corps were married last Jan.
1 in Detroit. They are now living in Arl-
ington, Va.
1934.       .     .........          W
  Marshall G. BATHO, city superintendent
of West Bend schools for six years, re-
signed that position recently to take a
similar post in La Crosse . . .. Clifford
HUMPHREY was killed in an airplane
crash last Feb. 28 near his home in Dorris,
Calif. He was 35 years old.
1935 ...........W
  Mr. and Mrs. John Arthur KEENAN,
'30, (Marian HILL) of New Rochelle, N.Y.,
announce the birth of a son, Robert Mark,
last Feb. 28 . . . Ruth REYNOLDS was
recently appointed executive secretary of
the Sheboygan County Children's Board.
She is a former WAVE . . . Dr. Philip F.
VOIGT and Louise Elizabeth Fisher were
married last March 6 at Long Beach,
Calif., where they are now living. A flight
surgeon during the war, he is now prac-
ticing medicine there.
1936 .........        .......... W
  Dr. John C. WEAVER, associate pro-
fessor of geography at the University of
Minnesota, was recently appointed to a
government panel in Washington to study
snow, ice, and permafrost . . . Olaf F.
VEA was recently appointed assistant to
the manager of the motor division of Gen-
eral Electric Co. He is a native of Stough-
ton, now resides on Rosendale Road, Sche-
nectady, N.Y. . . . Ellen Jane EIERMAN
died last March 3 in Madison at the age
of 33 after an illness of eight years . . .
Rex KARNEY, president of the Wisconsin
Capitol Correspondents' Assn. and political
reporter for the (Madison) Wisconsin State
Journal, recently began a series of weekly
political broadcasts over station WRFW in
Eau Claire . . . Mr. and Mrs. Harvey E.
LEISER of Milwaukee announce the birth
of a daughter, Sally Ann, last July 10.
Mr. Leiser is general agent in Milwaukee
for the Equitable Life Insurance Co. of
Iowa. He and his wife and their two chil-
dren live at 5806 North Bay Ridge.
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