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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 48, Number 9 (June 1947)

Summer session in full swing,   pp. 10-11

Page 10

Summer Session in Full Swing
  WISCONSIN'S "D a g w o o d
sandwich" S u m m e r Session-
with its two semesters and score
of institutes-opened June 4 and
runs until Sept. 20.
   A record number of students
registered on June 2 for the full
summer semester, a p o s t w a r
emergency session. The regular
eight-week session begins June 20
and closes Aug. 15. The two sessions
offer a wide variety of courses for the
student going to school the year around
and for teachers, workers, and profes-
sional people interested in special fields.
  Several new institutes are among the
many conferences and clinics under the
general direction of John Guy Fowlkes,
professor of education and dean of the
Summer Session. They include an in-
stitute on music in therapy, August
4-6; an institute on school buildings,
August 5-7; and an institute for pro-
bation and parole officers, May 26-29.
  The School of Home Economics will
offer for the second time a workshop in
home economics and education. An
eight-week radio institute will again
give radio training and study oppor-
tunities through University  Station
  Regular workshops and clinics in-
clude the state curriculum workshop,
the elementary laboratory school, the
psycho-educational clinic, and the read-
ing clinic.
  Other conferences include:
  Special sports session for women,
May 26-June 17; institute for county
welfare directors, June 16-20; institute
on vocational rehabilitation, July 7-11;
visual education institute, July 14-17;
institute on commercial education, July
15-17; institute for superintendents
and  principals, July 21-25; public
service radio institute, July 28-August
6; institute on child development, July
28-August 1; short course in under-
writing, August 10-16; institute for
social case workers, August 18-22;
short course in fire and casualty insur-
ance, August 18-23; music clinic, June
29-August 9; and the Wisconsin Idea
Theater conference, August 28-29.
  A CROSS-SECTION of American
postwar literature will become visible
at the University's third annual Writ-
ers' Institute, a regular part of the
eight-week Summer Session running
from June 20 to August 15.
  Visiting authors and English depart-
ment personnel will give specialized
courses for beginning and professional
writers. Miss Mari Sandoz, author of
Old Jules, Capital City, and Crazy
Horse, will offer two courses in the
field of creative fiction. Horace Greg-
ory, of Sarah Lawrence College, author
of A History of American Poetry and
several volumes of verse, will teach
classes in the writing of poetry and
  Members of the University faculty
who will teach in the Institute are
Jonathan W. Curvin, project associate
of the Wisconsin Idea Theater, Paul M.
Fulcher, PhD'25, professor of English,
and Bruce I. Granger, instructor.

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