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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 48, Number 9 (June 1947)

Madison memories,   pp. 19-20

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       (Continued from page 19)
S1 ...Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. KUSTER-
MEANN (Alice KLATT, '38) are now living
at 2420 N. 60th St., Milwaukee. Mr. Kus-
termann is senior program secretary for
the North Central Area Council of the
YMCA ... Joseph E. FISHELSON, execu-
tive vice-president of the Duralux Co.,
Wooster, Ohio, was married April 20 to
Julia Amster of Wooster . . . Dr. Van R.
POTTER, cancer researcher at the Univer-
sity, has been selected as the "Young Man
of the Month" by Pic Magazine. In the
article Dr. Potter is referred to as "one of
the most brilliant, young scientists in the
field of cancer research" . . . John Walsh,
UW boxing coach, says that the role of
perfect host was admirably filled by Robert
NEALE, personnel manager of the Roney-
Plaza Hotel, Miami Beach, Fla., when he
entertained the victorious University box-
ing team on its recent Florida trip.
1938 .......       ..........        W
  Jack WALDHEIM, Chicago architect and
juror for the 1947 student art show, lec-
tured recently in the Wisconsin Union
Theater on "Why Modern Design?" Mr.
Waldheim first worked as a designer for
the Zenith Radio Corp. and is now located
on Chicago's N. Michigan Ave. . . . Mr.
and Mrs. Norman H. JACOBSON, Milwau-
kee, announce the birth of a daughter,
Judith Karen, on March 13. Mr. Jacobson
is employed by Allis-Chalmers Mfg. Co. in
the advertising and public relations depart-
1939 ...         ..........           W
  Alan H. STEINMETZ, Milwaukee, World
War II infantry captain and defense coun-
sel in the Manila war crimes trial, has been
appointed assistant city attorney. He is the
son of Chris Steinmetz, Sr., the first coach
and "father" of basketball at the Univer-
sity ... Otto T. OLSEN and Irene Daley,
-both of Madison, were married on April 12.
They live at 229 S. Marquette St. Mr. Olsen
is employed in the office of the city engi-
neer... Ralph E. LEE has been appointed
manager of the unit heater sales depart-
ment of the Trane Co. Except for a three
and one-half year stint as pilot in the
Army Air Corps, he has been affiliated with
the Trane Co. for 11 years.
1940 .........        .......... W
  Dr. and   Mrs. Robin    SMITH    (Ruth
  HUSHER, '43) announce the birth of a
  daughter, Elleesa Robin, born Feb. 28 at
  the U. S. Navy Hospital, Argentia, New-
  foundland . . . Mr. and Mrs. Kolar B.
  CHLADEK (Dorothy BLASING, '42), Del-
  avan, announce the birth of Barbara Fran-
  ces, born on Sept. 13, 1946 . . . Glenn R.
  DAVIS, Waukesha, defeated    Carl W.
  THOMPSON, '36, Stoughton, in the race for
  second district congressional seat in Wis-
  consin at the special election April 22.
  1941 .........      .......... W
  Elisabeth ANDERSEN, Chippewa Falls,
  is now Mrs. Arthur Hagelstein. She lives at
  1315 E. Capitol St., Washington, D. C.
  Ralph F. GUNN, Janesville, formerly of
  Manitowoc, was elected Municipal Judge in
  the April election. Mr. Gunn was formerly
  assistant district attorney for the Rock
  County Welfare Dept. . . . Dr. James F.
  HILDEBRAND, Sheboygan, joined      the
  staff of the Sheboygan Clinic April 1. He
  was released from duty with the US Army
  Medical Corps as a captain February 27
     Rev. Edward J. BLENKER, pastor of
 Calvary  English  Evangelical Lutheran
 Church at Two Rivers since 1944, has been
 appointed director of student work in Chi-
 cago . . . Harriet KUEHNE, Eagle River,
 married Clarence G. EXTROM, '40, Madi-
 son, on April 5. Mr. Extrom is a lighting
 engineer with the Wisconsin Power and
 Light Co. They live at 514 Stang St., Madi-
 son . . . Mr. and Mrs. Earl A. JOHNSON
 (Jean OSTERNDORF, '44), Evanston, Ill.,
 announce the birth of a son, Eric Manfield,
 on March 7 . .. Paul THOMASGARD, vet-
 eran from La Crosse, has accepted a posi-
 tion with the Marathon Corp., Menasha . . .
 Gordon P. GILL, Chicago attorney, has re-
 signed as third region personnel officer of
 the Civil Aeronautics Administration. He
 will establish a firm of industrial relations
 counselors with headquarters in Appleton
      Helen JONES CANNON, Waukesha,
 was married March 31 to Ben L. Gumm of
 San Diego in the Little Church of the
 Flowers, Forest Lawn    Memorial Park,
 Glendale. Calif. Mrs. Gumm was the widow
 of Robert W. Cannon, '38. Mr. and Mrs.
