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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 49, Number 4 (Jan. 1948)

With the clubs,   pp. 26-33

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1939   ...........          ..... W
  Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Oltman (Eleanor
EASTMAN)     announce the birth   of a
daughter, Glade Elizabeth, last June 9 in
St. Paul, Minn. They report that Glade
was interviewed shortly after birth, and
said (among other things): "I hope my
friends come see me at home for I expect
to be kept so busy raising my parents
properly that I'll have little time for
traveling in the near future." . . . Rose S.
OLIVA    recently joined the faculty of
Stoughton Junior High School where she
will teach English and act as librarian...
Fred G. DICKE and Helen V. Wing were
married in Shorewood Oct. 4. They are
living now in Two Rivers. "Mr. Dicke is
district attorney of Manitowoc County . .
Janet LOEVENHART and Raymond D.
CHEYDLEUR, '49, were married in the
Presbyterian Student Center on the Uni-
versity campus last Oct. 7. They are now
living in Madison in the Clarendon apart-
ments . . . Emily Ann CAMPBELL and
Robert J. Demgen were married Oct. 11 in
Superior. They are now living there at
509 E. Seventh St.... Mr. and Mrs. Peter
G. PAPPAS live now at 118 S. Sixteenth
St., La Crosse, where he recently became
associated with the law firm of Johns,
Roraff & Coleman. He is an editor of the
Wisconsin Law Review .... Dr. and Mrs.
Lawrence P. BLUM, formerly of Madison,
are now living in East Lansing, Mich.
where he has accepted a position on the
faculty of Michigan State College. He is
assistant professor in the department of
counseling .. . Don F. MELOY has opened
offices for the general practice of law in
the Insurance Building in Madison. He was
formerly a superintendent at the Gisholt
Machine Co .... The law firm of Gruhle,
Fessler & Wilkus of Sheboygan has an-
nounced that attorney Beatrice L. WISS-
BROECKER is now associated with them
in the general practice of law and as man-
ager of the Chair City Abstract Co.
Featured in the Milwaukee Journal and
Time magazine recently was Seymour "Cy"
HOWARD, producer of the new radio show
"My Friend Irma". starring Marie Wilson.
On the University campus he was a tennis
star and a Haresfooter . . . Ralph W.
SCHIEFELBEIN and Jean T. Eppenberger
were married in Janesville last Sept. 6 ...
Dr. Perry 0. TRIGGS moved recently to
Bloomer and is now associated with Dr.
D. F. Hudek in the practice of medicine
in the Gehring Bldg. there. During the war
Dr. Triggs served in the Medical Corps and
studied tropical medicine at the Walter
Reed Hospital. The Triggs live at 1622
Sixteenth Ave. in Bloomer . . . Fred C.
KENDRICK     and Rachel M. Featherston
were married last Aug. 30 in Madison. He
is an instructor in journalism at the Su-
perior State Teachers' College ... . Richard
J. NEBEL, Jr. and Marion Pritchard were
married in Milwaukee last Aug. 23 . . .
Lucille B. AUST and Raymond R. HUNT,
'35, were married Sept. 20 in Madison.
They are living here at 811 Prospect Place.
Mr. Hunt, whose father is director of the
US Forest Products Laboratory, is em-
ployed in the trust department of the First
National Bank. Mrs. Hunt taught formerly
at the University of Manitoba in Winne-
peg... Prof. Alfred 0. GRAY and Nicolin
J. Plant were married in Seattle Sept. 5.
They are both on the faculty of Whitworth
College at Spokane, Wash. . . . The fol-
lowing item appeared in the Milestones
section of the Sept. 22 issue of Time maga-
zine: "Born to Bob Feller, 28, star Cleve-
land Indian pitcher, and Virginia Winther
Feller, 28: their second child, second son:
in Waukegan, Ill. Name: Martin William.
Weight: 7 lbs. 101h oz." Mrs. Feller is a
UW   alumna . . . In memory of the late
Maj. Arthur L. POST of Milwaukee, a
foundation to offer UW scholarships to
deserving high school boys and girls has
been established by the flier's parents.
Holder of the distinguished service cross,
Major Post was killed Aug. 25, 1944 on
Biak island in the Southwest Pacific. In
1943 he spent 100 days in the New Britain
jungles, taking back intelligence of "in-
valuable aid",to the army. Attacked in the
air while on a mission, he had swerved his
plane into a Jap Zero, clipping off the
enemy plane's wing, and then parachuted
into the jungle . . . Edgar S. HEINEMAN
and Mary Kent were married Sept. 28 in
