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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 49, Number 8 (May 1948)

With the alumni,   pp. 24-25

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of the Milwaukee Bar Assn., and had been
a member of the board of governors of the
Wisconsin Bar Assn.
1908 .........        .......... W
  The US Department of Agriculture cites
Dallas BURCH in its bulletin of last March
1 for his outstanding work in combatting
the hoof-and-mouth disease, now rampant
in Mexico and threatening to invade this
country. Mr. Burch's work is mainly along
the line of informing Mexican farmers
about the disease's threat and the necessity
of their cooperation with veterinarians who
are fighting it. . .. Dr. Harry STEEN-
BOCK, Wisconsin's noted scientist who dis-
covered the irradiation process for vita-
mins, married Evelyn Carol VAN DONK,
'27, of Pearl River, N.Y., last March 6.
After a wedding breakfast at the Waldorf
Astoria in New York, they departed on a
wedding trip to Miami, Fla., and Havana,
Cuba. They are now living at 2117 W.
Lawn Ave., Madison.
1910.......         .... . . .       W
  James S. THOMPSON is now executive
chairman of the board of McGraw-Hill
Book Co., Inc., with offices in New York
City . . . Paul G. MILLER recently retired
from business and now lives in Winne-
conne. In 1915 he left the UW where he
was assistant professor of Romance lan-
guages, to accept an appointment by Presi-
dent Woodrow Wilson as Commissioner of
Education of Puerto Rico. He also served
as a member of the upper house of the
Legislative Assembly of Puerto Rico, was
a member of the Executive Council of the
Public Service Commission, president of
the Board of Trustees of the University of
Puerto Rico, president of the Carnegie
Library Board, and delegate from Puerto
Rico to the second Pan-American Scientific
Congress in Washington. For more than 26
years he was connected with Rand-McNally
& Co., publishers.
1912 .........         .......... W
  Prof Anthony BERG, professor of plant
pathology at the University of West Vir-
ginia and state entomologist, died last
Feb. 15.
1913 ..............            ... W
  Mrs. Earl GARON Lake and Royden E.
Webster were married last Feb. 7 in Mil-
waukee, where they are now     living at
5341 N. Idlewild Ave. . . . Charles W.
ELLIS of Madison was recently appointed
coordinator for the centennial celebration
McCAULEY died last Jan. 15 in Baraboo
after a short illness.
1915 .........         .......... W
  Harry E. ROETHE was recently ap-
pointed assistant director of the Northern
Regional Research Laboratory of the US
Department of Agriculture at Peoria, Ill.
Since 1940 he had been technical assistant
to the director of the lab, now developing
new uses for agricultural commodities . . .
Mrs. Alice HANSEN Rodner died last Feb.
27 at her home in Maywood, Ill. A native
of Neenah, she had taught school in such
widely-separated  places  as  Wisconsin,
Florida, and the Hawaiian Islands . . .
Nick GRINDE, prominent Hollywood movie
director, played second fiddle to his dog,
Johnny, recently in a Los Angeles Times
feature. Johnny is 16 years old and made
the headlines by recovering miraculously
from various old-age afflictions-by way of
self-imposed treatment. The prescription:
four to five hours per day of exercise (pac-
ing the garden at ever-increasing speeds)
. . . Walter S. TODD, engineer of bridge
construction for the Kentucky Department
of Highways, Frankfort, Kentucky, was
taken seriously ill last September from
food poisoning. His wife, setting a fine
example for her sex, flew to his bedside
from Europe where she was traveling at
the time in England, Holland, and France.
Mr. Todd has since recovered.
1917 .........        .......... W
  Florence E. LEWIS died last March 5
in a Waukegan hospital. She was a former
school teacher and occupational therapist
with the Veterans Administration in Chi-
cago . . . Frederick A. HEIDER, prominent
Kewaunean, was killed in an automobile
accident last Feb. 19. He was a former
school teacher, soldier, insurance and real
estate man.
Personality Plus
THREE AND ONE-HALF year old Kristen
Ann Roisum turns on the personality plus
that will undoubtedly make her 1965's
Prom Queen. Kris is the daughter of
Badgers Bryant H. Roisum, '43, and Mrs.
Roisum, the former Ardis Lucille Iverson,
x'42, of Madison. Address is 525 E. Mifflin
St., Madison, but Kris coyly refuses to
divulge her phone number. Mr. Roisum
has just returned from Korea where he
served as a captain in the Army Medical
1918 .........         .......... W
  Recorded here is a change of address for
Clarence  .OSEPHSON;from       -eideiberg
College to 17, Route de Malagnou, Geneva,
Switzerland, where he is in the department
of reconstruction and inter-church aid of
the World Council of Churches . . . Betty
PRUETT     Farrington, wife of Hawaii's
delegate  to  Congress, visited  Madison
recently to speak before the Dane County
Women's Republican Club.
1919    ...........          ...... W
  John J. WAHL, head of the Democratic
central committee in Multnomah County,
Ore., died   last Feb. 21    of pneumo-
nia after an illness of five days. He was
55 years old. He was a former varsity
football player at the UW and a veteran
of World War I . . . Ray M. DeWITT
resigned as superintendent of the Bloomer
public schools and, has taken over a gro-
cery business in Stitzer.