 Gumm are making their home at 2903 Van-
couver St., San Diego . . . A street in the
residential, section of Fort Kobbe, Panama
Canal Zone, has been named in honor of
Lt. Lynn R. MOTHS, West Bend, who was
killed in an airplane accident near Howard
Field March 6, 1943. Base Headquarters is
located on Moths Road.
1942 ......       ..........         W
  Joyce D. HARBORT, Madison, was mar-
ried March 29 to John R. Myrold. They are
living at 133 N. Franklin St., Madison . . .
Elizabeth DOBSON, Madison, married John
T. Lovern, Hattiesburg, Miss. on March 29.
Since her discharge from the WAVES Mrs.
Lovern has been employed as a stewardess
  Whither These Badgers?
    THE WAR RECORDS branch of the
  Wisconsin Alumni Records Office is
  hard at work compiling complete in-
  formation about every graduate or
  former student who served in World
  War IL When the list of Fighting
  Badgers is completed it is expected
  to total over 18,0001 From time to time
  the Records Office will call on read-
  ers of the Wisconsin Alumnus to
  help it locate Badgers who are tem-
  porarily "lost:" Below is a list of 40
  alumni who can't be located. If you
  know of the present whereabouts of
  any of these people, please send the
  information to the Wisconsin Alumni
  Association, Madison 6, Wis. Your
  help will be greatly appreciated.
  Benjamin, Herbert S., '43, Washington,
    D. C.
  Bluhm, Herbert W., '22, Chicago, Ill.
  Browne, Donald, '34, Milwaukee, Wis.
  *Brownlee, Marcellus F., '44, Arcadia, Wis.
  Bumann, Gilbert A., '47, Great Lakes, Ill.
  Calkins, Dymond H., '36, Antigo, Wis.
  Faess, Henry 1., '41, Milwaukee, Wis.
  Favreau, Waldo S., '31, Dixon, Ill.
  Grauman, Walter E., '44, Milwaukee, Wis.
  Hansen, Harold E., '39, Wisconsin Dells,
  Helland, Albert W., '27, Madison; Wis.
  Herbster, Kenneth E., '32, Madison, Wis.
  Hitchman, (Charles) Edwin, '44, Lincoln,
  Jackson, James A., '34, Maysville, Ky.
  Lahman, John W., '47, Green Bay, Wis.
  Le Masters, Robert F., '47, St. Louis, Mo.
  Meisels, Milton, '38, Milwaukee, Wis.
  Nydes, Jule, '34, Brooklyn, N. Y.
  Peirce, Wilma E., '30, Liscombe, Ia.
  Perkins, Donald, '32, Cando, N. D.
  Persechini, Oreste L., '42, Kenosha, Wis.
  Peterson, Ira L., '15, Janesville, Wis.
  Potts, Bobby C., '46, Tulsa, Okla.
  Price, Ollin E., '48, Oklahoma City, Okla.
  Reed, Glenn D., '47, Denver, Colo.
  Ringness, William M., '36, Stevens Point,
  Roberts, Howell E., '40, Wales, Wis.
  Ross, Herman G., '36, Chicago, III.
  Sigunick, Leo, '40, Milwaukee, Wis.
  Sinner, Woodrow E., '41, Sheboygan, Wis.
  Stecker, Hubert A., '09, Charlottesville, Va.
  Stumpf, Robert W., '43, Marshfield, Wis.
  Thayer, Donald A., '42, Rochester, Minn.
  Thorel, Jean P., '36, Milwaukee, Wis.
  Treat, Frank M., '23, Cheyenne, Wyo.
  Van Hala, Henry A.. '48, Birmingham, Ala.
  Wagner, David, '27, Bloomville, Wis.
  Walsh, Warren W., '29, Sioux Falls, S. D.
  Weber, Lester F., '33, Chicago, Ill.
  Weinstock, Clarence, '32, Jackson Heights,
    L. I., N. Y.*
with United Air Lines . . . Milton S.
BEDUSEK has opened an office for the
general practice of law in the Lawler Bldg.,
Cudahy . . . William BINNEY, Kenosha,
has been appointed second guidance officer
at the Wisconsin State prison, Waupun.
He began work about May 10. Mr. Binney,
a veteran of World War II, is com-
pleting his studies at the University.. .
Herman J. GORZ, Eagle River, is an assist-
ant to C. C. Gilman, County agent at Port
Washington . . . Junius M. McINTIRE,
formerly of Salt Lake City, Utah, was mar-
ried April 10 to Vivian Richardson, Owen,
Wis. They are living at 320 Main St.,
Neenah. Mr. McIntire is a chemist in the
research laboratory of the Western Con-
densing Co., Appleton . . . Jordan T.