Morrisonville. They now live in Chicago...
Melvin L. SCHMITT and Shirley Mae West
were married Sept. 20 in Manitowoc where
they are now living at 1116 N. Seventeenth
St. He is employed in the accounting de-
partment of the Aluminum Goods Mfrg.
Co. ... Thomas W. KRASEMAN is still
in the Bureau of Labor Statistics in Wash-
ington, D. C. He lives there at 5330 Colo-
rado Ave., N.W .... Mr. and Mrs. Walter
D. EISENACH      (Janet M. JONES) of
Rockford, Ill. announce the birth of their
second son, David Andrew, last Oct. 20.
Other son is Robert Jeffrey. Mr. Eisenach
is manager of the Reggs Optical Co. in
Rockford . -. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd S. PER-
KINS (Eva MAURUD) are living in Mil-
waukee at 732 N. 17th St. Their daughter,
Vera Marie, was bern June 13, 1946. Mr.
Pei kins is an electrical engineer... Joseph
M. SMITH of Indianapolis has returned to
China as a missionary after serving there
and in the Philippines during the war
years, spending three years in a Japanese
internment camp at Baguio, P.I. . . . Mr.
and Mrs. Herbert L. WHALLEY of Walker
Valley, N.Y. announce the birth of a son,
Herb, Jr., last April 18. Other child is
Suzanne, 4. Mr. Whalley is an investigator
with the Ulster County Welfare Dept....
Maj. Joseph M. MARIO was transferred
recently from Ft. Rosecrans, San Diego,
Calif. to the Post Finance Office at Fort
Lawton, Wash. . . . Gunvor JOHANNE-
SEN, formerly with the Wisconsin Dept.
of Agriculture, is now woman's editor of
the Wisconsin Agriculturist and Farmer
... The June and July 1947 issues of Air
Trails and Science Frontiers carried arti-
cles by Chester F. PORTERFIELD       on
ground control approach. Mr. Porterfield
was a member of the group that orginated
GCA; he taught it during the war to the
1940 .........        .......... W
  After receiving his law degree from Yale
last June, Benjamin D. MATHON moved
to Los Angeles where he lives at 215 W.
Fifth St .... Jose SANCHEZ of Evanston,
Ill. has been appointed to the faculty of
the Chicago Undergraduate Division of the
University of Illinois as an assistant pro-
fessor of foreign languages. He served for-
merly on the faculties of Northwestern
University, the UW, and Mississippi State
College. Born in Spain, he is a naturalized
US citizen... Mr. and Mrs. Rollin E. Pratt
(Susan  POSTON) of 626 Summit St.,
Winston-Salem, N.C. report: "We're trying
to build a home to house an increased
family. Her name is Penelope, born July
30." . . . Bettie WITZEL and Ray Burner
were married last March 8 in Honolulu
where she is a social worker at Palama
Settlement . . . Daniel T. SULLIVAN left
the (Madison) Wisconsin State Journal
last June to work on the state desk of the
Chicago Daily News . .. Henry GARDNER,
Jr. is sales manager of the Allstate In-
surance Co. in Milwaukee . . . Mr. and Mrs.
Karl J. KLAPKA       (Carlisle KNOTT)
moved recently to Detroit where he is now
a mining and petroleum engineer with the
Wheel Trueing Diamond Tool Co.
John B. ASHBROOK is head of the ac-
counting department at Butte Business
College, Butte, Montana. He teaches ac-
counting and business law, does income
tax consulting on the side... Arthur REIF
is now with the United Coconut Products
Co., Inc. in Manila, Philippines ... Lloyd
L. RALL, formerly of Galesville, is now a
Lt. Col. in the US Army, stationed at Arl-
ington, Va. He lives at 6121 Lee Highway
    . The body of Merlin C. DOUGLASS
has been returned to his parents at Coloma
... Norman A. HANSON of Madison re-
cently announced his association with the
law frm of Lee and Becker, located in the
Tenney Bldg. During the war he served
four years as an infantry officer with the
95th Division . . . Dr. Landon LAPHAM
        (Continued on page 32)
UW Lucky Piece Is New Campus Fad
A NEW FAD introduced at Wisconsin this fall which is tending to create a
trend is the UW lucky coin pocket piece which both University men and women
are carrying as a memento of their undergraduate days. The novelty pocket
made from jewelers metal, has already aroused interest among alumni.
  The coin, about the size of a half dollar, has the University of Wisconsin
seal on
one side and on the other a motto which reads: "Good Luck Wherever You
Go ..
Whatever You Do." It is now on sale at various shops on the lower campus.
pocket coin idea was developed by Badger Bill Ahlrich, '33, Madison.

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