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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 48, Number 9 (June 1947)

With the alumni,   pp. 17-19

Page 17

Badger by Marriage
pello, daughter of Senora Argentina de
Soto Vda. Copello of Santiago, Domini-
can Republic, and Washington, DC, and
the late Dominican ambassador to the
United States, Dr. Anselmo Copello, be-
came the bride of Robert Whittier Dud-
ley, '35, on Apr. 11 at the Sulgrave Club
in Washington, DC. After a wedding trip
to Sea Island, Ga., the couple will reside
in Washington where Mr. Dudley is prac-
ticing law with the firm of Goodwin,
Rosenbaum, and Meacham, After gradu-
ating from Wisconsin Dudley took his
law degree at the University of Michigan.
He is a direct descendent of Gov. Thomas
Dudley, second governor of Massachu-
setts, and is a great grand nephew of
Milo Parker Jewetti first president of Vas-
sar College. He is a member of the New
Hampshire bar, the District of Columbia
bar, and has been admitted to practice
before the Supreme Court of the US. He
Isuu US d riu~val lieutenant commander
in World War II.
D. C. O'Conner Heads New
Columbia County Group
  At a meeting of the directors of the
newly formed Columbia County Alumni
Club, Atty. Daniel C. O'Connor, '35,
Portage, was elected president. Other
officers are Atty. E. Clarke Arnold, '40,
Columbus, vice president; Mrs. Arthur
Jones, '15, Poynette, secretary; and
Harold Hovde, '21, Wyocena, treasurer.
  The membership committee includes
Arne Betts, '35, Lodi; Mrs. Arno Miller,
'30, Portage; Arthur Flanagan, x'19,
Randolph; Atty. Robert Dougherty, '31,
Wisconsin Dells; and Mrs. I. W. York,
'30, Portage.
Dane County Badgers Meet
  Representatives of communities out-
side of Madison met Tuesday evening,
Mar. 4, in the Memorial Union to dis-
cuss plans for Dane County's participa-
tion in the University of Wisconsin
Foundation's Centennial campaign., goal
of which is to raise $5,000,000 for the
University's 100th birthday in 1949.
  The group heard Vincent E. Kivlin,
'18, associate dean of the College of
Agriculture; John Berge, '22, executive
secretary of the Wisconsin Alumni As-
sociation; and Basil I. Peterson, '12.
1885..        ..   .........          W
   John  C. GAVENEY, Whitehall, died
 April 13. His legal career was highlighted
 by public service as County Judge of Trem-
 pealeau County and State Senator from
 1901 to 1905. One of Mr. Gaveney's early
 law partners, Elmer E. Barlow, is now a
 member of the State Supreme Court.
 1890   W................W
   Emil A. WEGNER, Milwaukee pharma-
 cist, died Feb. 11 .. ... Dr. Walter OGIL-
,VIE, Wautoma veterinarian for 30 years,
died April 15. Dr. Ogilvie practiced at
Berlin for 16 years prior to his Wautoma
1894                                 W..........W
  William 0. RICHTMANN, Professor of
  pharmacognosy at the University, died
Feb. 28 of a heart attack. He would have
been eligible for retirement from the Uni-
versity faculty in June. Professor Richt-
mann was an instructor at the University
from 1898 to 1902 and served with the US
Department of Agriculture at Washington
from 1902 to 1906. He returned to the Uni-
versity in 1915 . . . Sidney R. KENNEDY,
listed as "lost" in a recent issue of the
Alumnus which presented his picture with
other members of the Daily Cardinal staff
of 1894, has just been "found", and to the
embarrassment of the Alumni Records
Office, in a very prominent position. Madi-
son attorney Alfred T. Rogers reports that
Mr. Kennedy is president of the Buffalo
Insurance Co., Buffalo, N. Y .... Mrs. Ed-
ward P. SHERRY (Laura CASE), founder
of the Wisconsin Players and leader in the
experimental theater, died April 18 in New
York City. She was the widow of Edward
P. Sherry, '92, who died in 1942. Following
her graduation as a literature and drama
major, Mrs. Sherry studied at Northwest-
ern University, the AIvord Dramatic
School, Chicago, and the Wheatcroft Dra-
matic School connected with Charles Froh-
man's Empire Theater in New York.
1898   .........      ......... W
  Maud VAN WOY, president of The Case-
ments, a junior college for young women
at Ormond Beach, Fla., has "a remarkable
record of achievements due to her unusual
Judge Evan A. EVANS,'97, Chicago, who
met Miss van Woy while visiting in Florida
recently . . . William S. Middleton, dean
of the University MIedical School, deliv-
ered the fourth annual D. J. DAVIS Lec-
ture on Medical History at the University
of Illinois April 9. This lecture series was
established in 1943 as a tribute to Dr.
Davis upon his retirement as dean of the
Illinois College of Medicine.
1900 .......      ...........         W
  Dr. Florence ALLEN, assistant professor
