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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 48, Number 9 (June 1947)

Campus headlines,   p. 23

Page 23

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Board of Regents
Sets Up Two New
Endowed Chairs
   MADISON, May 24-A step in
honoring the memory and achieve-
ments of its great scholars and
teachers was taken by the Uni-
versity of Wisconsin today with
the establishment on the campus
of the Frederick Jackson Turner
Professorship -in An   erican
tory and the CGharles Sumner
Slichter Research Professorship
in the Natural Sciences.
  The professorships bearing the in-
ternationally famed scholar's and
scientist's names were established by
the University Board of Regents on
recommendation of Pres. E. B. Fred,
who presented the Board with two
grants-in-aid, each totaling $12,000 an-
nually for salary and other expenses
of the professorships.
  The grant for the Turner professor-
ship came from the University of Wis-
consin Foundation, while the grant for
the Slichter professorship came from
the Wisconsin Alumni Research
  Prof. Merle Curti of the UW history
department was named by the Regents
to fill the Turner Chair. The Slichter
Chair was left unfilled pending faculty
  "The acceptance by the Regents of
funds to establish the Frederick Jack-
bun I urner rrolessorship of History
and the Charles Sumner Slichter Pro-
fessorship in the Natural Sciences is
of historic importance to the Univer-
sity," President Fred pointed out at the
Regents meeting.
  "For nearly two decades the Wisc6n-
sin Alumni Research Foundation has
supported generously and with under-
standing scientific research at the Uni-
versity," he said. "The founding of the
Slichter Chair marks a new way in
which the Foundation seeks the enrich-
ment of the scientific opportunities at
  "The gift from  the University of
Wisconsin Foundation of the Turner
Chair is its first to the University. It
is significant that it is directly in sup-
port of scholarship at the highest level."
Badgers Finish Fourth in
Baseball. Second in Track
  Wisconsin's baseball team, defending
Big Nine champion, wound up the 1947
season in fourth place with a record
of six wins against four defeats. Illi-
nois won the title.
  Illinois won the conference track
title, too, but Wisconsin came through
strong to take second place in the an-
nual meet.
in 1499.
this seal was developed by one Aldus
Manutius as a mark of quality print-
ing, and through the centuries has
been adapted as a hallmark by many
printers - their guarantee of a
quality product.
in 1947
many manufacturers usi
Wisconsin Alumni Re-
search Foundation to
attest the Vitamin D
content of their pro-
ducts. It guarantees
that these products
are regularly subjected
to the Foundation labor
tests to make certain-they meet its high
standards and rigid requirements. For more
than 15 years the medical profession has advised
its patients to "Look for the Foundation
Seal" with full confidence.
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