EDGAR, Madison, has accepted a position
as fleet engineer with the Hartford Acci-
dent and Indemnity Co., Chicago . . . Ed-
ward MILLER is now with the law firm of
Pope & Ballard, 120 S. La Salle St., Chi-
cago. He and his wife, the former Marjorie
STIEG, '45, are living at 635 Hinman Ave.,
Evanston . . . Mr. and Mrs. H. Charles
HACKBARTH      (Sally ELY, '42), Falls
Church, Va., announce the birth of a son,
Donald Edward, on March 27.
1943 .....         .......... W
  Patricia ADLER, Milwaukee, was mar-
ried to Robert E. Trapp on March 29. They
are living in Madison . . . Carl V. BERG-
STROM. Milwaukee, is now chief of the
Bureau of Home Affairs for Kyong Sang
Namdo province in the American zone of
Korea. He served as an engineer in the
Naval Air Arm for two and a half years.
Previous to military service, he was a
traffic engineer in the Milwaukee city
bureau of electrical service . . . Joan
WITHINGTON, public relations director
for the Girl Scouts of Chicago, and Helen
ARPIN, employee of (the Harriet McCor--
mick YWCA, are roommates in Chicago.
Miss Arpin recently returned from Japan,
where she worked 18 months with the Red
Cross . . . Mr. and Mrs. Eugene E. Post
(Dorothy THOUSAND), Madison, announce
the birth of a son, Kendall Eugene, born
Dec. 23, 1946 . . . Dr. Arthur W. HOES-
SEL, Dale, has opened an office in the
Mosinee Land, Log and Timber Co. Bldg.,
Mosinee. He served in the Navy Medical
Corps from September 1944 to August 1946,
spending most of the time at a Navy hos-
pital on Guam . . . Robert F. WRZOSEK,
Stanley. was recently initiated into the. Phi
Alpha Delta legal fraternity . . . 1st Lt.
Bryant H. ROISUM, Madison, has been
transferred from the Philippines to
Kwangju, Korea, where he serves with the
101st military government group .. . Harry
MILLER, Ft. Atkinson, has accepted a posi-
tion as electrical engineer on the University
Research Staff . . Frederick R. STEFFEN,
Monroe, was married to Arlene Braith-
waite, Richland Center, on April 20. They
are living at 315 Bolles St., Eau Claire,
where Mr. Steffen is associated with the
Leader-Telegram . . . Miriam B. THEILER,
owner of the New Glarus Post reports a
2300 copy run of a special anniversary
number. The Post observed its 50th anni-
versary the second week in April . . . John
R. SHEMICK, formerly of Marinette, was
married April 12 in Los Angeles to Eliza-
beth Zell, Winnipeg, Canada. They will
make their home at 134 S. Reno St., Los
1944 .........        ......... W
  Dr. and Mrs. Hsi Ku (John) CHANG are
returning to China to set up a North-
western Regional office of Agriculture and
Home Economics in Wukung of the Shensi
province. Dr. Chang has been teaching
rural sociology at Montana State College
. . . Gertrude BLEND, Tulsa, Okla., was
married to William I. Weisman on March 9.
They are living at 2617 S. Owasso, Tulsa
... Howard E. BERNHARDT, Milwaukee,
was married April 12 to Dorothy Evans,
also of Milwaukee . . . James F. WOHL-
RABE, Oconomowoc, and Joan Osborn,
Little Rock, Ark., were married April 17.
They will make their home in Milwaukee
* . . Robert L. WALKER, Madison, mar-
ried Mildred Niemi, Waukegan, Ill., on
April 5. Mr. Walker is manager of the
Eversharp Pen Co., Chicago . . . Jeanette
CHAPELLE, Omro, was married April 12
to James Gade, Oshkosh. They will live at
1501 Chase Ave., Chicago.
1945 .........        .......... W
  Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. ARMS (Betty
Jean SMITH, '43), formerly of Madison,
have changed their address at Hood River,
Oregon. They are now living at 1507-13th
St. Mr. Arms is a salesman for Western
Stores . . . David L. SMITH, La Crosse
and Nancy Jean FRASER, '48, Milwaukee,
were married April 1. They will live in
Madison while attending the University . . .
Vera LIEBETRAU, Madison, was married
April 12 to Marvin C. Riemann, St. Louis,
Mo. Mrs. Riemann is an assistant dietitian
at the Missouri Baptist hospital in St.
Louis. They will live at 8715 Clifton Ave.,
St. Louis ... Richard R. ROHDE, Reeds-
town, will move this summer to Ellsworth
where he has accepted the position of
supervising principal of the Ellsworth pub-
lic schools. He has done similar work in
Big Falls, Prentice and Westfield.

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