of mathematics at the University, will be
one of the 13 faculty members to.retire in
1902    *.  .    ............W
  George H. GOHLKE hopes to return with
his family to their home in South Sudbury,
Mass. some time in June. Since 1945, when
he "retired" after teaching science for 34
years at the Rindge Technical School,
Cambridge, Mass., he has helped admin-
ister the Boys' School at Henry Ford's
Wayside Inn and given assistance to a
large class (mostly GIs) at the University
of Tampa, Fla. .... Mrs. Alma McMAHON,
Menomonie, died April 18 at the age of 87
years. At the age of 17 she began a teach-
ing career which ended with her retirement
at the age of 70. She received a PhB in
1902 from the University, graduated from
Stout Institute, Menomonie, in 1903 and
received an MA from Wisconsin in 1916.
Mrs. McMahon served for 15 years on the
faculty of the State 'Teachers College,
Cedar Falls, Iowa.
1903 .........       .......... W
  J. Francis FRASER, manager of the
Midwest Properties, Inc., Minneapolis, and
president of the firm  since 1932, died
March 6 while visiting relatives in Sacra-
mento, Calif. Mr. Fraser had also owned
and operated the Fraser-Smith Grain Com-
mission Concern since 1910.
1905 .......       ...........        W
   Melvin Roy BURTON, Post Lake, died
 March 3 of a heart attack. He farmed at
 Elcho from 1905 to 1941 before moving to
 Post Lake . . . William F. TUBESING,
 for 45 years a general contractor in Mil-
 waukee, died March 19 in N. Hollywood,
 Calif., where he had lived since 1945. He
 served at various times as president of the
 William F. Tubesing Co., the Tubesing
 Realty Co., and the Builders Exchange ...
 Robert F. EWALD, Pittsburgh, Pa., out-
 standing authority on water power engi-
 neering,-who-is -noted--for-his-work -on- the
 TVA Fontana Dam, has retired from the
 Aluminum  Co. of' America. Much of Mr.
 Ewald's work   concerned water supply
 projects and plans for the city of Alcoa,
 where he served for 35 years.
 1906.....     ... .     . .w
 Max OTTO, of the University faculty,
 has accepted an appointment to the Flint
 professorship of philosophy at the Univer-
 sity of California at Los Angeles for the
 fall semester. Professor Otto will leave for
 Los Angeles in June and begin his; new
 work Sept. 22 . . . Lt. Comm. T. Harvey
 JONES, Minneapolis, died Aug. 1, 1946
 after a naval career which included service
 in both World Wars. Prior to his release
 from active duty in Dec. 1945, Commander
 Jones headed the Ninth Naval Battalion,
 USNR. He then worked with the Veterans
 Administration in Minneapolis. He will be
 remembered as the organizer and com-
 mander of the Naval Reserve Battalion of
 Minneapolis in 1920.
 1907 .....     ..........           W
 Mrs. Warren A. GELBACH (Lulu Belle
 BROCKWAY), Albuquerque, N. Mex., died
 March 3 at Chicago of a cerebral hemor-
 rhage. She is survived by her husband, who
 received his BS in 1907, and a daughter,
Mrs. Charles J. O'Connor (Dorothy GEL-
BACH), '32 . . . Harold W. RIDGWAY,
manager for 25 years of the Rosendale
Canning Co. died April 6 . . . A. William
FIELD, president of the Elite Laundries of
.a1ui1Iiore, Xvia., wasnington, D. C., and
Philadelphia, Pa., died last October in
1909 .        ....      ......       W
   Mrs. Frank B. DARLING      (Catherine
 BIEHL), Red Wing, Minn., died March 6,
 1946 . . . Rudolph J. BREUCH, Madison,
 died April 11 at a Madison hospital after
 a long illness. Mr. Breuch was a member
 of the varsity football squad while attend-
 ing the University.
 1911 .   .... ..... ....... W
   Mrs. Howard KNESEL (Beatrice DAY-
 TON), Mason City, Ia., died in September,
 1946 at her home.
 1912 .......      ...........        W
 Joseph C. TRAINOR, of the US Labor
 Dept., died recently at his Milwaukee home
 after a four month illness. He was formerly
 on the staff of the Home Owners Loan
 Corp.... George D. BAILEY, Wallace M.
 JENSEN, '29, and several other account-
 ants recently formed George Bailey & Co.,
 CPA, with offices at 1380 National Bank
 Bldg., Detroit . . . Elbert C. STEVENS is
 now USO regional supervisor in Balboa,
 Panama Canal Zone . . . Elmer F. WIE-
 BOLDT, North Garden, Va., is now pres-
 ident of the Cove Creek Industries, Inc.,
 Covesville, Va. . . . Hans A. EGGERSS,
 New York City, was recently elected pres-
 ident of the Continental Can Co., Inc.,
 which he joined in 1942. Continental at
 that time acquired the Container Co. of
 Van Wert, Ohio, of which he was then
 president. Shortly after the merger, he be-
 came a director and vice president of the
company, and since Feb. 1946 he had been
executive vice president.
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