1920 .........         .......... W
  Allotment of a $20,000 research fund
was made recently to the University of
Minnesota School of Journalism by the US
Navy to enable Dr. Ralph 0. NAFZIGER,
director of the school, to investigate work
in unexplored fields of mass communication.
1921 .........         .......... W
  Myron C. HERREID, native of Blair,
was recently elected president of Missouri-
Illinois Furnaces, Inc. He will move to
Granite City, Ill., to take over his new
1922 .........         .......... W
  The Rev. Louis C. MELCHER         was
recently made Episcopal bishop of the mis-
sionary district of Southern Brazil. The
services took place in Trinity Church,
Columbia, S. C., where he has been rector
since 1939.
1923 .........         .......... W
  A hobby that grew into a business is
illustrated by The Barn Shop of Anne
HILPERT Grose and her husband, who
supply sports wear for skiers and fisher-
men from a shop built in a remodeled barn
on their Connecticut farm. Their address
is Cornwall Bridge, Conn. . . . H. G.
HEWITT, former professor of chemistry
at the University of Buffalo, recently ac-
cepted the deanship of the College of
Pharmacy at the University of Connecticut.
* . . Mr. and Mrs. John RELLAHAN (Jessie
RAYMOND, '24) are both teaching at
Montclair, N. J. He is associate professor
of economics at Montclair State Teachers
College and she teaches speech at Caldwell
College for Women . . . Mr. nd Mrs. Bartel
B. BORCHERS of Oshkosh announce the
College for Women... Mr. and Mrs. Bartel
last Feb. 18. Her sisters are Paula Ruth,
4, and Jane Eileen, 2 ... S. G. JOHNSON
served this year as chairman of the Dane
County Red Cross drive. He is a general
agent for the Massachusetts Mutual Life
Insurance Co.... Alfred S. GLOSSBREN-
NER, assistant vice-president of operations
of Youngstown Sheet and Tube Co., was
recently elected treasurer of the Associa-
tion of Iron and Steel Engineers . . . Mar-
quis CHILDS, noted Washington      news
analyst, was the featured speaker at the
Gridiron Banquet on the UW campus spon-
sored by Sigma Delta Chi, professional
journalism fraternity, last March 30.
1924..... . . . .                     W
  Herbert D. SAPPER was recently ap-
pointed assistant manager of the sugar
estate "San Antonio" in Nicaragua. It is
the largest sugar mill in Central America,
producing 30 million pounds of refined
sugar per year and covering 20,000 acres.
He moves from Oshkosh to Ingenio San
Antonio. Nicaragua, Central America.
. . . Grace M. SHUGART       has moved
from  Detroit, Mich., to Princeton.
Ill., RFD 1, where she has retired after 30
years of teaching (the last 24 of which
were in Detroit) . . . E. W. SCHWEL-
LENBACH is now judge of the Washing-
ton State Supreme Court in Olympia, Wash.
. . . Ralph E. AMMON, manager of the
Wisconsin  State  Centennial Exposition,
recently purchased a controlling interest
in the paper Dairyland News . . . Col.
Stanley R. BEGGS of Hudson was recently
appointed special assistant to General Carl
R. Gray, Jr., head of the Veterans Admin-
istration. Col. Beggs, a World War II
veteran, was formerly auditor of disburse-
ment for the Omaha Railway . . . The
advertising agency Arthur TOWELL, Inc.
recently celebrated its 25th birthday in
7  f ,,"ti''  ~,,'ir  T~r ,mlhmni~n1~lr ' A1 in1p'1r~ in
the two local papers.
1925 ...       ..   .......... W
  Dorothy M. HEDLER reports a change
of name and address. She is now Mrs.
Clifford Erickson and lives at 3129 Clinton
Ave. So., Minneapolis, Minn.... Hampton
K. SNELL brings the Alumni office up to
date on his activities since 1940. He has
taught at the    University of Southern
California, served on the War Production
Board, the Office of Defense Transporta-
tion, and in the War Department. He is
now teaching at the University of Texas,
Austin, Texas... Jewell R. DEAN recently
resigned as marine editor of the Cleveland
Plain Dealer to become co-publisher of a
newspaper in Georgia . . . Lyall T. Beggs
was one of three Madisonians added to the
40,000 name-listing in  Who's Who     in
America this year. He is a Madison at-
1926 .........         .......... W
  The name of Ramon COFFMAN becomes
known daily to more and more children in
the United States. His columns of children's
stories have been syndicated by more and
more papers and the circulation of his
journalistic child, Uncle Ray's Magazine,
has grown phenomenally. It is now avail-
able on most of the newsstands in the country
... One of the many steps taken by Henry
Ladd Smith to revitalize the UW School
of Journalism was the appointment of Wil-
liam L. DOUDNA of the (Madison) Wis-
consin State Journhal as a part-time instruc-
tor on the Hill. This teaching work will be
in addition to his downtown duties . . .
After two years as chief of the civilian
personnel branch of the European Air
Transport Service Major M. H. SIMPKINS
is now in Fairfield, Calif., on a new assign-
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